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Bryan Lunduke

Tech News Tuesday - Jan 15, 2019 - Moon Cotton & RiscV Pi

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Neue Homepage

Ich habe die Faircomputer Webseite aktualisiert: https://faircomputer.ch - nun findet ihr direkt auf der Startseite die aktuell verfügbaren GNU/Linux Laptops. #FreeSoftware #Laptops #Libre #Debian

Episode 88 - 01/13/2018


Choose your own Linux is coming to Chrome OS, GitHub private repos go free, LVFS gets another win, and Amazon released their MongoDB competitor DocumentDB.

Plus Homebrew comes to Linux, the recent Ethereum Classic attack, and more.


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#FSFE infobooth at #NLLGG meeting at Kranenburg Praktijkcollege in Utrecht, January 19th, 10.00-16.00 o'clock. Have a chat about #FreeSoftware and save shipping costs by buying FSFE gear at the booth.
With an average of $100B in the last three years it is time to #Canonical to stop predating #Debian and to start walking with its own legs.


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♲ Daniel (daniel01@diasp.org):
For some reason of the destiny I recently had to deal with two of the #operativesystem I dislike the most, namely: #windows and #android. I honestly admit to be have a lot of prejudices against those because the companies behind them, however if we put apart irrational feelings both have something in common and this is what really annoying me...

Both are dramatically complicated, cryptic, redundant and obsessively nested. With both you can dig eternally in options that hide others options that require options to setup other options, and eventually you lost yourself in this obscure maze of options and you do not get why to change something you had to do all these excessive steps. Even If I don't like MacOS either, at least, it embraces the Unix philosophy and
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♲ Björn Schießle (bjoern@diasp.eu):
You can't earn money with #FreeSoftware. #Copyleft is bad for your business. Do you think this is true? Then you should come to my #CopyleftConf talk "Using strong copyleft to build a sustainable business", organized by @Software Freedom Conservancy https://2019.copyleftconf.org/schedule/presentation/12/ #Nextcloud
#unitoodailynews, #fdroid, #android, #softwarelibero, #freesoftware, #market TWIF 37: The European Bug Bounty Edition https://t.co/zuAuxqFVtP
Unitoo on Twitter #unitoodailynews #unitoodailynews
Is that normal that a distro wants count you with tracking method even if anonymously?

Fedora Planning A Per-System Unique Identifier For DNF To Count Users

The separation from counting to tracking is very labile...

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Open source / Linux space academy opens in Kenya!

African school uses open source (Linux, free as in freedom software etc) tools and principles to prepare underserved students for future-focused careers.

Tunapanda Institute (Nairobi) realized that it needed to design a new curriculum that was more relevant to the local context. In 2014, the school opened its own training facility which has provided more than 200 young men and women with digital-era skills.

First initiative was "an education on a hard drive." The team set up offline computer labs in rural areas of Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda, using a custom modified Edubuntu Linux distribution designed for use in areas where internet service is sparse or expensive.

==> https://opensource.com/article/19/1/open-source-space-academy

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Linus: 5.0 kernel is coming...

From Linus Torvalds
Date Sun, 6 Jan 2019 18:14:15 -0800
Subject Linux 5.0-rc1

So this was a fairly unusual merge window with the holidays, and as a
result I'm not even going to complain about the pull requests that
ended up coming in late. It all mostly worked out fine, I think. And
lot of people got their pull requests in early, and hopefully had a
calm holiday season. Thanks again to everybody.

The numbering change is not indicative of anything special. If you
want to have an official reason, it's that I ran out of fingers and
toes to count on, so 4.21 became 5.0. There's no nice git object
numerology this time (we're about 6.5M objects in the git repo), and
there isn't any major particular feature that made for the release
numbering either. Of course, depending on your particular interests,
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#NSA for world, peace, humanity :) ... and for #OpenSource (full list of GITprojects)

The last news: NSA to Release Their Reverse Engineering Framework #GHIDRA to Public at RSA (rsaconference.com)

Come Get Your Free NSA Reverse Engineering Tool!

