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Apparently, that means you're supporting these neocolonial crooks:
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The neocolonial movement "Extinction Rebellion (XR)" acts in concert with space aliens. It may seem at first glance. In fact, the "Extinction Rebellion (XR)" acts together with well-known hoaxers:
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All the toilets on the International Space Station (ISS) are out of order. This has led to the fact that astronauts now have to use "diapers". This was reported by RIA Novosti on Wednesday, November 27, with reference to the NASA broadcast.
It's probably a hoax. In order to create such a precedent, to further promotion of the idea that astronauts flew to the Moon with "nappies" too:
The first toilet on a US spacecraft didn't show up until the shuttle missions of the 1980s.
На Международной космической станции (МКС) в
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So, the profile of this German anonymous political "girl"-activist, pay attention to "her" "twin sibling" address:


Checking. There's an address for "her" "Ask":


Checking. There's a big tag #ANONYMISS
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O Pirátech se šíří řada falešných zpráv, ty nejznámější nyní najdete na webu https://www.pirati.cz/hoax/ a máme k tomu i pěkné video. #pirati #hoax ... Show more...

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Rise Of The Climate Crazies

This video is a little bit different, in that it is focused on people rather than science. Climate alarmism has nothing to do with science.
In recent years, not only in the Russian-speaking Internet, but also in the English-speaking Internet, has become popular artworks with the common trademark "Tartaria". At first, this concept was actively promoted by newagers, but then they were joined by professional writers and artists. Many enterprising figures have already managed to earn money on this topic.
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@John Rooke
That is typical of racist generalisation across a whole category of people
It is not generalisation. I share my personal experience. I'll make it clear:
All Westerners with whom i discussed this topic - use this trick
You are the same.
It is also hypocritical, because it does not recognise that the Russian Empire is guilty of all the same crimes as the Western European empires.
I admit it. I said it straight. You're desperate to apply your stereotypes and trick to me
Russian Empire was the Empire of German feudals, like British or Dutch Empires:
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The video here:
...is probably one to add to the list of great videos on why #climate #warming is a #hoax.
NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit,
and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels

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The Roger Stone – Wikileaks – Russia Hoax

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The Roger Stone – Wikileaks – Russia Hoax
@murdeRED dreams GrandWizardOfZOG
While a vibrant Jewish center had continued to exist in the Galilee following the Jewish–Roman wars, its importance was reduced with increased Byzantine persecutions and the abolition of the Sanhedrin in the early 5th century. Jewish communities of the southern Levant under Byzantine rule fell into a final decline in the early 7th century
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6000 years of divine creation were discovered less than 200 years ago
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The 2019 Socialism Conference, sponsored by American leftist juggernauts the DSA, Jacobin magazine, and ISO’s Haymarket Books, features regime-change activists from multiple US government-funded NGOs
From July 4 to 7, thousands of left-wing activists from across the United States are gathering in Chicago for the 2019 Socialism Conference.
At this event, some of the most powerful institutions on the American socialist — but avowedly anti-communist — left have brought together a motley crew of regime-change activists to demonize Official Enemies of Washington.
One anti-China panel at the conference features speakers from two different organizations that are both bankrolled by the US government’s soft-power arm the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a group founded out of Ronald Reagan’s CIA in the 1980s to grease the wheels of right-wing regime-change efforts and promote “free markets” across the planet.
Another 2019 Socialism Conference panel rails against the socialist governments of Nicaragua and Cuba — two-
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"I discount the existence of "nuclear" bombs as a fear-mongering "Sword of Damocles"-type illusion that has now successfully kept billions of people living in fear of nuclear annihilation for 65 years. This is based on the improbability behind the science of the explosive device and the alleged mechanism that powered it, as well as the obviously forged videos and the high propaganda value behind the idea, since the firebombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki served to kick off the fake "cold war" and the fabricated "arms race", which featured both the US and Russia pocketing billions in their taxpayers' money for the manufacturing of these fake "nukes" and, some years later, for the "disarming" of same fake "nukes""

#nuclear #nuke #newclear #hoax
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Earlier, the West used this colonial manipulation immediately after the collapse of the USSR:
The consequences of this treaty: Western Europe has outsourced its harmful and environmentally unfriendly production to the East.
After the report on the state and environmental protection of the Russian Federation, Yasnaya Polyana was included in the list of settlements most affected by a
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I was born on the winning side, but that’s how i get taken.
Were you born in the USSR?

