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Auschwitz museum tells visitors to be more respectful when attending the site

(Expect the worst when reading the article, wwe're living in the 21st century, and suffer from the disrespect of this era.)
In a statement shared on Twitter on Wednesday, museum authorities said tourists should reconsider coming if they do not respect those who were killed there, specifically calling out those posing for photos to share on social media, apparently ignoring the bitter history of the site.

"There are better places to learn how to walk on a balance beam than the site which symbolizes deportation of hundreds of thousands to their deaths."
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Why fascists have always been trolls

The Nazis were dedicated trolls who weaponized their insincerity to take advantage of liberal societies ill-equipped to confront them. This was not done just for political advantage—rather, the insincerity itself was a moral act, an expression of contempt for the weak.

The original Nazis were open about their intentions, but their strategic insincerity created a fog of doubt that allowed observers to avoid the obvious. In 1922, The New York Times infamously declared that many believed “Hitler’s anti-Semitism was not so genuine or violent as it sounded, and that he was merely using anti-Semitic propaganda as a bait to catch masses of followers and keep them aroused, enthusiastic, and in line for the time when his organization is perfected and sufficiently powerful to be employed effectively for political purposes.” In 1930, even after the Nazis had become the second-largest party in the German legislature, the Times assured its readers that “there is no present basis for assuming that th... Show more...

Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt gegen AfD-Fraktionsvorsitzenden Alexander Gauland

Die Staatsanwaltschaft wollte sich unter Hinweis auf das Steuergeheimnis nicht äußern. Gauland wisse von Ermittlungen gegen ihn, die Staatsanwaltschaft habe sich in dieser Sache auch bereits an den Bundestag gewandt, berichtete die „Welt“ unter Berufung auf einen AfD-Fraktionssprecher. Im Immunitätsausschuss des Parlaments ist der Vorgang dem Bericht zufolge bekannt.
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Supreme Court legalises retard detention after served sentence

The 5-4 decision, which reverses a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, is widely viewed as a victory for the Drumpf administration and its hardline immigration policies. It, like the Obama administration, had argued that the government has the authority to pick up and detain immigrants for deportation at any time, and is not required to act only immediately after a prison or jail sentence has been served.

Writing for the court's dissenting liberal wing, Justice Stephen Breyer warned that the ruling gives the government too much power. The law is clear, he wrote, that the government cannot hold an immigrant without a bail hearing unless the individual is detained when released from criminal custody.

"For two years in a row now, the Supreme Court has endorsed the most extreme interpretation of immigration detention statutes, allowing mass incarceration of people without any hearing, simply because they are defending themselves against a deportation charge,... Show more...

Staatsanwaltschaft Essen leitet Ermittlungen gegen AfD-Politiker Guido Reil ein

Während die Strafe der Bundestagsverwaltung zulasten der gesamten Partei gehen, richten sich die Ermittlungen jetzt gegen "noch nicht namentlich bekannte Funktionsträger der AfD, die an der Rechnungslegung der Partei für das Jahr 2017 beteiligt waren", wie die Staatsanwaltschaft per E-Mail mitteilt.

Anders als im Fall einer 132.000 Euro-Spende aus der Schweiz an den Wahlkreis von Alice Weidel geht es in dem Essener Verfahren nicht um die Herkunft des Geldes, mit dem die Plakataktionen finanziert wurden. Jetzt untersuchen die Ermittler, warum die Leistungen nicht ordnungsgemäß im Rechenschaftsbericht verbucht worden seien, betont Milk. Die Ermittlungen hätten damit einen anderen Fokus als jene der Staatsanwaltschaft Konstanz, in dem in der vergangenen Woche die Schweizer Behörden Rechtshilfe zugesagt haben.
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On the semantics and pragmatics of hatred

(Please mind the editor's note if this text appears familiar to you, you might have read it before. Trump has also spoken positively about the manifesto the Christchurch shooter has written and published. He doesn't think that White Nationalism was an actual threat, in the country that is home to the KKK and Madison Grant. One should really know about one's country's history and presence. Trump, on the other hand, is part of the problem, altogether.)
This seems to be part of a broader developing idea: ignore the tweets. Ignore Drumpf’s inflammatory language. Ignore the words. What counts is the policy outcomes. People took Drumpf’s “American carnage” inaugural address seriously, but after an exhausting year, it’s tempting to find an excuse to stop listening.

Politics is persuasion as well as coercion. Immediate policy outcomes mainly have to do with coercion: who is taxed, regulated, expropriated, imprisoned, deported, conscripted, what wars are fought, who is kept out of the co... Show more...

