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Ich bin sowas von froh, dass er so ein ultraheller Kopf ist, dass er die ganzen Scheißbanden von CIA über NSA und sonstige krumme Helfershelfer der anderen Dienste anderer Länder ALLESAMT "AUSGETRICKST" - bzw. eben in genauester Kenntnis seiner Rechte und Möglichkeiten und die Fehler seiner Vorgänger vermeidend - hinter sich gelassen hat, so dass sie ihn NICHT GESCHNAPPT haben und er heute frei reden kann (Sie hätten ihm dann sicher das gleiche angetan, was sie jetzt mit Assange und auch Chelsea Manning vollführen: Eine öffentliche Hinrichtung und Steinigung sowie Schmähung als "Terrorist, Verräter" und ähnlicher Schmarrn, der da über ihn und andere Whistleblower zu lesen ist.)

Wer noch was anderer mit ihrem/seinem Gehirn anzustellen zu weiß, als Blähungen zu zählen, der KANN nicht anders, als zu verstehen: ER HAT RECHT! Und wir sollten unterstützen, wofür er eintritt! Wir MÜSSEN es! (sofern wir echte Freiheit wollen bzw. was davon noch übrig ist).

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● NEWS ● #techdirt #de ☞ #Germany Wants To Limit #Memes And #Mashups Derived From Press Publishers' Material To 128-by-128 Pixels In Resolution, And Three Seconds In Length
Police arrest suspect after incident in Rot am See

Six people have been killed and several injured in a shooting in the south-western German town of Rot am See, police have said.

A suspect has been arrested and no further suspects are believed to be at large, police from the nearby town of Aalen said.
Six people killed in shooting in south-west Germany
#Germany #Europe #Worldnews
Country’s top security official says move is ‘clear message’ against far-right extremism
Germany bans neo-Nazi group Combat 18 Deutschland
#Germany #Thefarright #Worldnews #Europe
Nextcloud Hub takes on Google Docs and Office 365


Best known as a do-it-yourself cloud storage service, Nextcloud challenges SaaS vendors with launch of Hub.

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Europe’s ‘ruthless’ animal attractions

While Asia’s wildlife tourism industry is often critiqued negatively by the press, similarly troubling European attractions featuring large animals go largely unreported, featuring animals like wolves, zebras, hippos and rhinos in ‘ruthless’ venues such as Cirkus Humberto in the Czech Republic, where one can witness bears riding skateboards.
#animals #wildlife #cruelty #abuse #ruthlesstourism #entertainment #tourism #Germany #Spain #France #CzechRepublic #Europe #AaronGekoski #FourPaws #mongabay
Europe’s ‘ruthless’ animal attractions: Q & A with filmmaker Aaron Gekoski

Conservation news: Europe’s ‘ruthless’ animal attractions: Q & A with filmmaker Aaron Gekoski (Erik Hoffner)

"A declaration in the response to the nullity action that the patent is defended in a limited form has no limiting effect"

Challenging fake #patents in #germany or #europe
Patent case: Intrakardiale Pumpvorrichtung, Germany

Iran Counters EU Threat Of Snapback Sanctions

#US #Trump #nuclear #agreement #Iran #EU-3 #Germany, #Britain #France #EU #Threat #sanctions #CPOA #deal #UN #politics #international

"U.S. President Donald Trump wants to destroy the nuclear agreement with Iran. He has threatened the EU-3 poodles in Germany, Britain and France with a 25% tariff on their car exports to the U.S. unless they end their role in the JCPOA deal.

In their usual gutlessness the Europeans gave in to the blackmail. They triggered the Dispute Resolution Mechanism of the deal. The mechanism foresees two 15 day periods of negotiations and a five day decision period after which any of the involved countries can escalate the issues to the UN Security Council. The reference to the UNSC would then lead to an automatic reactivation or "snapback" of those UN sanction against Iran that existed before the nuclear deal was signed."

Berlin summit seeks to stop latest round of fighting turning country into ‘a second Syria’

An international force, possibly including British and other European troops, is being considered to monitor a proposed Libyan ceasefire and possibly enforce an arms embargo after an international conference in Berlin designed to bring an end to the fighting between the two warring sides.

The presidents of Russia, Turkey and France joined other global leaders at the talks hosted by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and held under the auspices of the UN. The summit’s main goal is to get foreign powers wielding influence in the region to stop interfering in the war – be it through weapons, troops or financing.
Libya: international force could monitor proposed ceasefire
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The Snopes page on this double hoax references followers of the god-awful Erich von Daniken.
Classical example of New Age "ancient aliens" agenda.
By the way, maybe you will be interested in another example of related New Age hoax:
Image/photoivan zlax wrote the following post Thu, 02 Jan 2020 08:34:41 +0300

Nazca Lines:
The geoglyphs were found in 1939 by the son of German immigrants, a historian named Paul Kosok.
Kosok carried out field re
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Constitutional complaints against the #EPO in #Germany
What’s the worst that could happen – Constitutional complaints against the EPO in Germany
There is a lot of evidence of the achievements of a certain Nikolai Lenine about 100 years ago.
Сохранилось множество свидетельств о достижениях некого Николая Ленина около 100 лет назад.

