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What do you do with a derelict Center Parcs? Map out a waste-free world | Holly Dicker
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Mevan Babakar uses Twitter to find man whose gift brought her joy more than 20 years ago

A former child refugee is to meet the camp worker who gave her a bike, after her online callout to find the man who brought her joy went viral.

Mevan Babakar, 29, lived in a refugee camp in the Netherlands after she and her parents fled the Gulf war in the 1990s. On Monday, she posted a photograph of the former camp worker on Twitter, and asked if anyone could tell her his name.
Former child refugee tracks down aid worker who gave her a bike
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As ban comes into force, hospitals and public transport sector say they will not deny services to burqa-clad women. #Netherlands #Europe #Islamophobia
Police and transport companies ignore ban on its first day in law, rendering it largely unworkable

The Netherlands’ “burqa ban” has been rendered largely unworkable on its first day in law after both the police and Dutch transport companies signalled an unwillingness to enforce it.

Under the terms of the Partial Ban on Face-Covering Clothing Act the wearing of ski masks, full-face helmets, balaclavas, niqabs and burqas is prohibited in public buildings, including schools and hospitals, and on public transport.
Dutch police signal unwillingness to enforce new 'burqa ban'
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Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands surpassed previous maximum highs

Only weeks since Europe last endured record-breaking heat, another plume of intense hot air pushed up from north Africa breaking yet more records. High pressure centred over north-east Europe and low pressure in the Atlantic allowed exceptionally hot conditions to develop across western Europe. On Thursday 25 July, Germany recorded its highest ever temperature of 42.6C in Lingen, exceeding the previous record by an astonishing 2.3C. A number of other countries also set national temperature records, with 41.8C recorded in Belgium and 40.8C in Luxembourg. A 75-year-old record was also smashed in the Netherlands, with 40.7C recorded at Gilze-Rijen in the south of the country.

Meanwhile, Arctic wildfires have been raging across large parts of Siberia, northern Scandinavia and Greenland, with significant air quality problems reported in parts of Russia. Although wildfires are common in the summer months, the unusually hot and dry conditions have exacerbated the fires over recent weeks.
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UNRWA leadership rejects 'unreservedly' allegations of misconduct, nepotism and discrimination made in internal report. #UNRWA #MiddleEast #Palestine #Netherlands #Switzerland
UK firm sparks possible bidding war after agreeing terms with Dutch rival Takeaway.com

The prospect of a multibillion-pound bidding war for Just Eat sent shares in the FTSE 100 online food delivery company surging by 30% on Monday.

Just Eat agreed terms with its Dutch rival Takeaway.com in a deal that would create one of the world’s biggest online food delivery companies.
Just Eat £9bn merger plan sends shares soaring 30%
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Nightclub balcony falls, killing two South Koreans and injuring athletes from the US, New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy and Brazil

Two South Koreans have died and several others, including athletes attending world aquatic championships, have been injured after a structure collapsed in a nightclub in the city of Gwangju early on Saturday, a fire department official has said.

The two died when a two-level structure in the club collapsed at about 2am local time, hitting and pinning revellers, the official said.
South Korea: world championship swimmers injured in fatal balcony collapse
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Rutger Hauer, star of Blade Runner, dies aged 75
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34-year-old TV star Imanuelle Grives found in possession of drugs while at Belgian festival Tomorrowland

A Dutch actor arrested for drug dealing has claimed that large amounts of cocaine and ecstasy found at her rental flat were “an experiment” to help her prepare for a TV role.

Imanuelle Grives, a 34-year-old TV and film star, was stopped by police at the Belgian electronic music festival Tomorrowland, where she was found to be carrying a large quantity of drugs, according to prosecutors. A later search of an AirbnB property she was renting in the area revealed more than 20 grams of cocaine, around 100 ecstasy pills, ketamine and MDMA.
Dutch actor accused of drug dealing claims it was 'experiment' for new role
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Marietje Schaake recalls unwanted advances, inappropriate remarks and being mistaken for an intern

When Marietje Schaake was elected to the European parliament for the Dutch liberal D66 party a decade ago, she knew what she wanted to do – protect people’s rights online and promote transatlantic relations.

Schaake had not bargained for comments on her clothes and weight, or unwanted advances from male colleagues. As she left parliament after 10 years as an MEP this month, she wondered if her younger self would have been “courageous enough” to run for office had she understood “what I was getting myself into”.
Former MEP berates 'culture of sexism' in European parliament
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How dare a woman breastfeed her baby on a plane! She might offend the bigots | Nell Frizzell
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Dutch Supreme Court lowers liability of the Dutch state in the massacre of 350 Bosniaks during Bosnian genocide. #Srebrenica #Genocide #Bosnia #Netherlands #UnitedNations #Serbia
More than 4,000 sign petition to overturn decision, which aimed to appease neighbours

A national debate has been sparked in the Netherlands after a council ordered a primary school playground to be shut for being too noisy.