«Apply this country's virtues equally upon every nation in this world», by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D - MN)

I fled my home country of Somalia when I was 8 years old from a conflict that the United States later engaged in. I spent the next four years in a refugee camp in Kenya, where I experienced and witnessed unspeakable suffering from those who, like me, had lost everything because of war.

At a time when we spend more on our military than the next seven countries combined, our global armed presence is often the most immediate contact people in the developing world have with the United States. National security experts across the political spectrum agree that we don’t need nearly 800 military bases outside the United States to keep our country safe.

It must be hard for a true US-American to be citizen to a country that is more interested in either destroying or intervening in a country militarily, than taking care of its people's education. What kind of country is this? I don't know, and I guess that there is no Republican... Show more...

Prozessauftakt gegen Mörder von Daniel H. in Chemnitz

Den Ermittlungen zufolge geriet der flüchtige Iraker in jener Augustnacht auf der Straße mit dem späteren Opfer in Streit. Nach Informationen mehrerer Medien soll Farhad A. unter Drogeneinfluss gestanden und zusammen mit dem späteren Opfer Kokain konsumiert haben. Als es zwischen Farhad A. und Daniel H. zu einem Streit kam, sei Alaa S. dem Iraker zu Hilfe geeilt. Beide hätten anschließend "ohne rechtfertigenden Grund" mit Messern mehrfach auf den 35-Jährigen eingestochen, heißt es in der Anklage.

Dem widersprach der sächsische Ministerpräsident Michael Kretschmer. "Es gab keinen Mob, keine Hetzjagd und keine Pogrome", so Kretschmer. Meldungen, denen zufolge rechtsextreme Gruppen Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund durch die Stadt gejagt hätten, seien falsch. Er sagte auch, der Staat lasse sich das Gewaltmonopol nicht nehmen. Er geißelte die "politische Instrumentalisierung durch Rechtsextremisten" als "abscheulich".

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Now guess who was meant by this post - I'll take bets

Multipe mentionings are allowed as well, don't worry.
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Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro to meet with Donald Trump

“It’s the first time in a long time that a Brazilian president who is not anti-American, comes to Washington,” Bolsonaro said on Twitter after he arrived.

Outside the White House on Sunday afternoon, dozens of demonstrators gathered to protest the visit — holding signs including one that accused Bolsonaro of being a “murderer” over apparent links to suspects in the killing of rights activist Marielle Franco. Police have said those ties are coincidental.

The 63-year-old former paratrooper shares Drumpf’s hostility to the “dictator” Maduro, who took over after the death of socialist leader Hugo Chavez in 2013.
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On the rise of right-winged terrorism

The regrettable truth is that expressing deep sympathy in the immediate aftermath of an attack comes much more easily than longer-term reflection on the role that politicians, and social and traditional media may play in creating an environment in which far-right terrorism can flourish.

Or we as the people ourselves...

Britain is not alone in this: in the US, the number of far-right terrorist attacks quadrupled between 2016 and 2017. Last year, 11 people were shot while worshipping at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Yet President Drumpf has slashed funding aimed at reducing domestic terrorism.

Last year, Boris Johnson compared Muslim women wearing burqas to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”. According to the hate crime monitors Tell Mama, this led to a rise in incidents targeting women wearing the burqa. In 2016, Zac Goldsmith’s campaign for London mayor deployed a series of racist dogwhistles to imply that Sadiq Khan had links to Muslim extremists. Not only did he fac... Show more...

On White Nationalism's deep American roots

The seed of Nazism’s ultimate objective—the preservation of a pure white race, uncontaminated by foreign blood—was in fact sown with striking success in the United States. What is judged extremist today was once the consensus of a powerful cadre of the American elite, well-connected men who eagerly seized on a false doctrine of “race suicide” during the immigration scare of the early 20th century. They included wealthy patricians, intellectuals, lawmakers, even several presidents.

“Even though the Germans had been directly influenced by Madison Grant and the American eugenics movement, when we fought Germany, because Germany was racist, racism became unacceptable in America. Our enemy was racist; therefore we adopted antiracism as our creed.” Ever since, a strange kind of historical amnesia has obscured the American lineage of this white-nationalist ideology.

Grant was not the first proponent of “race science.” In 1853, across the Atlantic, ... Show more...

Neues Zentrum gegen Terrorismus und Extremismus in Hessen eingeweiht

Mit dem neuen Zentrum in Wiesbaden solle erreicht werden, dass bei den Ermittlungen kein Informationsverlust entstehe und sowohl der operative als auch der strategische Austausch zwischen den Sicherheitsbehörden und der Staatsanwaltschaften intensiviert werde, erklärte Innenminister Peter Beuth (CDU). Die jüngsten Zahlen der polizeilichen Kriminalstatistik belegten, dass die Zahl der von Extremisten begangenen Gewalttaten zugenommen habe. Die Übergänge von nachrichtendienstlicher Aufklärung in der extremistischen Szene bis zur polizeilichen Abwehr von Gefahren würden dadurch immer fließender.

