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TVA to close coal-fired plant

he decision could put 131 people out of work and will affect an additional 135 people who work in nearby coal mines that supply the plant, including one owned by a major Drumpf campaign donor.

"It is not about coal. This decision is about economics," TVA CEO Bill Johnson said. "It's about keeping rates as low as feasible."

Good luck! I already thought they were trying to derange a benevolent agenda. Good to know that they used it to show the real face of capitalism. ;-)

The decision continues the TVA's trend of retiring its aging coal-fired power plants in favor of cheaper and cleaner energy sources, including natural gas. In December, amid heavy rains and several plant outages, the TVA supplied more power from hydroelectricity and renewables than coal for the first time since the 1950s.
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Murray Energy cuts ties with Andrew Wheeler as he officially enters #EPA

The country’s largest privately held coal producer, run by the bombastic coal baron Bob Murray, appears to have ended its relationship with Wheeler’s former lobbying firm, Faegre Baker Daniels Consulting, according to a lobbying termination notice buried last week in Politico Influence, a newsletter tracking K-Street contracts. The termination took effect at the end of last year.

“Murray Energy has cut out the middleman,” Judith Enck, a former administrator for the EPA region that includes New York and Puerto Rico, told HuffPost in an interview Monday. “They’ve got their pro-coal guy in the driver’s seat at the EPA.”

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Teen diver discovers approx. 50,000 golf balls off #California coast

Alex Weber told NPR News in a report published on Thursday that she first discovered the golf balls while she was swimming near Pebble Beach two years ago. Weber, who was 16 at the time, said she stumbled upon the discovery in a small cove she dived in to.

Though Weber recalled there being sharks in the cove during her trips to collect more golf balls, she said the real dangers were the “golf balls flying in off the course right into the ocean where we were doing collections.”

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Thus far, however, the ambitious goals outlined in the Law of the #RightsofMotherNature are far from fully realized. Results of the legislation are mixed at best. In recent years, for instance, controversy has emerged over potential shale gas projects in #Bolivia’s Chaco region and highway construction across the Isiboro Secure National Park and Indigenous Territory. Evo Morales, Bolivia’s president once celebrated as a champion for #... Show more...

The results of the Climate Summit in #Katowice, #Poland

Alarmed by efforts to include this in the final text of the meeting, the oil-exporting nations of the U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait blocked an endorsement of the IPCC report mid-way through this month's talks in the Polish city of Katowice. That prompted an uproar from vulnerable countries like small island nations and environmental groups.

Why did they even ask these nations about their agreement? Seriously, why did you dare to ask them whether they agreed or not? If they were ambitious about slowing down climate change, they would have shown them the agreement that excluded their agreement, would have told them to follow this, or fear the consequences. This planet doesn't have any more time for these snowflakes' comfort, it's about fucking time, you morons!

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#Ryan #Zinke's successor, David #Bernhardt

Mr. Bernhardt’s proposal to change that plan, released just this month, would strip away protections from about nine million acres of the sage grouse habitat, a move that in a stroke opened up more land to oil and gas drilling than any other single policy action by the Drumpf administration.
“I see a parallel to E.P.A.,” said Ms. Sgamma of the Western Energy Alliance. “The environmentalists wanted scalps. They got Pruitt’s scalp, but the policy didn’t change. I would expect the same thing to happen with Interior.”

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Patriot is a dedicated defender of the Fatherland.
Matriot is a dedicated defender of Mother Earth.
Compatriots - share interest with those who were born with them on the same Land.
Commatriots - share interest with those who were born with them on the same Earth.
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Патриот - приверженный защитник Отечества.
Матриот - приверженный защитник Матери Земли.
Сотечественники - делят интерес с теми, кто родился на одной с ними Отеческ... Show more...

Mother Earth and Her Daughter Meet in a Mural by Jess X. Snow

#art #graffiti #streetart #motherEarth #JessXSnow
Mother Earth and Her Daughter Meet in a Mural by Jess X. Snow
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