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Verena Bahlsen says comments were ‘thoughtless’ amid calls for a boycott of biscuit brand

The heiress of a German biscuit empire has apologised for stirring outrage with remarks that appeared to play down the hardship suffered by dozens of people forced to work at the family business under Nazi rule.

Verena Bahlsen, whose father owns the Bahlsen company that makes some of Germany’s most famous biscuits including Choco Leibniz, said her remarks that the firm did nothing wrong when it employed 200 forced labourers during the second world war were thoughtless.
Choco Leibniz heiress apologises over Nazi forced labour remarks
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exploitation enormous in Indian garment industry

A report by Berkeley shows that Indian home-based garment workers work mostly exclusively for brands in Europe and USA and that there is a shockingly high percentage of #childlabour and #forcedlabour https://www.candafoundation.org/en/latest/news/2019/02/tainted-garments.pdf?mc_cid=2c0f9a53de&mc_eid=0709b4faf2 #humantrafficking #modernslavery
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