Während nach der polizeilichen Kriminalstatistik im vergangenen Jahr die Zahl politisch motivierter Straftaten insgesamt um zehn Prozent sank, stieg die Zahl der politisch motivierten Gewalttaten von insgesamt 59 Taten auf 85 im Jahresvergleich an. Zudem wurden alleine im islamistischen Bereich 31 Straftaten mit angenommenem terroristischen Hintergrun... Show more...

Chemnitzer FC hält Trauerfeier für verstorbenen Neonazi ab

Vor dem Spiel gab es zudem eine Schweigeminute, ein schwarzes Kreuz und ein Transparent wurden ausgerollt. Die schwarz gekleideten Fans in der Südkurve zündeten außerdem eine Pyro-Show in Rot und Weiß. In einer Rede wurden die Verdienste Hallers für den Verein gewürdigt.

Die SPD-Stadträtin kondolierte dem Verstorbenen. Auf ihrer Facebook-Seite findet sich ein Eintrag, in dem es unter anderem heißt: "Wir lebten in komplett verschiedenen Welten und entschieden uns irgendwann für völlig andere Wege. […] Wir waren immer fair, straight, unpolitisch und herzlich zueinander - das hat dich ausgezeichnet. Ruhe in Frieden!"

Wie kaputt kann eine Stadt/ein Bundesland sein? Die Stadträtin aus der SPD kondoliert einem Neonazi, das muss man sich mal vorstellen.
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Stepsister to Anne Frank confronts New Habor high school students over Nazi swastika party

“I was their age when I realized my life was completely shattered and I would never have a family again,” she said.

Schloss was already scheduled to visit Orange County for a book talk Wednesday night at Chapman University in Orange. Rabbi Reuven Mintz of the Chabad Center for Jewish Life in Newport Beach invited her to join him in speaking at Newport Harbor High to put a face on the pain inflicted by Nazi Germany on millions of Jews and others.

“This causes a lot of difficulties,” she said. “It’s perhaps understandable why they support the Palestinian people’s cause.”
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The right-winged extremists' new strategy

Data collected by the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism shows a staggering 182 percent increase of propaganda incidents in 2018, with 1,187 cases reported, compared with 421 in 2017. This is the highest number of reported propaganda efforts on record.

Identity Evropa often posts flyers that appear to be innocuous paeans to Western European art. Patriot Front leans heavily on red, white and blue signage with mainstream conservative messaging, including “America First” and “Fake news — don’t buy it.” When they gather for events, Patriot Front members are far less circumspect about their racism, frequently shouting “Blood and Soil!” — a callback to a Nazi slogan.

When they share these images with their virtual community, these groups are patting themselves on the back, celebrating their ability to overcome the obstacles set up by the “mainstream media,” “leftists” and, of course, the Jews.
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Rechtsextreme Gewalt in Sachsen nimmt zu

In 66 Prozent der Fälle war demnach Rassismus das Motiv, ein Viertel der Angriffe richtete sich gegen politisch Andersdenkende, darunter auch Journalisten. Gestiegen sei auch Zahl der Angriffe auf Wohnungen oder das Wohnumfeld von Migranten, an den Asylunterkünften seien sie hingegen zurückgegangen. Außerdem werden als Tatmotive die sexuelle Identität der Opfer oder Antisemitismus genannt.

Die Expertin für Rechtsextremismus der Linken, Kerstin Köditz, sagte, die Gesamtentwicklung bleibe beunruhigend. Die von der RAA erhobenen Zahlen zeigten, dass es ein großes Dunkelfeld gebe. "Es muss politisch gehandelt werden." Die Landesregierung habe jedoch kein Gesamtkonzept zur Zurückdrängung der extremen Rechten.
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AfD droht Strafzahlung von 100.000 wegen illegaler Spenden

Auf Anfrage teilte die Bundestagsverwaltung nur mit, sie könne sich zu einem laufenden Verfahren nicht äußern. AfD-Chef Jörg Meuthen sagte, die Partei werde gegen den drohenden Bescheid erst Widerspruch einlegen und später auch dagegen klagen.

Reil hatte 2017 für den Landtag in Nordrhein-Westfalen kandidiert und dabei kostenlose Wahlwerbung durch die Schweizer Werbeagentur Goal AG erhalten. Reil soll dabei Sachleistungen wie Werbeplakate und Flyer im Wert von etwa 50.000 Euro für seinen Direktwahlkampf bekommen haben.

