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JIM FETZER "The Raw Deal" (5-8-19) Wikileaks #Moon #Landing #footage,neocons losing

"The Raw Deal" (8 May 2019) #Wiki has #released what looks like #real footage of #faking the moon landing for which he may have been booted from the Embassy in London. The Neocons are losing in #Venezuela and pushing for a "false flag" with #Iran.

#Moon Hoax Mars Hoax Challenger Hoax NASA Hoax Proof at Last Apollo

Finally Hard Proof of NASA ongoing Hoaxes. Moon Hoax Mars Hoax Challenger Hoax NASA Hoax Proof at Last of the Apollo Hoax.
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So NASA is going back to the Moon? And nearly NO ONE knows it. Why is that? Could it be this is yet another fake promise to go? Will Elon Musk ride on the outside having forgotten his commitment to go to #Mars personally in 2018? In this episode, we review the absurd claims that NASA is not only going back to the Moon in four years, but never leaving.
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Episode 375 : #MoonHoax 50th Anniversary

Published 3rd May 2019

On July 19th 2019, NASA is going to celebrate the ultimate lie, going to the #Moon. In this episode, we examine the factors in this event and our possible strategies to handle this propaganda push.


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Operation Avalanche (2016 Movie) - Official Trailer

In 1967, during the height of the Cold War, two young CIA agents (Matt Johnson and Owen Williams) go undercover at NASA to investigate a possible Russian mole. In disguise as documentary filmmakers, they tap phones and break into offices while purporting to learn more about the Apollo project. But w...

if they can fake the moonlanding what else is faked ?
#BartSibrel on Canary Cry Radio

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Politicians are so hated, with an approval rating of only about 15% by the very people who elected them, because they do not do

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NASA and Moon size...Is it really that Obvious?
Some people wonder how the lunar rover was carried on the moon.
In fact it was stowed in a special compartment on the side of the lunar module.
But that was posing two problems:
1) It was introducing a disbalance in the lunar module by shifting the center of mass.
2) The lunar rover was folded in its compartment almost naked, without the major part of its equipment.
It means that the astronauts had to mount all the equipment on it after having deployed it on the moon.
And that's the whole problem: Doing all this mounting work was almost impossible with their pressurized suit, their stiff gloves, and the poor vision they had with their visor.
Furthermore, on the videos of Apollo, we don't see them do this mounting work, the rover appears suddenly fully equipped without the astronauts having done a real work on it.
In other words, the lunar rover is full fantasy.

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discoverer of #dna
stripped of his noble prize for being honest at age 99

in a world of liars


One Giant Lie for Mankind

Autographed DVD
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Bird Spotted In Image Captured By Curiosity Rover On Mars
#Global #Alert #News | Episode 173

Broadcast & Published 1st #December2018
Each passing day on our planet is increasingly best described as groundhog day in a global asylum. The more ominous the horizon becomes, the deeper into denial the majority of the population goes. Will a turning point come? Will unfolding conditions soon become so horrific that a forced wake-up in the population is triggered? Will the US continue to pour the majority of its GDP into making weapons of mass destruction? Even as the biosphere implodes from all directions? Is it alr... Show more...
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by @taranda


This is an in-depth study of the #moonhoax that I did recently:

NASA Shoots Themself - AGAIN

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Hello Friend, "Bart's Bible Blessings" is a new program on my Youtube channel in which Pastor Kieth Noll and I discuss important and intriguing Biblical topics that specifically relate to this present important hour

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R.E.M. - Man On The Moon (Official #Music Video)

"Man On The Moon" from Automatic For The People.

#Moon Landings Filmed in Landfill - Scott Henderson "The Real Deal"
https://www.space.com/1553-nasa-unveil-plans-send-4-astronauts-moon-2018.html NASA to Unveil Plans to Send 4 Astronauts to Moon in 2018 #MOONHOAX
By Brian Berger, Space News | September 14, 2005 06:43pm ET
NASA to Unveil Plans to Send 4 Astronauts to Moon in 2018
NASA to Unveil Plans to Send 4 Astronauts to #Moon in #2018
By Brian Berger, #Space #News | #September 14, #2005 06:43pm ET
#NASA to Unveil massive LIE ! Plans to Send 4 Astronauts to Moon in 2018

Charlie Robinson | The Octopus Of Global Control, NASA Lies, & The Depopulation Agenda | The Higherside Chats

Charlie Robinson | The Octopus Of Global Control, NASA Lies, & The Depopulation Agenda
ever been to the moon. Yes doubts. 1 . Passing the Van Allen radiation belt. 2. The so poor design of the LEM. Has anyone actually seen the LEM upfront or questioned the structure/integrity of the LEM?, it literally looks like it was put together with Sheet Metal, Curtain Rods and Duct Tape (over exaggerating) But I'm very serious. There is no way that thing landed, and took off of the moon, IMO.

Apollo 0 Some interesting points here on this video.

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