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where you came from is gone
where you thought you were going to weren't never there
and where you are ain't no good unless you can get away from it

#BeExcellentToEachOther #OllieCthulu
It's gotten pretty darn absurd....
I'm not sure if the Covblehbleh moment of 2017, the rock n roll Pope "Read the Vigiano Testimony... the statement speaks for itself" of Aug 26, 2018, Elon Musk claiming to shoot cars for the environment off to orbit planets where they don't need roads, the first space nation of Assguardia with it's hidden king, or Celine Dion and her NuNu commercial take the cake for me at this point.....

But yeah, "the meta is everywhere"
and it'd be nice if the destructive absurdities over destructive absurdities like mammon (and else) could some to a close so that much more interesting absurdities could take place.
#OllieCthulu #ArtHarder
On such note, the most recent issue of Adbusters basically lays it out as well:
i may look to upping some of the issues contents later

There's a few things I find interesting about such a move:
1. While "Occupy Wallstreet" was not kick started by Adbusters, the fact is that Adbusters took on the public blame for launching it without ever pointing out it's prior origins. (this says something about Adbusters IMO)
2. As with the past "Occupy Wallstreet", what has issued from publicly dominant "Anonymous" circles prior to Adbusters launching it's current issue?
(on that note, never mind "whom", WHAT is #TheDarkOverlord? Resolving such should clear up much of WHAT is "Q"/"QAnon" while also elaborating on #... Show more...
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Welcome to the WTFocalypse as I like to call it.
It officially kicked of Sept 23, 2017 last year at the completion of Equinox cycles.
Granted as noted, the "Covblehbleh" came earlier on June 1.

For what it's worth, a couple contributions, that I (and others) were involved with regarding such time.......
things hopefully more easily to digest and with aims more open than that IRL life of a Hellraiserbox Cicada 3301 and related.
http://churchof.space [of which disclose I am involved]
I myself am particularly partial of the CoS "1" Statements personally.... some other bits I feel work decently enough as allegory for some religously dogmatic, but could have done away with some of the senseless undertones and dare I say "sci fi"

https://archive.org/details/LiberEliphasHIALIBER [disclosure of personally involved]

https://crumax.tel [hmmm, don't know what i think of the... Show more...
@Lil' Beanie
a small bit on but one can easily find more if they bother looking. Will also note that "Z" has a part in the film "Anonymous" (aka "Hacker") and even gained some background parts in the marvel films you like so much (beginning with the last Spider Man reboot.... post Ultron, Tony Stark rolls with "Z"). I'd rather not go to deeply on what I make of "Z", mostly as I'm not sure what I make of "Z" myself.... so I just leave it at "Z" exist and we've communicated.

On the Ollie....
oh Beanie, how could you not know what I mean?
consider the logo of the place.....
this gets to my earlier point on "OVER IT"....
or more so "Ollie It"
gnome sayin.... CHOMSKY!

see, folks in the pic are hittin the ramp from the total wrong direction,
the trick is to #OllieCthulu
not walk into Cthulu's house for The Party!
wanna use the part of the ramp the folks are on to just land the maneuver basically.... flow with that g-force post ollie as ya keep movin n gainin momentum for the next excellent maneuver.

If really wanna be impressive, can prolly rail slide the edge of that bridge they're on down.... but that's some beyond Pro level X-Treme sports.
@Dusk I'd say in ways there has been. There's the Cicada of course, which went as far as arguably presenting a challenge to the world (part of the Covblehbleh message). There was the Tengri. There was questionanswr. There's of course the Kryptos. There's been the "Anonymous Official" videos (and their constant deeper underlying cyphers).

Worth noting that (IMO) there seems to be a number of things dropped that "seem" counter to the cypher approaches. The Attestations of Crumax and the Shadowbrokers leaks I feel have been among the most interesting I've come across in public sphere. (in some regards, I feel "HIA Liber" & the http://churchof.space... Show more...

or "Daemon World"....
Maybe even "Cognitive Dissonance World" or "Personality Disorder World".....
actually, those last two really don't roll off the tongue right. =P

*another day in the WTFocalypse..... The Last Jubilee completion and WTFogeddon imminent....
so many "Occultist", folks into "Magick", "CypherPunk"/"Hacking", UFO/Alien "Truth", Conspiracy Theory, just totally proved inept when it came to them being delivered so much of what they claimed to have been looking for. June 1, 2017, an absurd "Covblehbleh" of a gem(atria) cypher (and part of the Cicada) was delivered globally (particul... Show more...
Lot of folks say this
aLot of folk say that
but personally
times i'd rather get with
cause seems THIS is where it's at

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dollar volatility chaos

this is the most absurd show on all Earth

#OllieCthulu #ArtHarder
Moran Set An facepalm.jpg
never mind the bullocks
be excellent to each other
art harder

#DoNotObey #Morans #LudicrousSpeed #OllieCthulu #ArtHarder
As it pertains to "money" and "property" of supposed "Value" in some international systems.....
What are often taken and/or given as example as "free markets", in public (arguably overtly),
what appears structured "non-chaotic" system emergence can be readily observed.

In other words
Obvious globally rigged market is obvious

The speed of the trades (among else), show dominating said systems.