Auch Meuthen hatte im Jahr zuvor in seinem Landtagswahlkampf in Baden-Württemberg kostenlose Plakate, Flyer und eine Homepage von der Schweizer Goal AG erhalten. In seinem Fall erhielt die Partei noch keinen Bescheid. Meuthen sagte aber, dass er mit einer ähnlichen Entscheidung rechne.
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On the Ilhan Omar case and Israel support in Congress

1. CNN:

The resolution came after Omar criticized politicians by using anti-Semitic tropes, prompting condemnation from several Jewish Democratic lawmakers and an apology from Omar last month.

-What about bigotry from Republicans, including President Donald Drumpf? And why were Democrats so focused on a woman of color, one of just two Muslims in Congress? Could the added scrutiny even put Omar in danger?_

"This is not a productive use of our time," a senior aide to a moderate House Democrat told CNN. "We need to change the subject and get back to the things we promised to do, which is infrastructure, health care, jobs."

2. (Op--Ed by Rahm Emanuel, 44th mayor of Sweet Home Chicago)


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Students saluting Hitler around swastika-shaped cup figure under Social Media shitstorm

“I was simply devastated to see that,” Metoyer said of the photo. “As a school board, we’re not only concerned by the underage drinking, but also the mental health of the students who participated in this horrendous act and all their fellow students who will be affected by it. This is appalling to not just our Jewish student community, but to all of us who care about human rights.”

What is the most appalling about this picture is that we did this too when we were minors, but we didn't mean it and we also didn't share the picture on Social Media (mainly because Facebook wasn't such a thing back then; and also, this figure didn't exist longer than a few seconds, when the adults entered the room).

“I’d like to see genuine remorse from the perpetrators here,” she said. “They need to learn about what those symbols mean and how devastating it is to see it occurring in 2019. We obviously need to do a better job o... Show more...

Deutscher Journalist Billy Six kommt vor venezolanisches Zivilgericht

Schon seit November sitzt der deutsche Journalist Billy Six im Geheimdienstgefängnis Helicoide in Caracas. Es ist völlig unklar, warum der 32-Jährige so lange festgehalten wird. Zunächst ermittelte ein Militärgericht in seinem Fall. Spionage, Rebellion und Verletzung von Sicherheitszonen lautete der Vorwurf.

Die Anschuldigungen seien willkürlich. Six habe nur Fotos gemacht - so wie jeder Journalist. Schon 2017 war er nach Venezuela eingereist und berichtete für die Zeitung "Junge Freiheit" unter anderem über die schwierige Versorgungslage im Land, Schmuggel und Massenflucht. In einem Video, das er im Dezember 2017 auf Youtube stellte, kündigte er eine längere Reportage an.

"Körperlich geht es ihm gut. Was ihm Sorge bereitet, ist die Isolierung: Er spricht nur wenig Spanisch und die anderen Häftlinge können kaum Englisch." Seine größte Sorge sei die Zeit, die er vielleicht im Helicoide verbring... Show more...

WV GOP office going the Islamophobic way

(Thanks a lot, WV GOP! Now, when some of the oh-so Republican supporters and voters come up with Mr. Northam's blackface scandal, we can adress this incident to counter these highlights. And also, if you want to adress her insensitive decisions and so on (just remind me of them, I tend to forget them), remember that the GOP still didn't kick out Steve King.)
The booth at WVGOP Day, which was called "Republicans Take the Rotunda," also featured a book titled "Readin', Writin', and Jihadin' The Islamization of America Public Schools" and pamphlets titled "Islam in a Nutshell The Muslim Brotherhood," "Interfaith Dialouge or Deception," and "The Four Stages of Islamic Conquest." Not far away were cardboard cutouts of President Donald Drumpf, signs for "Drumpf Pence" and displays featuring West Virginia Republicans.

Delegate Mike Angelucci alleged the House sergeant at arms called all Muslims terrorists in an argument over the poster. "That's not freedom of speech," Angelucci said. "That's hate speech, and it has ... Show more...

Turkey locks out German journalists

The Turkish decision means neither reporter can continue to work in Turkey. The 57-year-old Brase has headed ZDF's Istanbul bureau since January 2018. The 55-year-old Seibert has been accredited continuously in Turkey for the last 22 years.

Press cards issued by Turkey expire each December and journalists need to reapply for accreditation. Some German reporters have received their cards but others are still waiting. The cards are considered work permits and are also necessary for getting a residence permit.

Reporters Without Borders places Turkey 157th on its list of 180 countries ranked for press freedom.
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On Brexit and today's vote

But he went on to say: "We will also continue to push for the other available options to prevent those outcomes, including a close economic relationship based on our credible alternative plan or a general election."