NSA has developed a software reverse engineering framework known as GHIDRA, which will be demonstrated for the first time at RSAC 2019. An interactive GUI capability enables reverse engineers to leverage an integrated set of features that run on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS and LINUX and supports a variety of processor instruction sets. The GHIDRA platform includes all the features expected in high-end comme
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Episode 87 - 01/06/2019


Raspberry Pi joins the RISC-V Foundation, MIPS is going open source, and Mozilla is experimenting with more ads in Firefox.

Plus the BSDs rebase their ZFS on the Linux implementation, the EU has bug bounties, and Thunderbird gets set to fly!


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Is so sad starting the #2019 with such arguable article:

7 Things Desktop Linux Needs in 2019

Before to analyze the seven points let me do some free and random considerations, if they were just 7 missing things for the #Desktop #Linux I could surely scream that we finally are in the year of the #LinuxDesktop but then I remembered that #Linux is the kernel while the Desktop belongs to #GNU, hence I already smelled stinky stuff in there. And let me add something more, Corporations dislike the #... show more
Qué kernel podemos utilizar con GNU para desarrollar sistemas operativos libres, además de Linux-libre, kFreeBSD y Hurd?
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Richard #Stallman ( #RMS ), AKA the man that is right in his predictions, explains why the #USA is not a #democracy but #plutocracy, how #republican steal elections by preventing people from voting. Also why he refuses to speak #Trump's name and prefers to call him an infant or a bully -- a great idea. Criticizes #Hillary as well, for #militarism. Of course you can expect a reiteration of #freesoftware ideas too.

Haven't watched the rest so far, but I already worth a share.

#FreeSoftware Foundation $1 Million #Bitcoin Donation Reduced by $140,000 Before Conversion
https://www.ccn.com/free-software-foundation-bitcoin-donationed-reduced-before-conversion/ still a lot of money for #gnu #fsf and #freesw in general
Free Software Foundation $1 Million Bitcoin Donation Reduced by $140,000 Before Conversion
The FSF depends on your generosity to survive. A huge #ThankGNU to Arcanite Solutions, Bashar Al-Abdulhadi, and Bdale Garbee for giving a big boost to #freesoftware!

Episode 86 - 12/30/2018


We take a look back at our 2018 Linux predictions, and make some bold new ones for the year ahead.

Plus there’s no avoiding how far off we were when it came to Bitcoin last year, but that didn’t stop us having a go again this year!


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Interesting article about the present and the future of #GIMP


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#unitoodailynews, #fdroid, #android, #softwarelibero, #freesoftware, #market TWIF 36: F-Droid at 35C3 and ZDF https://t.co/bHidwGRm9U
Unitoo on Twitter #unitoodailynews #unitoodailynews

Want to support diaspora* (or a lot of other free software projects)?


Buy a shirt on apt-get shirt!

I did one year ago, the shirt is awesome, very smooth, very resilient, definitely a good quality! (Organic cotton, good ink...)

That way, you will show your love for free software by proudly wearing a nice shirt, but also support their quality project and... the project you love, are they are giving back to the shirt project some of the money earned!

Thank you @apt-get shirt !

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The Ultimate Contributor's Guide to Xfce

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Ring get renamed to Jami.


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Welcome to our 400 new associate members! There's still time for everyone to support #freesoftware and help us reach our stretch donation goal before the end of the year (link: https://www.fsf.org/appeal) fsf.org/appeal

Faircomputer Desktop

The Faircomputer Default desktop is getting more magical with every release.

Free Laptops for Students! #Debian #Xfce #GNULinux #FreeSoftware #Laptop #FreeasinFreedom
#FreeSoftware #35C3


I have been working on some a program I call LibreCheck for a little while now. LibreCheck is free (libre) and open source software for logging people in places like day cares and Sunday-school at churches. It will be flexible enough to be used for many different situations such as conferences as well. The fact that it is free software means that you may change the code to make it work the way you want it to.


LibreCheck's main technical goals are reliability, simplicity, and flexibility. Other software is complicated in design, which often leads to many bugs and general instability. They also generally set to work in certain settings, and since they are often proprietary, are not easily extensible to work in different situations. LibreCheck also is meant to be simple to use for the end user. It will be easy to install, easy to start, and easy to run.


