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Amon Tobin - The seventh studio album from the Brazilian-born artist is out in April.

Tobin has been fairly quiet in the years following the release of his 2011 full-length ISAM. The live show accompanying that record, documented via Ninja Tune-released 2012 set, featured innovative use projection mapping techniques that have become commonplace at more technologically-advanced concert stagings since.
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Love this singer...her voice will live on forever....<3


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Just when you think you’ve heard the most beautful fado and your tears are not yet dry, comes along another extraordinary expression in music of such deep , gut wrenching emotion you don’t need to understand the language for your soul to know...

M A R I Z A. <3

The Washington Post March

Because there'll never be Breitbart News March, no Washington Free Beacon March, or a Washington Examiner March.
Good night!
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А музыка нужна, чтоб вынести все это:
И долготу зимы и скоротечность лета,
И прочее, чего перечислять нет смысла,
Чтоб не пугали нас немыслимые числа.
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14 Sep 2012 ... Katie's brand new video for 'The Walls of the World' filmed in the beautiful arctic city of Tromsø in the north of Norway. Walls Of The World is ...

Katie's brand new video for 'The Walls of the World' filmed in the beautiful arctic city of Tromsø in the north of Norway.
— Оружие, особенно хорошее оружие, всегда знает, кто его взял в руки.

Сабля ощущает мозоли ладони умелого рубаки, лук чувствует палец стрелка, да. Не верь тому, что мужчин... show more
How hip-hop has become the language of politics for Senegal's youth. #Media #Senegal #Music #Socialmedia #Africa #Elections #Arts&Culture

CG5 ft. Dolvondo - Let Me Through


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Genre: Pop

Copyright/[License]: CG5

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Dick Dale

«Con la chitarra avrebbe fatto il rumore del surf che entra dentro il tubo dell’onda».

Un commovente ricordo del Re della chitarra #surf, Dick Dale, che ci ha lasciato la settimana scorsa all'età di 81 anni.


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Il lungo addio | Surf, buddismo e quelle mail: quando Dick Dale ci diede lezioni di vita
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The CD I have with this song is called Compaq Jazz. I think it came out in the early 60s, it is my favorite combination and arrangements of her songs. It was produced and arranged with Quincy Jones who is really great at what he does! I love everything on this album but this is extra special because i hadnt heard it before this CD.
I guess that's good, for now. I, basically, just salvaged a bunch of music from my G+ account, before it goes down in April. Plus, a few other random posts.

Most of it was from the last couple of years. That's, probably, when they first added Collections - which made this feasible. They should have done that a lot sooner. You never could find anything again with bottom loading, and, even Collections had the same problem. That is one of the most retarded changes that social networks ever adopted.

They were always lazy about G+ ...Now, it's going.


YouTube: Alejandro de Pinedo - Cancer (Midnight Lounge II Barbara Mauriello)

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