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Am 09.06.2020 wurde profanity 0.9.0 released.

Im letzten Monat wurden mehrere kleinere Fehler korrigiert. Die aktuelle Version ist 0.9.5.

profanity ist ein XMPP ncurses consolen Client. Es verwendet libstrophe und bietet neben vielen anderen XEPs, OMEMO, OpenPGP via XEP-0027, Last Message Correction, Consistent Color Generation,...

Die Entwickler haben jetzt mit der Entwicklung der Version 0.10.0 angefangen.

#profanity #openpgp #xmpp #XEP #OMEMO
Heute (nach 5 Tagen) ist die erneute Installation von #python3-axolotl aus dem Repository #philfry-gajim auch kein Problem mehr. Da wurde wohl mittlerweile nachgezogen.
dnf install python3-axolotl python3-axolotl-curve25519 python3-qrcode
Die Welt gehört den Geduldigen...

#Omemo #gajim #xmpp #e2e #fedora
"The past weekend some members of the #XMPP community gathered in Düsseldorf to work on the next iteration of the #OMEMO #Encryption Specification. All of us agree that the result – version 0.4 of XEP-0384 – is a huge step forward and better than ever!'
OMEMO Specification Sprint
#xmpp #OMEMO again works in @monalxmpp
Fix is in latest macOS beta. iOS beta still pending. The problem has been going on for several months. So nice to have back omemo on #macOS #ios #monal
https://github.com/anurodhp/Monal/commit/92f074153730503cfa72811e634504f61af4efc4 #xmpp
OMEMO again works reliable in @monalxmpp
Fix is in latest macOS beta. iOS beta still pending. The problem has been going on for several months. So nice to have back #omemo on #macOS #ios #monal
The #OMEMO encryption /oˈmiːmoʊ/ (OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption) gives you all the advantages you would expect from a modern-day encryption protocol like Future and Forward Secrecy and deniability while allowing you to keep the benefits of message synchronization and offline delivery.

OMEMO not only gives you a better encryption features than OpenPGP and OTR but is also much easier to setup. OMEMO is the encryption you can actually use in your daily life. Turn it on once and forget you ever did.
Pitfalls for #OMEMO Implementations – Part 1: Inactive Devices
https://blog.jabberhead.tk/2019/12/13/pitfalls-for-omemo-implementations-part-1-inactive-devices/ #freesw #fsfe
Pitfalls for OMEMO Implementations – Part 1: Inactive Devices
Second part:
Hello #XMPP users, i need your help:
non-techie friend of mine only has #apple devices and needs an xmpp-client
I have no device to do testing, so i need your #help
Needed features: #OMEMO with multiple devices and MUC groupchat with MAM. It is also important that push works.
Which one can you recommend?
Hello #XMPP users, i need your help:
non-techie friend of mine only has #apple devices and needs an xmpp-client.
I have no device to do testing, so i need your #help
Needed features: #OMEMO with multiple devices and MUC groupchat with MAM. It is also important that push works.
Which one can you recommend?
Debacle - 2019-05-05 22:54:33 GMT
#XMPP console client #Profanity supports #OMEMO now in its master git branch.

Users of #Debian unstable or testing can install version 0.6.0+git20190503.4a165b8-1 from the experimental distribution.
@Gruppo Linux Como @LIFO
Shaking Hands With #OMEMO : #X3DH
Shaking Hands With OMEMO: X3DH
Security: #RSA 2019 Conference, #WPA3 , #OMEMO, #Kodi , Passwords and 'Smart' Alarms
http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/121564 #security
♲ mray (mray@social.tchncs.de):
If you know about #OMEMO #Briar #Ring and #Tox you should have a look at #autocrypt

Not only because it is making #PGP "usable", but because #DeltaChat builds on top of it and turns the broadest network possible (YES E-MAIL !!!) into your favorite chat application.

Very promising.
Delta Chat - Open Source Email Based Instant Messenger
Immerhin knapp 13 Prozent unseres Jabber Server nutzen diesen regelmäßig.
Ich find ja Jabber seit #OMEMO wieder sehr sinnvoll!
#jabber #xmpp #prosody #ihrso ?
Plötzlich zickt #gajim rum, - das lief doch monatelang 1A...
OMEMO is an XMPP Extension Protocol (XEP) for secure multi-client end-to-end encryption based on Axolotl and PEP. You need to install some dependencies, you can find install instructions for your system in the Github Wiki.