Right now I am building it in JavaScript and PHP, but nothing is finalized yet for the final public version. I may completely rebuild it before I make a public versi... show more
It warms our hearts this winter to see all of the support the #freesoftware community is pouring into our fundraiser -- but we've still got a ways to go. Join or donate today! https://u.fsf.org/15q https://status.fsf.org/attachment/756076
The application period for spring internships at the FSF is open! We encourage students who are interested in supporting #freesoftware to apply by December 23.

Episode 84 - 12/16/2018


Intel developers are working to open source the FSP, Fuchsia SDK and device repos show up in Android AOSP, and our BSD buddies have some big news.

Plus the pending removal of the x32 sub-architecture from Linux, why Uber is joining up with the Linux Foundation, and more.


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Welcome to the Freedom Island

I dearly welcome you, my friend. If you haven't yet been here before, I can be your guide. Please follow me this way and I will show you around -- and if you like our humble society, you can stay.

Our island consists of three main parts:
  • The Permissive. Our common people. The good citizens who lead honest lives and whose daily bread is sharing and helping a neighbour, while not asking much in return -- a simple attribution is enough.
  • The Copyleft. These are our warriors, the protectors to whom we owe our existence here. As very skilled hackers they developed a weapon by hacking the legal system they opposed to work in their favor instead. They wield the weapon now known as the GPL proudly, and without getting in actual fights very often keep reminding us we are safe here.
  • The Public Domain. Residents in this part of island have achieved Nirvana. They are the spirituals and an example of perfection to strive for.
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Episode 83 - 12/09/2018


Microsoft is moving to Chromium, and Mozilla isn't too thrilled about it.

Plus the Kernel team's clever Spectre slowdown fix, Emby goes proprietary, Steam Link lives on, and more.


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Episode 82 - 11/25/2018


Clear Linux doubles down on the desktop, Fedora 31 is likely canceled or delayed, and why Firecracker is being called the new "Docker killer".

Plus AMP's new governance model kicks in, and the Necuno Mobile Plasma tease.


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The FSF is hiring! We're looking for a full-time program manager, who will take charge of the #LibrePlanet conference, and our twice-annual fundraisers. If you're a talented communicator & care about #freesoftware, see details here!
I just created a #BASH #script to convert a #Markdown file into PDF, EPUB, and ODT files using pandoc. It automatically adds metadata like title, author name, and date to the epub files.


#Programming #FreeSoftware #GPL #GNULinux
#TIL about this #art student who was once short on money (surprise surprise) and decided to make some by contributing to #freeculture. He started a campaign to create painted fantasy portraits of those who supported him. The campaign quickly got attention and suddenly the most influential people of the #free culture world, such as Larry #Lessig, are backing the campaign. Richard #Stallman (aka #RMS) himself joins in too, but on one condition: the game that is to use the portraits, which is named OSARE (Open Source Action RP Engine), must embrace the term #freesoftware as opposed to #opensource. And so it happened. After four years of development version 1.0 of the #FLARE #RPG was released (I have played it and what agreat game it is). The portraits of #FOSS giants are included. Can you spot Lessig?


Kickstarter: Creative Commons Fantasy Portrait Marathon (Justin Nichol)

SuperTuxKart boosts up its in-game visuals.

SuperTuxKart, the famous and fantastic free software kart racer, featuring the prominent Linux mascot Tux. The game is in inspiration of the likes of Mario Kart.

There is really no shortage of great racers on Linux.

==> https://youtu.be/ZELE24RTOpQ

#gaming #linux #opensource #freesoftware #SuperTuxKart
FOSDEM 2019, Brussels, Belgium (2019-02-02 - 2019-02-03) http://fsfe.org/events/events.en.html#/srv/www/fsfe.org_git/events/2019/event-20190202-01.en.xml #fsfe #FreeSoftware #events #rssfeed
FOSDEM 2019, Brussels, Belgium (2019-02-02 - 2019-02-03) http://fsfe.org/events/events.en.html#/srv/www/fsfe.org_git/events/2019/event-20190202-01.en.xml #fsfe #FreeSoftware #events #rssfeed
The FSF is only one facet of the amazing #freesoftware community -- volunteers, sustainers, coders, and donors make it all happen. #ThankGNU to some of our most generous donors, Puduvankunnil Udayakumar, René Genz, and Rob Vens!
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