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sondage : quel pays a le plus contribué à vaincre l'Allemagne nazie en 1945
source : IFOP

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#the #fourth #industrial #revision

#the #fourth #industrial #revision

Real intent of the World Economic Forum [“Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”] and the re-framing for pub
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That is where Greenpeace funding primarily is directed - towards raising more funds in order to pay the wages and the operating expenses of what has become one of the largest feel good organizations in the world. Let's face it Greenpeace has become the generic environmental organization and people feel when they join Greenpeace that they are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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I'm part of the German division of the Jewish-Bolshevik World Conspiracy.
If consider this information:
*Heinrich Marx was born in Saarlouis, with the name Herschel Levi, the son of Marx Levy Mordechai (1743–1804) and Eva Lwow (1753–1823). Heinrich Marx's father was the rabbi of Trier, a role which his older brother would later assume.
[1]An 1812 edict, unenforced by the French, asserted that Jews could not occupy legal positions or state offices, and Prussian enforcement of the law led to trouble for Heinrich Marx.
[1]In 1815 Heinrich Marx began work as an attorney, in 1819 moving his family to a ten-room property near the Roman Porta Nigra archway.*
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Civilian deaths: 700
Total deaths: 40,400
Civilian deaths: 1,600
Total deaths: 43,600
Civilian deaths: 12,100
Total deaths: 419,400
Civilian deaths: 67,200
Total deaths: 419,400

Thanks to English language globalization, only empowered people could find information about "51 documents" on their own language:

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oblast 51 tajné spisy
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Hey Ivan, do you know the nazis never disappeared but were evacuated by sovietic flying saucers and now live on the other side of the flat earth?
Most part of the Nazies was evacuated by CIA to California according to official documents:
Some of Nazies was hidden in South America (like famous nazi "scientist" Mengele) according to declassified documents:
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US astronauts publicly get in Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, and then, at the command of Guenter quietly hid in his underground bunker, so that the rocket took off empty, without the crew, and they were at the right time and in the right place thrown from the plane and solemnly met on board aircraft carriers.

Американские космонавты принародно садились в Меркурии, Джемини и прочие Аполло
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Brusek Kodluch. Date of birth of the USA
It looks like the current "US Constitution" seems to be a "corporate agreement" only for the "District of Columbia" and not for all US states. They were founded on February 20, 1871.
On 10.05.1871, the Franco-Prussian war officially ended. The coincidence of dates does not seem random.
The war ended with the signing of the Frankfurt Peace Treaty on May 10, 1871. The consequences of the war for France were the payment of compensation to the Prussian state, the final liquidation of the monarchy (overthrow of the empire) in France and the establishment of the republic, as well as the loss of the rich border lands of Alsace and Lorraine, previously taken away from the Holy Roman Empire [2]. The new (German) empire was created in Europe [4].
Then (20 February 1871) the new "CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" replaced the Declaration of Independence of 1776 or the "Constitution of the United States of America".
Even the title has a fundamental difference.
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And now here we are, days after another epic raid on another world's #1 terror leader's compound, with the exact same hasty "burial at sea" story from the #Pentagon. In the case of #ISIS terror chief Abu Bakr #al-Baghdadi's body, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark #Milley announced Monday during a Pentagon briefing: "The disposal of his [al-Baghdadi's] remains has been done and is complete and was handled appropriately."
#baghdadi #BinLaden #burialAtSea #Hoax

What is going on? Is #Trump back in the good graces of the #CIA, so they let him claim victory? what was the secret deal they reached? there's no proof we got him. again.

Lindsey Graham's Anti-Impeachment-Resolution has support from 50 Senators

#Senate Judiciary Chairman #LindseyGraham's resolution against the #House's illegal & un-American Impeachment inquiry has support from 50 #Republican senators, allowing safe passing at the next opportunity with #VP #MikePence in the chair.

Image: Senator Graham's Twitter banner
#StopTheCoup #EndTheCoup #Hoax #Impeachment #Democrats #Lying #Fraudsters #Leftists
#911 #hoax how the evil satanic deathcult lies to us about everything
and folk just carry on working for this evil
without thinking ,now 5g will kill many
as they are in complete denial of truth .
Its kaliyuga after all
The #Apollo #Moon #Landing #Hoax, edited, part 3 of 3
From the perspective of physical #science, it is very reasonable to conclude that any effect of #CO₂ #emissions is beyond present resolution, and even reasonable to suppose that any possible effect may be so small as to be #undetectable within natural variation.

