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Artemis: Nasa erarbeitet Zeitplan für das neue Mondprogramm - Golem.de
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Mission Apollo 10: Gefährliche Generalprobe für die Mondlandung - SPIEGEL ONLINE - einestages
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APOD: 2019 May 19 - A Circumhorizontal Arc Over Ohio

Why would clouds appear to be different colors? The reason here is that ice crystals in distant cirrus clouds are acting like little floating prisms. Sometimes known as a fire rainbow for its flame-like appearance, a circumhorizon arc lies parallel to the horizon. For a circumhorizontal arc to be visible, the Sun must be at least 58 degrees high in a sky where cirrus clouds are present. Furthermore, the numerous, flat, hexagonal ice-crystals that compose the cirrus cloud must be aligned horizontally to properly refract sunlight in a collectively similar manner. Therefore, circumhorizontal arcs are quite unusual to see. This circumhorizon display was photographed through a polarized lens above Dublin, Ohio in 2009.


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MIT and NASA engineers demonstrate a new kind of airplane wing

A team of engineers has built and tested a radically new kind of airplane wing, assembled from hundreds of tiny identical pieces. The wing can change shape to control the plane's flight, and could provide a significant boost in aircraft production, flight, and maintenance efficiency, the researchers say.

The new approach to wing construction could afford greater flexibility in the design and manufacturing of future aircraft. The new wing design was tested in a NASA wind tunnel and is described today in a paper in the journal Smart Materials and Structures, co-authored by research engineer Nicholas Cramer at NASA Ames in California; MIT alumnus Kenneth Cheung SM '07 P
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#Hacktivism #Activism Recently released records show how #NASA investigated the 1989 #WANK worm infection • MuckRock
Recently released records show how NASA investigated the 1989 WANK worm infection #Hacktivism
Trump wants more money to return people to the moon by 2024. NASA's chief says that will get astronauts to Mars faster. #Business&Economy #Space #UnitedStates #US&Canada #NASA
Artemis: Trump will Nasa-Budget für die Mondlandung aufstocken - Golem.de
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US-Raumfahrt: Trump fordert 1,6 Milliarden Dollar extra für Rückkehr zum Mond
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APOD: 2019 May 12 - Ash and Lightning above an Icelandic Volcano

Why did a picturesque volcanic eruption in Iceland create so much ash? Although the large ash plume was not unparalleled in its abundance, its location was particularly noticeable because it drifted across such well-populated areas. The Eyjafjallajökull volcano in southern Iceland began erupting on 2010 March 20, with a second eruption starting under the center of a small glacier on 2010 April 14. Neither eruption was unusually powerful. The second eruption, however, melted a large amount of glacial ice which then cooled and fragmented lava into gritty glass particles that were carried up with the rising volcanic plume. Pictured here during the second eruption, lightning bolts illuminate ash pouring out of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano.


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We hear it all the time. “I don’t see how me cutting back on single use plastic or recycling more often can make a difference”. If we all say that then we will continue to go down the path of further destruction of our beautiful home. If you stop and change the way you treat the Earth then you encourage others and the more people who decide to change will change the outcome of the future. Yes, we won’t save the planet by one person recycling, we all have to. But by one person changing the way they live, we take a huge step to making single use plastic socially unacceptable and turning around the destruction. We haven’t got long left before we cannot go back. ————————————————————————
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A peek at artificial intelligence in action at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2019/5/artificial-intelligence-jpl-nasa #freesw in #nasa
Blue Moon: Jeff Bezos präsentiert Mondlandefähre für Lastentransporte
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Und wir all können mitmachen und Bäume, Wolken und Eisberge vermessen. #Nasa #unserPlanet
APOD: 2019 May 8 - Jupiter Marble from Juno

What does Jupiter look like up close? Most images of Jupiter are taken from far away, either from Earth or from a great enough distance that nearly half the planet is visible. This shot, though, was composed from images taken relatively close in, where less than half of the planet was visible. From here, Jupiter still appears spherical but perspective distortion now makes it look more like a marble. Visible on Jupiter's cloud tops are a prominent dark horizontal belt containing a white oval cloud, and a white zone cloud, both of which circle the planet. The Great Red Spot looms on the upper right. The featured image was taken by the robotic Juno spacecraft in February during its 17... Show more...
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APOD: 2019 May 5 - Saturn, Titan, Rings, and Haze

This is not a solar eclipse. Pictured here is a busy vista of moons and rings taken at Saturn. The large circular object in the center of the image is Titan, the largest moon of Saturn and one of the most intriguing objects in the entire Solar System. The dark spot in the center is the main solid part of the moon. The bright surrounding ring is atmospheric haze above Titan, gas that is scattering sunlight to a camera operating onboard the robotic Cassini spacecraft. Cutting horizontally across the image are the rings of Saturn, seen nearly edge on. At the lower right of Titan is Enceladus, a small moon of Saturn. Since the image was taken pointing nearly at the Sun, the surfaces of T... Show more...
Pete Zaitcev: #Fraud in the material world https://zaitcev.livejournal.com/255688.html #nasa #boeing
We talk a lot about what happens when capitalism and health care collide. Here's what happens when capitalism and engineering collide.
Neil Carvin - 2019-05-01 14:32:54 GMT

NASA Says Metals Fraud Caused $700 Million Satellite Failure - Bloomberg

A metals manufacturer faked test results and provided faulty materials to NASA, causing more than $700 million in losses and two failed satellite launch missions, according to an investigation by the U.S. space agency.

“When testing results are altered and certifications are provided falsely, missions fail,” said Jim Norman, director for launch services at NASA in Washington. He added that years of scientific work were lost because of the fraud.

