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Tens of thousands gather in cities, including Berlin and Munich, to protest against nationalist and far-right parties. #Germany #Europe #EuropeanUnion #Italy #TheFarRight
Diplomatic cables reveal the monarch also appeared to back the creation of a single market

The Queen confided to the German ambassador that she believed the future of Britain lay in Europe, newly released diplomatic cables from 1988 have shown.

“Some have not realised this yet,” the monarch allegedly said of her subjects. She also appeared to back the creation of the single market.
'Future of Britain is in Europe,' the Queen told Germany in 1988
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E-Werk Luckenwalde will offer workshops and studio space for artists squeezed out of Berlin

When the Luckenwalde coal power plant in east Germany closed down soon after the collapse of communism, the locals were both relieved and concerned. “Finally people could hang out their laundry without it getting covered in soot,” said Bernd Schmidl, one of the plant’s senior employees.

Worries about jobs were soon allayed when the workers were given better-paid employment elsewhere, he said. But fears remained that the listed building, with elements of art deco and art nouveau, would fall into disrepair. “Who was going to find a long-term use for an old building spanning 10,000 metres over four floors?”
'Art electricity' revives old German power station
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Germany is the only EU member state equating the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement with antisemitism. #Germany #Palestine #Europe #Boycott #Israel #Israeli–Palestinianconflict
Israeli academics criticise motion, saying it is wrong to conflate BDS and antisemitism

Germany’s Bundestag has become the first parliament in Europe to pass a motion labelling the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel as antisemitic.

The non-binding motion, passed on Friday afternoon, said the campaign to boycott Israeli artists and goods was “reminiscent of the most terrible chapter in Germany history” and triggered memories of the Nazis’ slogan “Don’t buy from Jews”.
German parliament declares Israel boycott campaign antisemitic
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Finance ministers say Europe is increasingly dependent on Chinese and US technology

It boasts the world’s second biggest economy, a huge consumer market of about 500 million people and prodigious pools of talent and capital, not to mention two of the world’s most important financial centres.

But Europe is struggling to match its great rivals, the US and China, in creating the kind of global firms that increasingly dominate the 21st-century marketplace.

In 2012, six major European newspapers came together to launch joint editorial projects to dig deeper into pan-European issues, understand the EU better and investigative the good and bad things emerging from the continent.
European companies can't compete against global giants
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80-90 years ago super-rich Americans helped fund the nazi party in #germany so why not domestically too? They get tax cuts after all...
What have the top Trump donors been up to since 2016?
Emissions-free craft unveiled by German company Lilium aims to hit the skies in five years. #Business&Economy #Science&Technology #Europe #Germany
A brief account of some further controversies in which the #Kötter Group has been involved and its strained relations with #Germany trade unions such as #Verdi

http://techrights.org/2019/05/16/kotter-group-abuses-own-staff/ #de #epo
Verena Bahlsen says comments were ‘thoughtless’ amid calls for a boycott of biscuit brand

The heiress of a German biscuit empire has apologised for stirring outrage with remarks that appeared to play down the hardship suffered by dozens of people forced to work at the family business under Nazi rule.

Verena Bahlsen, whose father owns the Bahlsen company that makes some of Germany’s most famous biscuits including Choco Leibniz, said her remarks that the firm did nothing wrong when it employed 200 forced labourers during the second world war were thoughtless.
Choco Leibniz heiress apologises over Nazi forced labour remarks
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The German economy bounced back in the first quarter. But global economic headwinds are still a risk. #Business&Economy #Germany #Europe #Eurozone
The number of working people failing to make ends meet is creating a new, insecure level of society

One of the big criticisms of the EU is that it has shifted the focus over the past 30 years from social protection and solidarity towards growth and globalisation.

The upshot has been rising inequality and mounting precariousness for a tier of people who find that work can be insecure, sporadic and so low paid that it doesn’t even cover the bills.
Cash, credits and crisis: life in the new European 'precariat'
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Mining, farming, hydropower and chemical sectors aim to weaken key directives

Industry lobbies are mounting a push to roll back EU clean water regulations, even though less than half of the continent’s rivers, wetlands and lakes are in a healthy state.