Николай Ленин говорит с толпо
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"We Are Being Overrun": German Government Escalates Its War On Gold

#Germany #War On #Gold #politics #international

How long will you stay complicit? A Question for UK, Canada, France, and Germany

How long will you stay #complicit? A Question for #UK, #Canada, #France, and #Germany #Iran #US #Trump #politics #international
How long will you stay complicit? A Question for UK, Canada, France, and Germany

Fort Russ: How long will you stay complicit? A Question for UK, Canada, France, and Germany - Fort Russ

In fight against climate crisis, operators will be compensated for early switch-offs

Germany will pay its utility companies billions of euros to speed up the shutdown of their coal-fired power plants as part of the country’s efforts to fight climate crisis, the government has said.

The agreement reached between federal ministers and representatives of four coalmining states removes a key hurdle in Germany’s plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades.
Germany will pay billions to speed up coal-fired power plant shutdowns
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Brussels and Berlin buildings reportedly raided amid inquiry into former German diplomat

A former German diplomat who worked in the EU’s institutions is under investigation along with two lobbyists on suspicion of spying for the Chinese government.

Nine homes and offices in Brussels, Berlin, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria have reportedly been raided by police on behalf of the German federal prosecutor’s office.
Former EU envoy investigated over China spying claims
#Espionage #EuropeanUnion #Germany #China #Europe #Worldnews #AsiaPacific
The legendary club and ballroom joins a growing list of iconic city venues under threat due to lease renewal issues
Bittersweet Berlin goodbye as Clärchens Ballhaus faces uncertain future
#Berlinholidays #Germanyholidays #Bars #pubsandclubs #Europeholidays #Travel #Germany #Europe #Worldnews #Clubbing
Germany answers plea for funding in memory of 140,000 Dutch Jews murdered by Nazis

A Holocaust museum is to be built in Amsterdam after Germany offered a €4m donation in memory of the 140,000 Dutch Jews murdered by the Nazis, amounting to three-quarters of the community, the highest death rate in Europe.

A temporary exhibition, held in a former religious seminary used during the war to smuggle hundreds of Jewish children to safety, will be closed in February to allow for two years of construction.
Holocaust museum to open in Amsterdam after €4m German gift
#Holocaust #Secondworldwar #Worldnews #Netherlands #Europe #Germany

Trump's EU Poodles - Germany, Britain And France - Obey His Order To Kill The Nuclear Deal With Iran

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End obsession with balancing the books, and cut taxes and boost infrastructure instead, government told

Angela Merkel’s government is coming under increasing pressure to spend some of its record budget surplus on tax cuts and investment in Germany’s ageing infrastructure.

Despite months of weakening economic growth, the German state had a surplus of €13.5bn (£11.6bn) of income over expenditure at the end of 2019, thanks to increased tax revenues and a low interest rate.
Merkel under pressure to spend Germany's record budget surplus
#Germany #AngelaMerkel #Europe #Worldnews
Whistleblowers say workers who raise concerns at German state broadcaster are silenced

Sexual harassment, racism, antisemitism and severe bullyinghave been taking place at the state-funded German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, staff members have told the Guardian.

Mid- and top-level managers ignore, target or silence staff who speak out, dismissing them or restricting their shifts, according to former and current staff members.

In the Arabic division, a male colleague threatened to break a pregnant employee’s finger during a work shift in front of colleagues, staff have said.

In the TV newsroom at Voltastrasse in Berlin, racial slurs relating to black, Jewish and Pakistani people are said to have been used openly to insult staff.

A black employee endured racist tropes about “eating fried chicken” and growing up in the “ghetto”, according to personnel. Staff describe the atmosphere at the broadcaster as feeling “like a prison”.

Additional reporting by Kate Connolly and Chavala Madlena. Jad Salf... Show more...
Move brings closer the potential collapse of 2015 deal and return of EU sanctions

Britain, France and Germany have triggered the dispute resolution mechanism in the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, a step that over months could result in the collapse of the agreement entirely and the return of European sanctions on Tehran.

