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'Major milestone': Africa on brink of eliminating polio https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2019/aug/21/major-milestone-africa-on-brink-of-eliminating-polio #Globaldevelopment #Globalhealth #Worldnews #Society #Nigeria #Health #Africa #Polio
Metadrasi provides translators, transport and helps find homes for unaccompanied minors

An NGO helping migrant and refugee children in Greece has won the world’s biggest annual humanitarian award.

Metadrasi received the $2m Hilton humanitarian prize for its “innovative approach to welcoming refugees and protecting unaccompanied minors”, the Conrad N Hilton Foundation said.
Greek NGO helping child refugees wins $2m humanitarian prize
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Using drones to watch refugees drown exposes the inhumanity of border enforcement | Phil McDuff
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Trouble in Paradise: the rise and fall of Germany's 'brothel king' | Hilke Lorenz
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'I had pain all over my body': Italy’s tainted tobacco industry
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Ten Moroccan women say Spanish authorities have ignored claims they were trafficked, assaulted and exploited

Last April, Samira Ahmad\* kissed her baby goodbye and boarded a bus, leaving her home in Morocco for the strawberry fields of southern Spain.In her bag was her Spanish visa and a contract that promised €40 a day plus food and accommodation. In the three months she’d be away, she hoped the pain of being separated from her family would be softened by the money she’d be sending back to them – a fortune compared to what she’d be able to earn at home.

A year on, and Ahmad’s life is in ruins. She is destitute, divorced and for the past 10 months has been living in hiding, surviving on handouts with nine other Moroccan women who – like her – claim they faced human trafficking, sexual assault and exploitation on the farm where they were hired to work. She says her biggest mistake – other than coming to Spain – was going to the authorities.
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Trial of five Romanians accused of labour exploitation and forced prostitution follows Guardian investigation

Five men will appear in court in Sicily on Friday to face charges of trafficking women into the country from Romania after a Guardian investigation exposed the conditions in which the women were living.

The men, all of whom are Romanian, are accused of trafficking at least seven women into Sicily and forcing them to work in greenhouses in Ragusa for paltry wages, as well as forcing them into prostitution.
Men charged with trafficking women into Italy to appear in court in Sicily
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Centuries ago, the Andaman archipelago was a magnet for Burmese slave traders who seized members of its four hunter-gatherer tribes and sold them into slavery in south-east Asia. From 1857, the islands became a permanent British colony, a prison for those who had taken part in that year’s Indian Rebellion, the largest armed uprising against colonial rule on the subcontinent.

And they wonder why the locals don't want visitors?
Sentinel Island's 'peace-loving’ tribe had centuries of reasons to fear missionary | World news | The Guardian
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Hi all! I'm #newhere on social.isurf.ca to give Friendi.ca a whirl as a potential destination for this Google+ refugee. I actually registered a few days ago, at about the same time as I joined Diaspora ( @Murray J Brown ), where many other refugees have gone. I've been drawn back upon favourable comments made by @Shelenn Ayres.

First Impressions:
I like the broad interoperability Friendi.ca has with both the Federation (e.g., Diaspora) and the Fediverse (e.g., Mastodon, where I also have accounts: @mjb ).

The look & feel of the Friendi.ca user interface is somewhat more familiar and intuitive (to me, anyways) tha... Show more...
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