Warning: You are missing Python-Axolotl or use an outdated version

#Fedora #omemo #xmpp

#Monal #MonalIM #XMPP #OMEMO #iOS #ChatSecure

♲ Monal IM ():
Monal has OMEMO
OMEMO conversations work in Monal. There is still a lot work to be done here to properly handle keys and make UI elements in OSX and iOS for all the the new interactions. There is a lot that also needs to be tested before this is in ready for the App Store. Realistically, expect to start seeing this stuff in the binaries I release some point in August.

I have tested this with gajim on linux and chat secure on iOS. Will have dust off an android device somewhere to try it with Conversations.

Monal has OMEMO

Free and Secure Instant Messaging

#adium #blog posts #chat #conversations #gibberfish #instantmessaging #instantmessenger #jabber #omemo #otr #pidgin #signal #tor #trillian #xmpp
Free and Secure Instant Messaging
Wegen Chatfunktion (#XMPP aka #Jabber) via ducttaped.club hab ich einen Nachtrag bezüglich Psi-plus:
* #OMEMO funktioniert endlich, ENDLICH !
* Fedora 27+ verwendet eine veraltete Version aus der OTR-Zeit, daher verwend ich jetzt die aktuelle portable-Version von der Homepage einfach in Linux mit (sollte überall laufen, wo Wine installiert ist):

Falls das in #Wine zu oag ausschaut, hier noch ein paar Tipps:
1. in winecfg unter Grafik die dp... Show more...
Vielleicht für den einen oder anderen #fedora User hier auch interessant.
♲ ravenbird@nerdpol.ch:

XMPP mit OMEMO mit Gajim unter Fedora

Eben stand ich wie der Ochs vorm Berg. Ich hatte auf meinem Fedora System für XMPP das Programm Gajim installiert und wollte das OMEMO-Plugin zum Laufen bekommen. Also wollte ich python-axolotl installieren, aber es gibt nichts entsprechendes. Nun nach ein wenig Suchen und hin und her fand ich dann doch noch eine Lösung wie man es hin bekommt ohne das gewünschte selbst zu kompilieren. Ich hoffe das ich mit diesem kleinen Beitrag hier jenen die auch vor dem selben Problem stehen vor dem ich stand ein wenig helfen kann.

Tags: #de #fedora #linux #gajim #xmpp #omemo #axolotl #ravenbird #2018-06-06


♲ Anu ():
Update on OMEMO
I have finally had the time to take a look at OMEMO. I know that end to end encrypted chat has been something people have requested for almost a decade now. There finally appears to be a workable solution it a permissive license that can be published in the App Store.

As usual, the Mac client is my testing ground for new logic and I will probably focus the next release after this one on E2E encryption. I know that OTR was something former Adium users missed, I hope that a native Mac client with a user friendly OMEMO interface fills the gap there. I’ve been looking at Gajim and Chatsecure and will probably fish out a Android tablet (actually an HP touchpad) from somewhere to test with Conversations too.- - - - - -

Update on OMEMO
Warum hat eigentlich #Gajim jetzt #OMEMO nicht mehr per default aktiv, wenn die Gegenseite es unterstützt?
When discussing viable options for private and secure messengers here we often complained that Moxie Marlinspike is vehemently opposed to open up Signal's server source code in order to enable an alternative infrastructure, let alone a federated network.

And now, guess what happened.

Amazon threatens to suspend Signal's AWS account over censorship circumvention

Direct access to Signal has been censored in Egypt, Oman, Qatar, and UAE for the past 1.5 years. These countries attempt to block Signal by blocking connections to Signal servers from all ISPs. [...]
With Google Cloud and AWS out of the picture, it seems that domain fronting as a censorship circumvention technique is now largely non-viable in the countries where Signal had enabled this feature. [...]
In the meantime, the censors in these countries will have (at least temporarily) achieved their goals. Sadly, they didn’t have to do anything but wait.
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♲ Muto@social.tchncs.de:
ChartSecure 4.3.0 is out
MAM, Group Chat Bookmarks, and basic OMEMO support (receiving), sending OMEMO is still experimental
#OMEMO #XMPP #Jabber #ChatSecure #iOS

ChatSecure v4.3.0 - OMEMO Group Chat Preview

Free and open source encrypted chat for iOS.
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Why we don't publish at the Play Store

We got some requests recently, asking, why we do not publish #dandelion at the #GooglePlay.
So here are our main reasons, why we don't plan to uploadthe app there currently.

First of all, we do not comply with Googles terms of service. Having to pay ~25€ to Google who did not write the app and does not respect your freedom nor your privacy on its platforms (Youtube, GMail...) just doesn't feel right.
We believe, that our userbase is well aware of the privacy concerns that come with using Google's Services, so many diaspora\* users actually get their apps through F-Droid (which is great).
Second, if a user that does not know about F-Droid yet... Show more...
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