Questions have been raised in the Dutch parliament and a campaign has been launched to save the playground in the wake of the decision by Nijmegen council.
Dutch council forces playground to close over noise complaints
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Captain Rapinoe and Lavelle score in front of 57,000 fans as US beats the Netherlands 2-0 to seal fourth global title. #Football #Sport #UnitedStates #Netherlands #WorldCup
What two operas - Turandot and Turan Dokht - tells us about Europe today. #Arts&Culture #Iran #Netherlands #Europe
Dutch entered almost every game as favorite since winning Euros in 2017, but for Sunday's final they are the underdog. #Football #WorldCup #Netherlands #UnitedStates #Women
Willem Holleeder, famed for kidnap of Heineken boss, failed to undermine his sisters’ witness statements

A Dutch gangland boss who gained notoriety after the kidnapping of a Heineken beer tycoon in the 1980s has been jailed for life on five counts of murder and one attempted murder after his sisters handed over damning recordings to prosecutors.

Willem Holleeder, nicknamed De Neus for the size of his nose, was accused by the judge of being “unscrupulous and indifferent” to “life and death” at the end of a 17-month trial in a secure Amsterdam courtroom known as the bunker.
Dutch gangland boss 'De Neus' jailed for life on five counts of murder
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Willem Holleeder, a notorious figure in organised crime in the Netherlands, sentenced to life for ordering five murders. #Netherlands #Europe #Crime
Alleged attacker, who killed four people in Utrecht, said he rejects the Dutch law and does not recognise its authority. #Europe #Netherlands
UN special rapporteur accuses Queen Maxima of complicity by not discussing Khashoggi with Saudi crown prince MBS. #Netherlands #JamalKhashoggi #MiddleEast #G20
‘I think therefore I cycle’: 50 years of Dutch protest posters – in pictures
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UK and Dutch veterans to work with archaeologists at site where thousands were treated

A group of 25 British and Dutch military veterans are to join the first ever excavation of the main field hospital established by the Duke of Wellington during the Battle of Waterloo.

The former soldiers, sailors and RAF personnel will work with archaeologists, led by Prof Tony Pollard of Glasgow University, to explore the farm buildings of Mont-St-Jean, where thousands of wounded soldiers received primitive first aid as shot and shell rained down on them.
Wellington’s Waterloo field hospital to be excavated for first time
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Maarten van der Weijden swims in canals that have not been used for skating in 22 years

As Europe braces for a heatwave this week, a Dutchman is swimming the route of the country’s most famed ice skating race, which has not been held for two decades as the climate crisis bites.

Instead of skating the 121 miles (195km) of the daunting Elfstedentocht (11 cities race), the Olympic gold marathon swimmer Maarten van der Weijden is ploughing his way through its canals.
Dutchman swims ice-skating track at risk from global heating
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Inquiries confirmed following controversy over death of anorexic teenager

Three euthanasia cases involving women with psychiatric conditions and dementia are under investigation in the Netherlands, the Observer can reveal.

Prosecutors confirmed that the deaths, in 2017 and 2018, were being investigated for potentially breaching strict conditions in the 2002 law that allows people in the Netherlands to ask a doctor to help them die.
Three euthanasia cases face investigation in Netherlands
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Details emerge of the former Russia militia leaders and Ukrainian facing murder charges over missile attack

Dutch-led investigators have named four Russian-backed separatists as their first suspects for the shooting down in 2014 of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over east Ukraine.

The four men include former military officers who occupied senior positions in Russian-backed militias in east Ukraine that year, including Igor Girkin, who was named as minister of defence for the Donetsk People’s Republic.
MH17 suspects: Dutch reveal backgrounds of Ukraine separatists
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Investigators are expected to announce criminal proceedings over the attack on the commercial aircraft in July 2014. #Netherlands #War&Conflict #AsiaPacific #Europe #Malaysia #Ukraine #VladimirPutin
Eindhoven University of Technology aims to address ‘implicit gender bias’

Job vacancies at one of Europe’s leading engineering universities will be open exclusively to female candidates for at least the next 18 months in order to overcome the institution’s “implicit gender bias”.

The rector of the Eindhoven University of Technology, Frank Baaijens, said progress towards a better balance of men and women in academic roles had been stubbornly slow.
Top engineering university to open jobs exclusively to women
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The #Netherlands are such a great country 😀

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Ewold Horn shot dead during firefight between ISIL-linked group and Philippines military forces after years-long ordeal. #Philippines #Netherlands #ISISISIL #AsiaPacific
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