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● NEWS ● #meduza #russia ☞ #Moscow Mayor announces easing of lockdown restrictions beginning June 1
To explain the buried objects of the past as well as the buried lower floors of old buildings, academic history uses the notion of "cultural layer":
It is believed that the level of the cultural layer is proportional to the volume of life in the areas where the layer has been laid down.
Few days ago a Roman mosaic floor was discovered under a vineyard in northern Italy.

Для объяснения засыпанных объектов прошлого, а также для засыпанных нижних этажей старых зданий, ак... Show more...
The article below is in pretty horrible English but it gives good enough explanation why I don't want to sign up for free tests which are now available. Testing positive (or even negative but showing SARS symptoms) will likely result in the equivalent of house arrest except there also are humiliating checking procedures and great chance to get fined multiple times for no reason.

It works like this: people with the right symptoms are placed into home quarantine and have to use special app to confirm their presence at home. They get multiple random notifications during the day (and sometimes they arrive early in the morning or late in the evening) and after they get each one they have to launch the app and make a photo of their face. The photo together with geolocation from the app confirms their identity and location. If they fail to do so quickly enough or anything fails (like their face isn't recognized or the app crashes which it does often) - they immediately get a massive fine.

There are news about mandatory blanket testing being deployed in Moscow, I am not sure ho... Show more...
Is it still working?

Back in Google Plus days I had a friend on it, Aixe Djelal, who practiced #helmetography - it is when you attach a camera to your helmet or handlebar and set it to take photos every few seconds then go around your business. You don't have control over shooting except you can point yourself towards something interesting but most of it happens unintentionally. Among tons of trash you find some special pictures. They are very imperfect technically but they tend to catch moments in a special way.

Waiting for the light...

Today I took a short ride through Moscow to see how everything goes in thes... Show more...
Doors propped open at subway stations in Moscow as anti-infection measure. Also train doors are set to open automatically not requiring button press.

The lockdown is partially lifted on 12th. Construction and manufacturing companies are going back to work. As I predicted it couldn't last long. There are still restrictions for non-essential shops, restaurants and getting outside in general.

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Дополнить перечень оснований для неограниченного количества поездок на личном транспорте!

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В этом году россияне будут изнасилованы


Любой, кто хотя бы раз участвовал в публичных мероприятиях по случаю 9 мая (да и не только) в России, знает какой это... Show more...

Серёжа, мы всё про@бали.

Как я и писал ранее, Собянин продолжает подготавливать народонаселение, пока ещё заискивающе, но всё более неумолимо. За... Show more...
Went on my bike to get some burgers to celebrate 1st of May. Can't say the streets are too deserted but it is still a pleasure to ride. If anyone is curious how my corner of Moscow looks from a bicycle these days - here is a shaky handlebar cam video :)

(watch on invidio.us)

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#MeanWhileInRussa the #lockdown in #Moscow intensifies. Permit system is established and every trip will require applying for pass with the exception of getting medical help, groceries or walking dogs. Any trips involving any means of transportation will require applying for a pass which will be provided online or via phone call.

Two passes per week will be allowed for "less essential trips" and some organizations will be able to get permanent passes for their employees. I wonder if my workplace will.

There are massive fines for violations - which is not very legal but who cares.

On the bright side - the proposed idea of "smart surveillance" which was supposed to do the same automatically using mobile tracking and facial recognition predictably failed miserably. It is still #City-17 but at least it is dumb :) #MeanWhileInRussa
It is still snowing in Moscow. It is cold and damp and people keep off the streets.

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"Delovoy Center" rail station clearly was inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

It is very very green inside.

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● NEWS ● #meduza #russia ☞ Citing #coronavirus fears, #Moscow bans all mass public events until April 10

The Mind Controller

Moscow has quite a bit of these ugly cellular towers. They appeared relatively recently and they have history.