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Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
APOD: 2019 May 1 - The Cats Eye Nebula in Optical and Xray

To some it looks like a cat's eye. To others, perhaps like a giant cosmic conch shell. It is actually one of brightest and most highly detailed planetary nebula known, composed of gas expelled in the brief yet glorious phase near the end of life of a Sun-like star. This nebula's dying central star may have produced the outer circular concentric shells by shrugging off outer layers in a series of regular convulsions. The formation of the beautiful, complex-yet-symmetric inner structures, however, is not well understood. The featured image is a composite of a digitally sharpened Hubble Space Telescope image with X-ray light captured by the orbiting Chandra Observatory. The exq... Show more...
Was tun, wenn irgendwann einmal ein riesiger Asteroid oder Komet auf die Erde zurast? Über die Meteoriten-Gefahr und über mögliche Abwehrstrategien diskutieren Experten in diesen Tagen in Maryland.
Kann sich die Erde vor Asteroiden schützen? | DW | 30.04.2019
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Für fliegende Autos: NASA testet forscheren Autopiloten
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APOD: 2014 March 7 - A View from the Zone

Brilliant Venus and the central Milky Way rise in the early morning hours of March 1 in this sea and skyscape. The scene looks out from a beach at Sea Isle City, New Jersey, USA, planet Earth. Of course, Earth orbits well within the solar system's habitable zone, that Goldilocks region not too close and not too far from the Sun where surface temperatures can support liquid water. Similar in size to Earth, Venus lies just beyond the inner boundary of the habitable zone. The watery reflection of light from our inhospitable sister planet is seen along a calm, cold ocean and low cloud bank.


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APOD: 2019 April 29 - N11: Star Clouds of the LMC

Massive stars, abrasive winds, mountains of dust, and energetic light sculpt one of the largest and most picturesque regions of star formation in the Local Group of Galaxies. Known as N11, the region is visible on the upper right of many images of its home galaxy, the Milky Way neighbor known as the Large Magellanic Clouds (LMC). The featured image was taken for scientific purposes by the Hubble Space Telescope and reprocessed for artistry by an amateur to win a Hubble's Hidden Treasures competition. Although the section imaged above is known as NGC 1763, the entire N11 emission nebula is second in LMC size only to the Tarantula Nebula. Compact globules of dark dust housing emerging young stars are also... Show more...
Armageddon: Forscher simulieren bevorstehenden Asteroideneinschlag
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Ein Instrument der Landesonde InSight hat erstmals ein Marsbeben gemessen. Die US-Weltraumagentur NASA veröffentlichte einen Mitschnitt der Aufzeichnung. Dort sind auch andere Geräuschquellen zu sehen.
NASA-Marssonde InSight registriert Beben auf dem roten Planeten | DW | 24.04.2019
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Nasa: Erstes Marsbeben nachgewiesen - Golem.de
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The breakthrough came nearly five months after InSight, touched down on the surface of Mars on seismological mission. #Science&Technology #NASA #Space
Mars-Sonde Insight zeichnet wohl erstmals ein Marsbeben auf
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SpaceX: Dragon Raumschiff bei Test explodiert - Golem.de
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Heliumhydrid-Ion: Forscher weisen ältestes Molekül im Weltall nach - Golem.de
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Astrobee: Zwei autonome Roboterwürfel für die ISS
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NASA-Weltraumteleskop TESS findet ersten erdgroßen Exoplaneten
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"I met Tom Soderstrom, IT CTO at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA. It was the closest I have ever come to meeting any top-shot at #NASA JPL. We sat down to talk about #opensource at JPL and much more."
Our interview with CTO of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Daily Earth and Sun Report 4.11.2019

Solar wind:
speed: 419.1 km/sec
density: 5.0 protons/cm^3

All Space Weather is Calm.As you see, plenty of filaments, but no flaring.


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Mars Pole Flip, First AGN Image, Faris Advances | S0 News Apr.11.2019

Daily Sun, Earth and Science News
Die Raumfahrtbehörden Nasa und Esa suchen zwölf Frauen, die sich in ein Bett legen und es zwei Monate lang nicht verlassen - nicht mal fürs Pinkeln. Das Honorar ist stattlich.
Kuriose Stellenanzeige der Nasa: Rumlümmeln für 16.500 Euro
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Guaranteed Hard Real-time Response and Determinism from Aitech’s Space SBC Processor Using NASA cFS Linux
APOD: 2019 April 8 - AZURE Vapor Tracers over Norway

What's happening in the sky? The atmosphere over northern Norway appeared quite strange for about 30 minutes last Friday when colorful clouds, dots, and plumes suddenly appeared. The colors were actually created by the NASA-funded Auroral Zone Upwelling Rocket Experiment (AZURE) which dispersed gas tracers to probe winds in Earth's upper atmosphere. AZURE's tracers originated from two short-lived sounding rockets launched from the Andøya Space Center in Norway. The harmless gases, trimethylaluminum and a barium/strontium mixture, were released into the ionosphere at altitudes of 115 and 250 km. The vapor trails were observed dispersing from several ground stations.... Show more...
Die Welt soll bald wieder US-Astronauten über den Mond hüpfen sehen - diesmal vermutlich in HD-Qualität. Aber die Pläne des US-Präsidenten sind reiner Wahlkampf und bringen Astronauten in Gefahr, meint Conor Dillon.
Kommentar: Trumps Weltraum-Pläne sind gefährlich | DW | 07.04.2019
#NASA #Mond #Astronauten #DonaldTrump #Republikaner #USA
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