Although the Shadow Chancellor implied the leadership itself could put the plan forward, John McDonnell said: "When the meaningful vote comes back, and we're told maybe that will be 12 March - there are rumours it could be next week - that's the time we'll have to put the amendment up."

Lastly, around 20 Tory MPs voted against the idea altogether - a reminder for the PM, in the unlikely event that she really needed it, that there is a core of Brexiteers who are likely to vote against her deal come hell or high water.
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Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters condemns US sanctions on Venezuela

In selfie footage he said was to be played at the ‘Hands Off Venezuela’ concert organised by embattled socialist president Nicolás Maduro, Waters also suggested US-led aid headed for the country was the precursor for a coup or invasion.

Slowly I start to doubt Mr. Waters' involvement in political actions, and his constant statements on the Middle Eastern conflict. To praise Assange and defend Maduro is a doubtworthy action that shows a strange understanding of what is going on there, or what Mr. Assange is doing. What comes next? A video contribution on Ron Paul's Youtube channel?

It came just days after he criticised Richard Branson for organising a separate concert – on the Colombian side of the border – to raise aid for people suffering there.
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US-DPRK summit to be set on Wednesday and Thursday

"We fell in love," Mr Drumpf told a rally last September of Mr Kim. "He wrote me beautiful letters."

From Pyongyang with love...

This meeting is expected to build on the groundwork of that meeting and address the thorny issue of denuclearisation, where experts say little progress has been made.

This time round both leaders will be very conscious that expectations will be high for an outcome that demonstrates tangible signs of progress - or at least a measurable roadmap for progress.
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Philippines' minister of foreign affairs criticised for statements

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr wrote on social media on Saturday that President Rodrigo Duterte's previous comparison of his deadly war on drugs to the Nazi leader's killing of millions of Jews during the Holocaust "is a metaphor".

"The video posted by Mr Henze on his blog is incomplete and misleading. It failed to show Mr Henze's deliberate attempts to provoke Secretary Locsin into giving controversial remarks," it said.

Duterte had apologised to the Jewish community in the Philippines for the original 2016 remarks. During his visit to Israel in 2018, he also visited the Holocaust memorial and met with elderly Jews who had fled to Manila to escape the Holocaust.
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On Bolsonaro's presidency until now (53 days)

The whole saga nicely encapsulates Bolsonaro’s young presidency: mistrust sewing internal division; a leak; the unmasking of the president’s ignorance; and then, eventually, a forced reversal.

In the middle of the campaign last year, Mourão said that modern Brazilian culture inherited “indolence” from Indigenous peoples and “trickery” from Africans. He spoke out against the “13th month salary,” a much-beloved, guaranteed additional payment that salaried employees receive at the end of the year — and a constitutional right.

Carvalho has called Mourão a “despicable charlatan.” (Carvalho, it should be noted, has questioned whether the Earth revolves around the Sun and claimed that Pepsi is sweetened with the cells of aborted fetuses, among other nonsensical musings.)
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Ehem. Verfassungsschutzchef Hans-Georg Maaßen und Politikwissenschaftler Werner Patzelt schließen sich konservativen «WerteUnion» an

Darunter verstand Mitsch explizit eine Politik „gegen eine ungesteuerte Zuwanderung von Migranten“, wie sie von Angela Merkel noch immer betrieben werde. Zugleich stimmte Mitsch einer umstrittenen Äußerung von Bundesinnenminister Horst Seehofer (CSU) zu, der damals – entgegen einer Äußerung des früheren Bundespräsidenten Christian Wulff – erklärt hatte, der Islam gehöre nicht zu Deutschland.

„Ich halte es für schlecht sowohl für die CDU als auch für die politische Stabilität in unserem Land, wenn es rechts der Mitte neben der Union noch eine weitere Partei mit nennenswert starken Parlamentsfraktionen gibt. Insofern ist mein Beitritt zur Werteunion die praktische Konsequenz aus meiner jahrelangen Kritik daran, dass die CDU zum rechten Rand hin eine Repräsentationslücke hat aufreißen lassen.... Show more...

Rep. Steve King (R - IA) unaware of any hostile comments to apologise for

King earlier this year came under fire after he questioned, during an interview with The New York Times, why the terms “white supremacist” and “white nationalist” had become offensive. The congressman since has repeatedly tried to distance himself from the comments and claimed he was misquoted.

Republicans and Democrats in the House also approved a rare resolution rebuking King for his statements on white supremacy and white nationalists. In addition, he was removed from his committee assignments.

Muh free speech!!1!!!!!!!!!1!!
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AfD mahnt AdP wegen ähnlichen Namens ab

Es werde moniert, dass die Kurzbezeichnung „AdP“ ein zu hohes Verwechslungspotenzial zur Kurzbezeichnung „AfD“ habe. Mit Frist zum 7. Februar solle eine Unterlassungs- und Verzichtserklärung gegenüber der AfD abgegeben werden.

