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How #Trump's stubborn consistency could affect his 2020 election outcome

Even during the 2016 Republican primaries, a majority of voters opposed deporting all undocumented immigrants in all but two of the 20 states where exit polls asked their opinion. Yet the minority of voters that supported deportation backed Drumpf in such preponderant numbers that they provided a majority of his votes in all but two of the 20 states.

The same pattern was evident in the general election. In the exit poll, just 41 percent of voters supported Drumpf’s border wall, while a solid majority of 54 percent opposed it. Yet Drumpf won a much higher share of the wall’s supporters (85 percent) than Hillary Clinton did of the wall’s opponents (76 percent). Roughly one-fourth of the wall’s opponents either voted for Drumpf (16 percent) or drifted away to a third-party candidate (8 percent).

In the exit poll, 18 percent of the college-educated whites who oppose... Show more...

I said it before, and I'll say it again: Donnie is a toddler with a temper tantrum

During Barack Obama’s administration, Republicans shut down the government demanding the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. They threatened to put the U.S. government in default on its debt in order to cut the deficit, then as soon as they regained power, they vastly expanded it by passing upper-income tax cuts. Demanding that the Democrats cough up money for a wall on the southern border or the American people get it is different only in the degree of its absurdity.

And like a child facing his first taste of discipline, he is chafing at the restrictions. But that’s what makes maintaining them so important—if Democrats allow Drumpf to use the well-being of the American people as a hostage, then he will do it again every time he is denied. As any parent knows, rewarding misbehavior only invites more of it.

Believe it or not - Trump has to be educated like a small child growing up, and Nancy functions as his mother. She has to stay relentless... Show more...

Federal Union workers protest Trump upon arrival in McAllen, #Texas

Between 30 and 45 members of federal unions were present at a demonstration, David Rodriguez, chief steward for the American Federation of Government Employees chapter based in Mercedes, Texas, told Newsweek. Montserrat Garibay, Secretary-Treasurer of the Texas AFL-CIO offered a lower estimate of about 25 to 30 federal workers.

Opponents of the president said Drumpf was lying about the crime and danger of migrants. "He makes it seem like all we have is drugs and gangs in McAllen," resident Brandi Kennedy, who has lived near the border for 12 years, told the local outlet.

"Once that first paycheck [doesn’t come], we’re no longer talking about the theoretical; we’re talking about tangible missing of paying electric bills, paying mortgage or rent—at which point, the narrative shifts," High Point University political science professor Brandon Lenoir told Vox.

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Senators challenged #Trump on his 19-day-government-shutdown

“When government is shut down, there are consequences and people are starting to feel those consequences,” Murkowski said, recalling her exchange with the president.

Unfortunately, Trump doesn't have a feel for the common people's problems, he only cares for himself and his stubborn ideals. That's why those same poeple have voted for him. Makes total sense, doesn't it?

Lankford’s decision to speak up behind closed doors to remind the president about the human impact of the shutdown is notable because he has supported Drumpf’s position publicly.

Hypocrisy or late enlightenment?

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