The nature of HFT (and often other "A.I." technologies) renders a situation where no "natural" individual man, woman, or small collection there of could know what all the HFT algorithms (A.I.) were doing in complete detail at any given time.
At best, it is through repeated "observance" in the HFT (A.I.) algos to achieve a specified desired result over time repetitively that one(s) may reach a point of having confidence the HFT (A.I.) will get things right.
Have often attempted to simplify the implication(s) of such directions as "In The Algos We Trust".... Show more...
Hang 10
Surf the waves of chaos
nuttin but a thang
Be Excellent To Each Other
Art Harder

:) <3

#Music #RainbowInTheDark #IWillSurvive #ArtHarder #OllieCthulu
Be Excellent To Each Other
No Fear

& of course...... Art Harder
<3 :)

#Music #KillingInTheNameOf #ArtHarder #OllieCthulu
yeah, there's a really really really REALLY small group of "Saturnist" (for lack of a better word).....
I say "Saturnist" because like the god Saturn, they're a sort obsessed with "order" (aka "control") in tie to the "I" (aka ego). Like I said, most didn't really know what they were doing, they were in it for the 'money, power, and glory' (and other such things). Well fact of the matter is, much like Wells said (whom was a high intelligence officer and not just an author; which many don't know that)
"Any sufficiently advanced technology will appear as magic...."
(subsequently any sufficiently understood magic can appear as technology)

so be it through tech, "magic", or whatever you want to call it, end resolve is what might as well be cthulu ends up being summoned and cthulu really don give much two shites about black, white, jew, fag, liberal, whatever.... ALL cthulu food to cthulu.... cthulu don't have any bias. Cthulu is just Cthulu.

There were Zionist involved and there's zionist still involved, there... Show more...
WTFogeddon... LOL I like that!

I'll be doing my best to keep to the skies... and not get bogged down here.
It's gonna be difficult in Africa I'm sure... and yet in 2008... we barely felt a blip here... It's hard to have a collapse when your economy is already in the toilet... and has been for decades... ;P

We certainly live in interesting times... I feel like I've been waiting for this (whatever it is) my whole life... I'm actually relieved it's somehow about to happen... :)

It's gonna be good... and if it's not... I'll make the best of it anyhow. #olliecthulu
Like I said, the Jubilee this year is real.

We are dealing with things far older than probably any of us thought.
Of natures entirely different than probably any of us thought.
As I was prone to saying last year, "A lot of people were expecting an apocalypse, but much like a Monty Python Spanish Inquisition, no one was expecting the WTFocalypse."

"WTFogeddon" is still pending on the schedule.....
we are close, but it is still pending.
I remain hopeful that rather than clinging on to rapidly increasing absurdity, the current global stockholm syndrome that seemed to occur as the veil was lifted will subside.
Be excellent to each other

again, i'm not saying that to promote fear. In fact, there's much reason for "no fear" (but as I'd launch into physics based reasons I can not explain quickly for that, I'll refrain from doing so here).
I'm not exaggerating and nor am I kidding.
These things are real.
more quickly this weirdo stockholm can b... Show more...
Oh yeah. FINAL Jubilee completes this year (started last).
6 months and ticking left on that schedule.

These things, are real.

Know architecture, know the matrix
Be excellent to each other....

on these items, i do not joke, kid, and nor am I exaggerating in the least.
i'd never had thought we'd reach a point such as current actually, most notably as it requires such a ridiculous amount of absurdity to prop itself up (math is long gone as a fundamental on monetary theory economics for example..... as noted, proof of it being shot off into what might as well be a multidimensional interstellar trip where it got consumed by a black hole, is readily available to public and actually continuing to roll out even while writing this into even higher levels of absurdity).

think that's caught just about everyone off guard regardless of what "side" they may have been on or are on. start to take in and appreciate where and when we all are at.

Be excellent to each other.
primary synth box just went down from idunno
main box is on the fritz; now incapable of sufficient real time dsp
music is currently tango down
9 + Odinchump day has the smell of a ton of absurdity
every sat set in 7

figure out how to #ArtHarder later
i guess i will read a book now
and wait.....

#BeExcellentToEachOther #OllieCthulu

today is the last day of iwas banter

tomorrow is magic ode-in day

every sat 4 month set in 7


#CoS #BeExcellentToEachOther #OllieCthulu

Don't think I've ever taken so long to get around to a "Ministry" album....
not sure how comfortable I feel even calling it "Ministry", as it's an entirely different group than the group than that which is tied as my single largest musical influence, but after listening to an interview with Jourgensen concerning the album, I decided "yes....I should give it a go"
I felt "Relapse" was rather blah...... "From Beer To Eternity" I felt was o.k., but far from super special. The last trio prior to that I found good, not great, but good and there were some great moments.
I will say for "AmeriKKKant", it's opened strongly IMO..... lets see where it goes from here.

Hopefully Al's lyrics have worked back to something more than sounding 3rd grade.
whatever the case, so far so good.

I want to believe Al; you're such a great mind and talent when not on an overly high horse (both literally and figuratively) and Sin's really is a decent enough right hand.
On the... Show more...


Whenever ANYONE says “The Market Is Real” (global stocks/bonds) you know they’re full of shite.

In the first quarter of the all time record high S&P 500 market year of 2017 (which is comprised of multi-national companies and stock holders) 10 companies accounted for 40%+ of gains
This means the remaining 490 companies accounted for roughly 60% of gains and an average contribution of .112%.
No free market exist, there is monopoly (more specifically a “technocracy” by the market math), and 2017 yielded an unprecedented in history market crash with “highs” only being possible from a view point of centralized technocratic monopoly. Q.E.D.

RULE II as Subsequent result to I:

Whenever ANYONE from a government talks and has anything to say other than “this whole thing is full of shite”, you know they’re full of shite.

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CoS IlllumiNaughty Boys n Gals think Illuminati style is weak & belligerent to it's own style.


#ChurchOfSpace #IllumiNaughty #Magick #CoS #BeExcellentToEachOther #KnowMagick #ArtHarder #OllieCthulu #QM

hearthis.at: A23P-CoS11 (8927)

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