Und: „Der AdP nun pingelig mit advokatischen Winkelzügen zu begegnen anstatt die Gemeinsamkeiten im patriotischen Lager zu suchen und zu nutzen, steht der AfD sehr schlecht zu Gesicht.“ Die AdP lade die AfD erneut dazu ein, „getrennt zu marschieren und gemeinsam zu siegen".
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Two reports on (probable) human rights violations by Israeli pharma concerns

1. Middle East Monitor:

Speaking in Columbia University in New York City, Shalhoub-Kevorkian said that she collected the data while carrying out a research project for the Hebrew University.

“Palestinian spaces are laboratories,” she said. “The invention of products and services of state-sponsored security corporations are fueled by long-term curfews and Palestinian oppression by the Israeli army.”

In her talk, entitled “Disturbing Spaces – Violent Technologies in Palestinian Jerusalem”, the professor added: “They check for which bombs to use, gas bombs or stink bombs. Whether to put plastic sacks or cloth sacks. To beat us with their rifles or to kick us with boots.”


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Zu den Werkstattgesprächen der Union

(Ja, die von vor einer Woche. Tut mir Leid, das muss mir irgendwie entgangen sein, aber kann ich ja auch nichts 'für, ich bin auch nur 1 Mensch)
Kürzere Asylverfahren, kürzere Rechtswege, zügiges Abschieben von ausreisepflichtigen Asylbewerbern und Straftätern, notfalls aus der Sicherungshaft, keine Sozialleistungen mehr für jene, die nach ihrer Abschiebung sofort wieder zurückkommen.

Wer dachte, dass Frau Merkels Erbe nach ihrem Abgang noch fortgeführt würde, der hat weit gefehlt. Bereits das AKK-47 knallt vollautomatisch alle Errungenschaften einer empathischeren Herangehensweise an die Flüchtlingspolitik ab.

Der zeitraubende Gang vor höhere Verwaltungsgerichte soll abgelehnten Asylbewerbern künftig versperrt werden. Menschen, deren Duldung ausläuft, soll die Polizei inhaftieren können, sollte der Verdacht bestehen, dass sie untertauchen. Wer nach Ablehnung und Rückkehr wieder einreise oder seine Identität verschleiere, ... Show more...

Zu den JA-Chats, wegen welchen sie Besserung gebietet

Murray hatte die Todesstrafe für Politiker gefordert, "die ihr Volk verraten". Die Aussage sei "widerlich und mit der freiheitlich-demokratischen Grundordnung absolut nicht vereinbar", sagte Nolte.

Oder mit der AfD...

Murray verlangte unter anderem, Frauen das Wahlrecht zu entziehen. "Frauenwahlrecht abschaffen und die links-grünen haben Probleme", schrieb Murray; Frauen hätten "eh nichts im Beruf verloren".

Ich bin übrigens froh drum, dass sie seinen Namen öffentlich präsentieren. Das sollte späteren Arbeitgebern im Gedächtnis bleiben, für den Fall, dass er sich bei ihnen bewirbt. Eine solche Person möchte man nicht unbedingt im Unternehmen wissen.

Der Vorstand der JA relativierte die Aussagen gegen über der FAZ. Sie müssten "im Kontext einer internen, auf Vertrauensbasis beruhenden und nicht für die Öffentlichkeit adressierten Gruppe betrachtet werden".

Stammtischparolen wären "halb... Show more...

Stand up for the Pledge of Fucking Allegiance, you Commie scum!

The sixth-grader from a Tampa suburb allegedly told his substitute teacher the flag is "racist" and the national anthem is offensive to black people, Bay News 9 reported, citing a statement the teacher gave the district.

Talking about the freedom of expression and indoctrination by Cultural Marxists, huh? To me, this looks like an archaic enactment from a time in which patriotism was part of the schedule at schools.

In response, the teacher said she asked the student why not go to another place to live if it was "so bad here." She said he answered, "They brought me here."

Also, once I wondered whether the Pledge Of Allegiance was still being recited in schools, before the beginning of the lesson. Now I know, and it's still an archaic procedure, like the morning prayer in private religious schools.
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Pro-immigrant mayor to Riace (IT) faces charges for illegal aid

The suspended mayor is now awaiting trial for "aiding illegal immigration".

Many residents say they miss the optimistic revival that the immigrants had brought to the area.
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White nationalist Richard Spencer sick and tired of counterprotests at his rallies

Spencer said the left-wing coalition known as Antifa has made attending his speeches too dangerous and not “fun” by intimidating his supporters and shouting down his lectures.