For a long time Moscow had three cellular operators and no shortage of tall buildings and other structures for them to put their antennas in. Attics, rooftops, radio masts were divided between the Big Three. Then a fourth operator tried to enter the market. The Big Trio didn't like the idea much and they refused to share space, in fact they made sure it was hard for the unwanted competition to get any so their reception sucked. Then the fourth operator somehow struck the deal with street lighting company and got permission to install "hybrid lamposts" combining radio mast and street lights.

And they made sure their investment wasn't wasted so they put every... Show more...
Good morning, Fediverse!

Waking up early after national holiday has its benefits. It is almost 9AM and roads are mostly empty, bike lanes even more so.

#Moscow #myphoto #lazycycling

Operation Spring Shield

The recent Turko-Russian war you didn't hear about:

Over the course of a week, from February 27 through March 5, #Syria’s Idlib province transitioned from being ground zero for a #war between the #Syrian #army and allied forces, and heavily armed groups opposed to the rule of Syrian President #
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The rest of Saturday evening is free with not much to do so I decided to go for a long #run. The weather is grayish but warm. / 0.5 km

Khrunichev factory, part of Russian space industry. It occupies a huge chunk of land not very far from Moscow center. Still working but soon to be gone and replaced with expensive residential block. / 2 km

Typical traffic on bike lanes in the park. Many cyclists like to bitch about it but I never found it to be a problem. These are... Show more...
● NEWS ● #meduza #coronavirus ☞ Italian Embassy tells Italians not to travel to #Russia to avoid harsh #Moscow #quarantine measures
● NEWS ● #meduza #russia ☞ #Moscow #hospital set aside for #coronavirus patients
● NEWS ● #meduza #russia #china ☞ #Moscow mayor says #coronavirus isolation measures for Chinese citizens are not discriminatory
Zorge street at night.

When I moved to #Moscow, my first workplace was here. They wanted to launch something like a mall for tourists - selling folk art items, souvenirs, traditional food, things like that. I set up their entire IT (not very complicated though).

When I got the job I asked my new boss why this location. She said it was the business idea - to load tourists on a bus somewhere in the center, drive them on a short city tour and then dump here for a few hours so they can make purchases. "Just look around - no one will try to get out of here on their own!"

The brilliant business idea failed right on start. More than decade later the place remains looking like the middle of nowhere. Especially at night.

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Old Arbat - Part 2

Six years ago yesterday, a mission to find a suitable hat in Moscow's Old Arbat...
Along the way I saw this very interesting building, which turns out to be a Georgian restaurant - Genatsvale, known for its khachapuri.

Close by is the shop we visited, with the vintage cameras (of which I posted an image) as well as hats for sale.
Here's another sample of things in the store which I did not swap for my Nikon, despite the offer. (Maybe next time?)

More images of Moscow - city, sights, art & architecture - @ http://www.fenichel.com/moscow

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*- I am going for a walk
- Where do you want to go?
- I am not sure. Somewhere.*

This is how I ended in Koptevo, about 15 kilometers from my home.

Tram terminal in Koptevo. At the beginning the weather was a bit grayish with some rain.

Old and new. Someone put a lot of effort into restoring this car.

Natural gas substation. Most older buildings have gas stoves. I have one too.

Sun is setting.

...and gets surprisingly bright before falling off the sky.

I think about catching the train home before it gets dark but decide against it. I like walking in night and it was a while I did it without hurrying anywhere. It is about two hours from my home. I'll take my time.

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Night over Moscow river

The river finally started to freeze. This area used to be quiet. Now high rise construction is all over it. Apartments here are going to be expensive. I wonder what happens when these buildings are finished and people move in. Roads and transit are going to be jammed.

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● NEWS ● #meduza #ru #russia ☞ #Moscow police report 155 non-permitted protests in 2019, an average of three per week
● NEWS ● #meduza #russia ☞ ‘Harmony,’ not #censorship Students and faculty at #Moscow ’s Higher School of Economics have been told to cease ‘divisive’ political activism or find another university ... Show more...

One year ago...

2020-01-18 - this weekend looked and felt like spring. I even found mushrooms.

2019-01-19 - one year ago it was quite different. I took this picture when I went out for lunch. The wall of snow in my face made me reconsider the usual walk and I run to the closest grocery shop instead to grab something.