Nothing among the present #climate observables is in any way unusual.

The analysis upsets the entire #IPCC applecart. It #eviscerates the #
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As #Tucker #Carlson almost alone pointed out: the issue of white nationalism is a #politicallyMotivated charge and a hoax. And the #statistics—which you will never hear quoted by the #media, including on #Fox—confirm this.

The #perception that #
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#moonhoax #bartsibrel #veritas

Bart Sibrel - Was the $150 Billion Apollo Mission a Giant #Hoax for #Mankind?
“During the last hundred years the temperature increased about 0.1°C because of carbon dioxide. The human contribution was about 0.01°C”,

"If we pay attention to the fact that only a small part of the increased CO2 concentration is anthropogenic, we have to recognize that the anthropogenic climate change does not exist in practice," the researchers conclude.
#climateChange #hoax #greenNewDeal #fake #anthropomorphic #climate

#bases #aquino

Bases 70 Michael Aquino Part 4

Michael Aquino is a former psychological operations officer and former Space Command officer for the US military. Here we continue to discuss the #Moon #Landing #hoax, and why, and follow on the wider subjects, ending in the Egyptian material,
How the European #Patent Office ( #EPO ) lies to its own staff to harm that staff; thankfully, the staff isn’t easily fooled http://techrights.org/2019/06/12/mercer-and-wyman-lies-as-a-service/ #europe #mercer #hoax
Ten years ago, Al Gore warned the North Polar Ice cap would be gone by the year 2013… hint: It’s still there.
#climatechange #globalwarming #hoax #naturalnews
And what if these are consequences of the work of military ionospheric laboratories?

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less effectively than cloudbuster
Today is Discoflux, 3180, 1435, 222, 78, cегодня Раздинец , Дискотечка!
Love the threads. Wanna boogie?

All these transmitting aerials were built in coarse of the last twenty three years from now, after the Soviet Union's dissolution, under the secret services' guidance and military control:

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One of creators of spurious historic chronology, he lived not in ~1500 after chr, but in ~CIϽIϽCCLXV:

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Angelo Poliziano - italian humanist, philologist, poet, historian and cabbalist. First translator of the Homer's Iliad into Latin. Primary publisher of the new "ancient" authors.

Angelo Ambrogini was born in Tuscany in Mons Politianus

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Satellite data No real increase in global warming for the last 23 years

#globalwarming #climatechange #hoax #naturalnews
The famous HyperZionist Avraam Shmulevich reports:
The result of the elections in Israel is falsified. Religious Zionists for the first time in the history of the state outside the Knesset.
Before her, the only person who wanted and could do this was prof. Yaakov Neeman. Outstanding lawyer politician. As soon as he was appointed Minister of Justice and began the reform of the judicial system (Netanyahu appointed him, like Shaked), the prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against him, and the police launched an investigation. As soon as prof. Naaman went on the line - the case was closed. Shaked once said in plain text that the case was fabricated.
And here the minister came again, who could and wanted to reform the system, reforms really began. But suddenly the pariah Shakeld was thrown out of political life, did not go to the Knesset. Lacked about a thousand votes. Then, for the first time in the history of the Israeli elections, there was an incompre
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I don't usually make these kind of predictions, and I really hope this turns out to be wrong. So hear me out, because I think this needs to be said, and getting this out now could be a sort of "information inoculation" in case they really do decide to go ahead and attempt something like this.


So as many of you may know, this is an election year here in Canada. In October we again go to the polls, and Trudeau is suffering his lowest popularity ever. At least domestically. The whole SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal is mostly out of the news cycle now but is still fresh in people's minds. Honestly I don't even think most Canadians fully understand what exactly it was all about, but I noticed it didn't stop them from using it as a jump off point to express... Show more...

#WikiLeaks: Mock the Russiagaters! Ruthlessly!

#CaitlinJohnstone #JulianAssange #Assange #RussiaGate #hoax #hoaxers #RussianCollusionConspiracy #ConspiracyTheory #MuhRussia #rofl #humor #fun #lol
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flat earth society
I watched the livejournal post “Another Korea of Eun” about North Korea, where there was a range of technological advances North Koreans, not as usual, about their problems.
Noticed one of the photos:
where t... Show more...
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