Spencer won a legal victory to speak at MSU but only about 20 people attended his speech. Outside, both sides clashed, and police arrested about 20 people as counterprotesters screamed, "Punch a Nazi in the face!" and "Nazis go home."

Spencer has been banned from visiting large portions of Europe and Great Britain by government officials who said his speeches fostered hatred. He spoke at the University of Florida in October after the governor declared a state of emergency over security concerns. Spencer was one of the featured speakers at last summer's "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Va.
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Ehemalige AfD-Parteivorsitzende Frauke Petry wegen Meineids vor Gericht

Sie wird beschuldigt, im November 2015 als Zeugin vor dem Wahlprüfungsausschuss des sächsischen Landtags unter Eid falsch ausgesagt zu haben. Dabei ging es um ein Darlehen der Landtagskandidaten zur Finanzierung des Wahlkampfes. Petry hat inzwischen einen Irrtum eingeräumt, allerdings versichert, nicht wissentlich falsch ausgesagt zu haben.
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Junge Alternative (JA) stimmt für Satzungsänderung nach Einstufung als Verdachtsfall durch BfV

Durch die Satzungsänderung sollen nach Angaben von JA-Bundeschef Damian Lohr Entscheidungen künftig schneller getroffen werden. Vor allem soll es leichter werden, unliebsame Mitglieder loszuwerden. Auch die häufig überlasteten Schiedsgerichte werden abgeschafft.

Außerdem wurden durch im JA-Programm "Deutschlandplan" mehrere Passagen zum Thema Migration gestrichen oder umformuliert, die die Aufmerksamkeit der Verfassungsschützer erregt hatten. Wie JA-Bundeschef Lohr sagte, sollen sie künftig allgemeiner gehalten sein, damit sie rechtlich nicht angreifbar sind.
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NPD erhält weitterhin Finanzierung vom Staate

Als Grund für die Verzögerung werden komplizierte Verhandlung zwischen den Verwaltungen von Bundesrat, Bundestag und Bundesregierung genannt. Es sei nicht klar gewesen, aus welchen „Töpfen“ das Honorar für die Prozessbevollmächtigen Christian Waldhoff und Christoph Möllers gezahlt werde. Die Juraprofessoren der Berliner Humboldt-Universität hatten schon im zweiten Verbotsverfahren gegen die NPD den Bundesrat in Karlsruhe vertreten. Bekanntlich ohne Erfolg.

Sicherheitskreise sagen, sollte sich bei der Europawahl und den Landtagswahlen in Brandenburg, Sachsen und Thüringen der Niedergang der NPD fortsetzen, werde es schwieriger, die Richter in Karlsruhe zu einem Schlag gegen die marode Partei zu bewegen. Im Umfeld der Regierung wird sogar befürchtet, das Gericht könnte sich bei weiteren Wahldesastern der NPD fragen, ob die Rechtsextremen „überhaupt noch handlungsfähig sind“. Und ob es verhältnismäßig sei, ... Show more...

Pakistan flag appears when looking for best toilet paper in the world

Pakistan has been at the receiving end of vehement criticism over the past couple of days not just from India, but also world leaders, for shielding terrorists like Masood Azhar, whose Jaish-e-Mohammed has claimed responsibility for the ghastly terror attack.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asserted that he was filled with grief and outrage, just like the people of the country, in the wake of the terrorist attack in Pulwama which claimed the lives of 40 CRPF personnel.
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On Heavy Metal and National Socialism

“Is it censorship to deny bands a platform for their genocidal views? Is it curtailing their free speech to make it harder for a band to get booked or get signed versus at what point does it become critical to keep these dangerous Fascist elements out of our scene? At what point is that record worth so much to you that you would buy it knowing that you were actively contributing to something that is harming other people?”.

“The worldwide rise of violent white supremacy and fascism has put every one of us—but especially those in marginalized communities—at risk, and metal should not be allowed to become a breeding ground for right-wing extremism. . . . This festival is for those of us who reject and push back against that poison—who adhere to the mantra that ‘Metal is for everyone (except Nazis),’ and who are committed to cleaning up our own backyard.”
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On Trump's new special envoy to Venezuela and the El Mozote massacre

More than 900 peasants were murdered in and around several villages in the eastern province of Morazán. Most were old men, women, and children. At the Roman Catholic church in El Mozote, soldiers separated men from their families, took them away, and shot them. They herded mothers and children into the convent. Putting their American-supplied M-16 rifles on automatic, the soldiers opened fire. Then they burned the convent. Some 140 children were killed, including toddlers. Average age: 6.

