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"When it comes to #NorthKorea stories are often too bad to be true.

"The country has been in the news of late, as ongoing negotiations between the #Trump and Kim #Jongun administrations appear to have soured"
North Korea Law of Journalism Strikes Again as Envoy Rises From Dead

Summit didn't change much, the same picture as before between US and DPRK

"I worry a little bit that this could get worse before it gets better because both sides want to try to figure out how to get the other side back to the table," said Victor Cha, a former official in charge of Korea relations in the George W. Bush administration. "And they may say pressure is the way to do that.”

Experts view the rebuilding as “deliberate efforts by North Korea in response to the inconclusive results of the Hanoi summit — to send a message, really, to President Drumpf and the world,” according to Cha.

Drumpf earlier this month wrote on Twitter that he canceled the bigger exercises "to save hundreds of millions of dollars for the U.S. for which we are not reimbursed."
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The most important elections in the world took place today

The North elects its legislators every five years in events similar to general elections for lawmakers here. But each constituency has a sole candidate and voters can only vote for or against.

And those who dared to vote against were immediately deported into a working camp, apparently.

On Saturday, North Korea’s state-run newspaper the Rodong Sinmun reported that Kim had stressed the importance of economic development, breaking his silence for the first time since his summit with US President Donald Drumpf in Hanoi in February, in which the two leaders failed to strike an accord on denuclearization or the lifting of economic sanctions.

In the 2014 election, 687 legislators were elected, replacing about 55 percent of the Supreme People’s Assembly, according to data from the Unification Ministry here. The KCNA reported that the turnout in 2014 was 99.97 percent, and 100 percent of the votes were in favor of listed candidates.
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Former Congressman Jimmy Carter would travel to the DPRK to support Trump

The former President has visited North Korea three times. In 1994, he met with Kim's grandfather, Kim Il Sung, becoming the first US president to visit the country. The 1994 trip helped to defuse the first North Korean nuclear crisis and laid groundwork for the Agreed Framework, in which North Korea agreed to denuclearize in exchange for aid.

Although Carter, who has fought cancer and had other health struggles, no longer travels internationally, he told Khanna that North Korea is the "one place he would be willing to go."
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DPRK state TV glorifies summit between US and North Korea

North Korean documentaries are typically propaganda venerating Kim, the subject of a strong personality cult among the North’s 25 million people. Some observers say omitting the status of the nuclear talks also shows the North hopes to continue negotiations, while also not letting North Korean people know of any diplomatic failures that could damage his leadership.

“I would be very, very disappointed in Chairman Kim,” Drumpf said when reporters asked him about reports of new work at the North’s launch site. “I don’t think I will be” disappointed, Drumpf said, “but we’ll see what happens.”
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Kim Jong-Un back home, welcomed by cheering brainwashed crowds

The crowd welcoming Kim at Pyongyang's railway station gave shouts of joy and loud hurrahs upon his return, the Korean Central News Agency reported.

Kim received a salute from the head of the army's honour guard and was presented with flowers from children. Senior officials also greeted Kim with "their ardent congratulations", KCNA reported.

"I am hopeful, although I have no commitment yet, that we will be back at it, that I'll have a team in Pyongyang in the next couple weeks," he said on Monday.
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Trump blames Cohen testimony for his US-DPRK summit failure

_"For the Democrats to interview in open hearings a convicted liar & fraudster, at the same time as the very important Nuclear Summit with North Korea, is perhaps a new low in American politics and may have contributed to the 'walk'," Drumpf said on Twitter, referring to his decision to walk away from what he previously said was a bad deal with Kim.__

South Korean President Moon Jae-in called for officials to try to find a way to restart talks between the North and the United States.

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said she would push for a fresh round of three-way talks with North Korean and US officials, built on a January gathering in Stockholm.
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A (typically CNN-like) comment on Trump's US-DPRK summit

The strategy of presenting Drumpf as a consummate dealmaker is becoming an albatross for the President, partly because he is operating in a domestic and international environment where there are few low-hanging deals on offer.

"The President treats everything like a real estate deal," former Vice President Joe Biden said in Nebraska on Thursday. " 'Just let me in the room. I can convince the other party to make a deal.' Well, it requires hard, hard, hard and consistent diplomacy."

Many Republicans and North Korea analysts were actually relieved, having worried that Drumpf might make a huge concession in his zeal for a deal, and praised him for walking away.
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President Trump may have chosen the right way during summit

You’ll probably see references to this being called a “failed summit” in the news. But this isn’t the worst-case scenario; the worst-case scenario would be if we made serious concessions on sanctions and other issues in exchange for unverifiable promises about North Korea’s nuclear-weapons programs.

(Assuming that the DPRK didn't have alternate ways to underminde those sanctions; so far, China didn't let Kim down, and I guess that Xi planned to do so in the near or far future)

By walking away, Reagan increased the pressure on Gorbachev and the Soviet regime — and with just a few years, it ceased to exist. The Soviet Union ended not with a bang, but with a whimper.

But there is no serious pressure upon the DPRK. Actually, nothing has changed for the DPRK, pre-Trump, and also not during his presidency. Kim has played him for the time being, and surely is going to continue after this summit and those to come.

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US-DPRK summit ends with no agreement reached

(And again, our greatest dealmaker in the world has failed to reach an end to the eternal cold war between North Korea and the US. Great job, Mr. President, but at least you have called your former attorney a liar shortly before his testimony. It serves you right, you shouldn't have joined, it jolly well serves you right.)

On the summit in general

First, a working lunch was cancelled. Then the signing of joint agreement was scratched.
By midday Thursday, and a closing news conference originally scheduled for 4 p.m. was moved up to 2 p.m.

“We’ve had very very productive discussions,” Mr. Drumpf added. “The relationship is as good as it’s ever been, I think better.”

After a day of mutual compliments and photo opportunities to start the talks, Thursday began with a one-on-one meeting between the two leaders, that later broadened to include other officials. A scheduled working lunch and signing ceremony appeared to be canceled on Thu... Show more...

US-DPRK summit to be set on Wednesday and Thursday

"We fell in love," Mr Drumpf told a rally last September of Mr Kim. "He wrote me beautiful letters."

From Pyongyang with love...

This meeting is expected to build on the groundwork of that meeting and address the thorny issue of denuclearisation, where experts say little progress has been made.

This time round both leaders will be very conscious that expectations will be high for an outcome that demonstrates tangible signs of progress - or at least a measurable roadmap for progress.
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Donnie still believes that the DPRK denuclearise itself

He also praised North Korea for pausing its nuclear and missile tests: “no more Rockets or M’s being fired over Japan or anywhere else and, most importantly, no Nuclear Testing.”

“Let me start by saying the American people should rest assured that that the United States understands deeply what's taking place in North Korea. Sometimes things pop in press reports and folks act like it's news,” he said in an interview on Fox News. “The American people should understand that the United States intelligence community and our security apparatus knows full well what activities are taking place and frankly which ones aren't.”

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#DPRK dictator Kim Jong-Un attends birthday in #China, meeting with Xi #Jinping

_Kim was accompanied by his wife, Ri Sol Ju, and a delegation of high-ranking North Korean officials and traveled by private train across the border to China, North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun reported.__

A South Korean newspaper reported on Monday that #Hanoi, the capital of #Vietnam, was being considered as the site for the next Drumpf-Kim summit. Citing high-level sources in Seoul and Washington, Munhwa Ilbo reported that officials from the U.S. and North Korea have met in Hanoi to discuss scheduling the meeting.

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