The lobby offensive is aimed at weakening the bloc’s floods and water framework directives, which require all states to ensure their waterways are in “good ecological condition” by 2027. Conservation groups say the proposed changes could sound a death knell for several endangered aquatic species.
EU clean water laws under attack from industry lobbyists
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Satirists speak out after lawyer files charges against TV presenter Jan Böhmermann

Comedy writers in Austria say critical voices and satirists are being forced into “rearguard action” by a campaign of intimidation and legal threats from far-right figures.

An Austrian lawyer has filed charges against a German satirist who called the chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, a “32-year-old insurance salesman with too much hair gel” during an interview with Austria’s public broadcaster. He also said his Kurz’s deputy, Heinz-Christian Strache, was “knocking out incendiary shit on Facebook”.
Austrian comedy writers accuse far right of intimidation tactics
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Q2 Midterm Weather Forecast for EPOnia, Part 1: Urgent Shitstorm Alert http://techrights.org/2019/05/14/urgent-epo-shitstorm-alert/ #epo #corruption #germany #de #Kötter
EU leaders call for calm as Secretary of State Pompeo makes surprise Brussels visit to discuss alleged Iranian threat. #Europe #Iran #UnitedStates #France #Germany #UnitedKingdom #EuropeanUnion
Investigators say they believe no one else was involved in deaths of men and two women

Police in Germany are investigating the mysterious discovery of three bodies shot with crossbow bolts in a Bavarian hotel room.

Investigators are still trying to determine the relationship between the three, found dead on Saturday, and what exactly happened in the room in a Passau hotel near the Austrian border.
Three people shot with crossbow found dead in German hotel
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Kaufe nur das, was du brauchst! 💚

Jedes Konsumgüter verbraucht Ressourcen. Dabei ist nur ein kleiner Teil davon eigentlich für uns sichtbar. Was genau ein bestimmtes Gut verbraucht, kann dann im "ökologischen Rucksack" angegeben werden. Dieser fasst das Gewicht aller verbrauchter Rohstoffe während der Herstellung, Nutzung und Entsorgung zusammen. Am Ende lässt sich sagen, dass etwa 90% der natürlichen Ressourcen bei der Herstellung verloren gehen.

Unsere Challenge diese Woche: Mach dir einen Plan, was du brauchst und einkaufen musst! Versuche dabei auf alles Überflüssige zu verzichten und schick uns ein Foto von deiner Einkaufsliste! Weitere Infos dazu findest du in unserer Story! Viel Erfolg und Spaß! 💚

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In December 1984, a group of teenagers on a school trip from West Germany crossed the border into East Germany. When they returned, an East German defector was hiding under a seat on their bus. Sophie Hardach speaks to those involved 35 years on and revisits their incredible story. Plus: Jo Holdaway on the GM anti-virus drug that saved her daughter’s life

It began as a typical 1980s school trip: a group of teenagers piled on to a bus, Duran Duran were on the stereo and spirits were high. What happened next caused a sensation: it was part The Famous Five and part John le Carré thriller.

The teenagers were from Marburg in West Germany, crossing the border into East Germany. While they were there, they managed to evade their minders and hatched a plot to smuggle a young defector out of the country with them. It was a plan fraught with danger: leaving East Germany was a criminal offence and hundreds of people had been killed making the attempt.
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This map shows which countries recognise Israel, Palestine or both as an independent country.
(source: reddit)
for more: @statistics_maps
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Documentary will tell story of Formula One star and cover his near-fatal skiing accident

The dramatic life and times of the Formula One racing champion Michael Schumacher are to be released as a feature-length film documentary described as a personal tribute to him by his family and friends.

Schumacher will tell the story of the star, from his boyhood days as a hobby go-karter in Kerpen near Cologne, to his legendary victories on the race track where he secured seven Formula One titles. It will also document the near-fatal skiing accident five years ago that left him with devastating head injuries from which he is still recovering.
Michael Schumacher feature film rights up for grabs at Cannes
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