In El Salvador, the Reagan administration, with Abrams as point man, routinely defended the Salvadoran government in the face of evidence that its regular army, and allied right-wing death squads, were operating with impunity, killing peasants, students, union leaders, and anyone considered anti-government or pro-guerrilla. Abrams went so far as to defend one of the death squads’ most notorious leaders, Roberto D’Aubuisson, who was responsible for the murder of Archbishop Ós... Show more...

Jair Bolsonaro: Slayer of the indigenous people

“With Bolsonaro, the invaders are feeling more at ease,” Bitete Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, who lives on an Indigenous reserve, told The Intercept by telephone.

Last month, the image of a bullet-riddled metal plaque reading “National Indigenous Foundation, Protected Territory” made the rounds on WhatsApp, Brazil’s most popular messaging app. The sign marks the entrance to one of several villages in the vast Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau Indigenous reserve, in a lawless region of the Amazonian state of Rondônia, near the Bolivian border.

Days after signing the decree, Bolsonaro tweeted a video clip of another one of his ministers who argued in a cable news interview that many of the existing Indigenous reserves were established using fraudulent documents, and called the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples “spurious” and “treasonous.”
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Trumpists misinterpreting songs of freedom

This is by far the most deranged version of Woody Guthrie's «This Land Is Your Land», which is a song that tells us that the earth, any space in the outside world belongs to no-one particularly but is in everyone's equal possession; that there are no borders, no lines between us, while a wall is the exact opposite to this. I don't know whether the author did this on purpose or out of utter stupidity.

Also, how does he deframe the line:
As I went walkin', I saw a sign there
And on the sign it said: 'No tresspassing'
But on the other side it didn't say nothin'
That side was made for you and me.

This other side would be the Port of Entry, or the seaside along which you can't build a border without bankrupting the entire country. And what about the airbound travel? There are multiple ways, even the Canadian border. This is so stupid in many ways...

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The US territory, including its colonies

Were Japan’s targets considered “the United States”? Legally, they were indisputably US territory. But would the public see them that way? What if Roosevelt’s audience didn’t care that Japan had attacked the Philippines or Guam? Polls taken slightly before the attack show that few in the continental US supported a military defense of those remote territories.

But it is also missing Puerto Rico, which, although not a state, has been part of the country since 1899. When have you ever seen a map of the US that had Puerto Rico on it? Or American Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, the Northern Marianas or any of the other smaller islands that the US has annexed over the years?

The racism that had pervaded the country since slavery also engulfed the territories. Like African Americans, colonial subjects were denied the vote, deprived of the rights of full citizens, called racial epithets, subjected to dangerous medical experiments and used as sacrificial pawns in war. The... Show more...

Finnish volunteers supported Waffen-SS

“The sub-units and men of SS-Division Wiking engaged during the march into the Soviet Union and the drive through Ukraine and the Caucasus were involved in numerous atrocities,” the report, made public on Friday, relates.

A total of 1,408 Finns volunteered in the Waffen-SS from 1941 to 1943. They served in the well-armed 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, one of the 38 divisions of the Waffen-SS distinguished by its complement of volunteer recruits from an assortment of northern European nations stretching from Estonia to Belgium and including the Scandinavian countries.

Together with all the information you can find in famous historian Raul Hilberg's dissertation, it should finally be clear that the Germans were not the only ones guilty in the atrocious genocide committed against Jews and other minorities. To only bash the Germans would be too simple-minded.

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Trump makes fun of the Trail Of Tears when mocking Elizabeth Warren's (D - MN) president candidacy announcement

The president's use of the word "trail" in all caps was widely interpreted as a reference to the Trail of Tears in which Native Americans were forcibly relocated from their homes in the southeastern U.S. to reservations in Oklahoma in the 1800s. Thousands of them died from disease, starvation and exposure along the way.

Of course it had to be joked about, it's not like he could now be accused of indecency regarding the US' bloody history of displacement, genocide, or colonialism/imperialism. The foundation was paved by murder, until now. Why not laugh about it, then? It's surely no sign of bad taste or plain humiliation towards the international community.
The stable genius should be kicked in the balls if he had any. I would merely say: "Take off the gloves when you hit his face", but I know the struggles of washing off the grease of Doritos.

Drumpf has said he is "a fan" of former President Andrew Jackson, who signed the Indian Re... Show more...

Second government shutdown awaits

Alabama GOP Sen. Richard Shelby, one of the key figures in the talks, was pessimistic on Sunday morning, telling Fox News that the talks were "stalled."

Two sources involved said if the bipartisan talks continued at an impasse, House Democrats were considering moving a package that would include a continuing resolution for the Department of Homeland Security through September along with six other outstanding funding measures at full year levels.

The source said there was progress on border barriers and detention beds, but that Democrats "cannot agree to physical barrier spending above the level we want without GOP concessions on ICE."

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