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I came across this article recently in a Facebook post and thought, "Are you kidding me?" Sadly, I can't say I was shocked as those of us trying to show people where Agenda 21 and 30 are headed along with a society all too eager to push out predictive programming in their attempt to normalize not only the breaking down of gender barriers in the name of "fluidity," but also age barriers in a love conquers all themed cloak and cover for pedophiles.

Is there a connection? You look at the evidence and decide!

In arguing For cannibalism this is stated in an article which I find rather interesting considering the research and lack of respect for life concerning Planned Parenthood and abortion in which fetal tissue and infant parts are sold off to make large profits for this For Profit entity (no matter what they tell people).

As people spend time haggling over whether PP is making a profit on baby parts. . .I believe the More Pressing issue is these innocent baby parts are being sold at all! The preying upon human life at it's most vulnerable. . .the most precious of G... Show more...
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