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Kannte ich bislang auch noch nicht, hört sich nützlich an:
♲ Fedora Magazine ():
Convert file systems with Fstransform
Few people know that they can convert their filesystems from one type to another without losing data, i.e. non-destructively. It may sound like magic, but Fstransform can convert an ext2, ext3, ext4, jfs, reiserfs or xfs partition to another type from the list in almost any combination. More importantly, it does so in-place, without formatting or copying data anywhere. Atop of all this goodness, there is a little bonus: Fstransform can also handle ntfs, btrfs, fat and exfat partitions as well.

Before you run it

There are certain caveats and limitations in Fstransform, so it is strongly advised to back up before attempting a conversion. Additionally, there are some limitations to be aware of when using Fstransform:- Both the source and target filesystems must be supported by your Linux kernel. Sounds like an obv
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After a 7 year hiatus, I’m starting to use #Diaspora again. Is the community still alive and vibrant? Let’s be friends and chat about stuff. I specialize in #Haskell #functional-programming #Emacs #category-theory #game-theory #NixOS #GNU/Linux, but I also wanna learn more about #cryptography #GPG #blockchain #bitcoin #quantified-self #decentralized-web #semantic-web and many other things.
It should not be called #Linux, nor #GNU/Linux. I am trying to figure out what it is supposed to be called.
ما الفائدة من البرامج مفتوحة المصدر؟

للبرامج مفتوحة المصدر العديد من الفوائد بالنسبة لمطوري البرامج ولعل أهم فائدة هي تطوير برامج جديدة بالاعتماد على البرام... show more
♲ wasp_enterprises@nerdpol.ch:
#router #openwrt #linux
Router-Distribution: OpenWRT 18.06 erscheint nach Trennung und Wiedervereinigung - Golem.de
#Indien hat das Problem verstanden:
Als Teil eines größer angelegten Projektes, das die IT Indiens unabhängiger machen soll...
Was passiert in der #EU ?!?
♲ Linux-Magazin ():
Indiens RISC-V-CPU Shakti bootet Linux
Die technische Universität Madras in Indien arbeitet an Open-Source-CPUs auf Basis des freien Befehlssatzes RISC-V. Das Projekt meldet nun einen ersten Erfolg: Das erste Tape-out startet eine Linux-Distribution.

Als Teil eines größer angelegten Projektes, das die IT Indiens unabhängiger machen soll, erstellt das Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras CPU-Designs auf Grundlage des freien Befehlssatzes RISC-V. Das Team meldet nun einen Erfolg der Shakti genannten CPUs beim initialen Tape-out, also der ersten
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20 de julio tendremos nuevo Meetup de GNU Linux Valencia


#eventos #gnu/linux valencia


20 de julio tendremos nuevo Meetup de GNU Linux Valencia


Logo de GNU Linux Valencia

Valencia está resurgiendo un movimiento libre muy potente. A modo de recordatorio:... show more
Glad to hear about your excitement for Linux!

#GNU/Linux, and the world of #Libre software, have so many useful features and applications that it could potentially replace Windows/Apple completely. The caveat is that one or two pieces of proprietary Windows/Apple software that are absolutely needed. If it can't run in wine, then you're dual-booting for the time. Good luck!

#systemd (question mark)

What are your thoughts on systemd?

I know on the #debian maintainers' list;
they kinda shout you down with "conspiracy theorist"
if you question systemd.

But I do.

systemd smells a lot like #svchost.exe on #Windows.
That omni-present blob, that people don't really look at much over time.

And systemd has it's own login/password entry point?
Why exactly?

I am considering #Devuan,
which is the non-systemd fork of debian.

Systemd a... show more
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