Quite a difference.

#NowAndThen #ThisDayYearsAgo #myphoto #life #Moscow
● NEWS ● #meduza #russia #journalism ☞ Mysterious property holdings Journalists trace mansions outside #Moscow to the new prime minister’s family

Sale must go on

New Year was two weeks ago but malls are still in festive mode. Must be very expensive to keep it up. Also must be worth it.

(by the way I didn't apply any effects to this photo - it looks like that because my phone camera is cracked)

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● NEWS ● #meduza #ru #russia ☞ #Moscow City Court cancels fine against non-protester whose leg was broken by police before a protest
● NEWS ● #meduza #Golunov #Moscow #Russia ☞ ‘Meduza’ correspondent #IvanGolunov is named as victim in felony case against police officers who arrested him last summer
● NEWS ● #meduza #russia #ru ☞ Russian Supreme Court orders suspension of political party that ran #KseniaSobchak and high-profile #Moscow opposition candidate
● NEWS ● #meduza #Golunov #moscow #russia ☞ Half a year later, police officers who arrested Meduza’s #IvanGolunov face criminal charges

Moscow talks offer chance for peace in Libya’s post NATO-intervention bloody civil war

#Russia #Moscow talks offer chance for #peace in #Libya’s post #NATO #intervention bloody #civil #war #politics #international

First bike ride in 2020

I decided to celebrate the last day of New Year holidays (Jan 8) with a lazy ride throughout Moscow. I don't ride much recently so my bike is still on summer tires - so why not to take advantage of clear roads? I didn't have any purpose in mind except getting some food on the way back.

1. Traffic was calmer but almost normal in capacity. People are waking up from holiday slumber.

2. So I decided to turn into side streets keeping the general direction to the center. Cool piece of architecture by the way.
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● NEWS ● #meduza #russia ☞ #FSB reportedly fires more than a dozen agents who recorded and leaked footage of last month's deadly shootout in #Moscow
● NEWS ● #meduza #russia #ru #moscow ☞ ‘This is the land of our ancestors’ How plans to put Moscow’s trash in the Komi Republic’s taiga united environmental, indigenous, and Communist activists into a new opposition movement ... Show more...
● NEWS ● #meduza #police #russia #moscow ☞ Putin announces felony charges against ex-cops who arrested ‘Meduza’ reporter Ivan #Golunov in June. The case was launched yesterday.
An unknown man started shooting an automatic rifle at Vorovsky Square in central Moscow. According to preliminary data, an FSB officer was injured, reports Baza.
The "Fortress" plan has been announced in all buildings and facilities of the FSB. The duty team of the special forces has been called to the site - the movement is blocked, people are being evacuated from the streets. RBK reports that shooting was opened in the reception of the FSB special service.
Three FSO employees were killed.

A source of RBK, close to the FSB, said that shooting was opened in the reception of the special service. Telegram-channel 112 also claims that the shooting started at the FSB reception, after which the attacker ran out into the street. The nearby streets were closed off. According to 112, there were three attackers, two of them were killed and one of the attackers continues to shoot and fires at the target
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● NEWS ● #meduza #russia ☞ Even #Moscow City Hall told #rapper #Timati to delete his awful pro-mayor music video
● NEWS ● #meduza #russia ☞ Elections in #Ukraine , the fire at #NotreDame , and protests in #Moscow The biggest events of 2019, according to Yandex searches
● NEWS ● #meduza #russia #ukraine ☞ Russia dropped the Ukrainian president’s satirical TV show after censoring a #Putin joke in episode one. According to preliminary data in #Moscow , the ratings were actually pretty good.

Russian #police raid #NGINX #Moscow office

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/russian-police-raid-nginx-moscow-office/
According to copies of the search warrant posted on Twitter today, #Rambler claims that Igor Sysoev developed NGINX while he was working as a system administrator for the company, hence they are the rightful owner of the project.
#News #copyright #software #web #justice #russia
● NEWS ● #russia ☞ #Moscow Theater Targeted by #LawEnforcement Authorities
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