Officials described the move as one taken more in sorrow than anger and said it was in part prompted by fears that Iran may now be less than a year away from possessing the capacity to develop a nuclear bomb.
European states trigger dispute mechanism in Iran nuclear deal
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Even the #eff has mentioned this, but @eff never ever mentions #epo #corruption #swpats and the #upc (EFF fights what billionaires pay it to fight)
#Germany ’s Federal Constitutional Court (FCC) cannot be left alone by #TeamUPC , its media front groups (or pressure groups with publication as a weapon) and the #EPO ’s active ‘harassment’ of those assessing legality
of the #EPC ) #BoA Cases. Now It Does the Same to Bundesverfassungsgericht (FCC, #Germany 's Constitutional Court).
"I moved to #Dortmund #Germany about three months ago, though it feels more like six or twelve. The hours stretch here in a way I’m not accustomed to, even living, as I used to, in a what my landlord in #Iowa City"
The Visitor: Wizards of Loneliness
After 12 of his relatives were killed in a single night, where was his anger and pain? And what does his refusal to permit himself these feelings mean for me?

I don’t know when I first heard my grandfather’s story. But I do remember the little green book with the white cross on it. The book was kept in a black steel cabinet in our living room, one that was usually locked, its contents mysterious. There must be important things in there, I thought, that were not for me to see.

My paternal grandparents were part of my childhood; my sister and I called them Oma and Opa and paid them regular visits, but we knew very little about our mother’s parents. They were long dead: my grandmother in 1972, my grandfather in 1979, six years before my birth. The only proof of their existence was a faded black-and-white photo embedded in a glass hemisphere, which my mother kept on her bedside table. In the picture, my grandmother is wearing a high-necked dress and a pearl necklace, and my grandfather a suit and tie, their faces radiating severity. They looked, to my chil... Show more...
● NEWS ● #dw #religion #culture ☞ #Turkey in talks to establish schools in #Germany https://www.dw.com/en/turkey-in-talks-to-establish-schools-in-germany/a-51948242?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-xml-atom
Opera producer who built a towering reputation in a career lasting six decades

Harry Kupfer, who has died aged 84, was a towering figure in opera production with a career spanning 60 years. A native of Berlin, for the first two decades he worked largely behind the iron curtain, but a handful of productions in the west in the 1970s led to a landmark Flying Dutchman at the Bayreuth festival in 1978, followed by an equally trailblazing staging of Wagner’s Ring there in 1988.

The two greatest avowed influences on Kupfer’s dramaturgy were Walter Felsenstein and Bertolt Brecht – he called them his “spiritual forefathers”. From the former (though he never worked directly with him) he imbibed the principles of realistic music theatre (as opposed to singers’ opera), emphasising the importance of character, motivation and dramatic immediacy. From the latter he inherited the idea of distancing the audience from the action on stage: theatregoers should be critical and engaged rather than passive and emotionally manipulated. The result of this twi... Show more...
Victim, 26, had been in coma after being poisoned by co-worker, jailed for life last year

A man in Germany has died four years after being poisoned by a colleague and falling into a coma.

The state court in Bielefeld, which convicted the man behind the poisoning last year, confirmed the death on Thursday, the German news agency dpa reported. The 26-year-old victim’s parents had spoken about his suffering during a trial last year.
German man poisoned by colleague dies
#Germany #Europe #Worldnews
● NEWS ● #climatenewsnetwork #de #germany #allTalk ☞ Germany’s green #energy quest stalls
Germany’s green energy quest stalls

Portrait de ~~famille~~ salauds

reshare from @Salinger 3


The most despicable heads of state representing multinational corporations and the oligarchy want to make sure everything is kept the way they wanted. And this is the family photo 2019, men spreading legs
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Our paradise is their hell


Main title says: "This Germany that is radicalizing."

#WhitePower #Germany
The other day I was having a conversation about music with some people I work with in a Restaurant in Amsterdam. These two guys are younger than me and, being young Europeans, they could not conceive I don't like electronic music. I tried to explain that musicians are important for me to appreciate a song, and that leaving the generation of sound to machines was, for me, a last resort, in case the music was just too complex to be played by humans.

This reminded me of the song (or musical piece) called G-spot Tornado, written by Frank Zappa. Zappa wrote that song for the Jazz from Hell album, and said the piece was too difficult to be played by humans, so he used a Synclavier DMS to play all the parts. I showed them that song as an example of the electronic music I could listen to. They were surprised at what they were listening.

This whole event, in turn, reminded me of the performance of this song by the Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition to the ensemble playing a wonderful, amazing rendition of the song (which was being conducted by Zappa, for... Show more...
The Weimar-era detective show has sold to 100 countries and firmly establishes Germany as a serious player in blockbuster series
Drugs, dancing, cabaret: Babylon Berlin returns for season three
#Germany #Television #Culture #Europe #Television&radio #Worldnews #UKnews
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● NEWS ● #climatenewsnetwork #de #germany ☞ Sun shines on Germany’s #solar sector
Sun shines on Germany’s solar sector
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