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Published 26th May 2019

Cory Daniel is a 3rd generation #Phoenician, writer/researcher and professional guide currently living in the Phoenix area. Roaming the Big Sandy Valley, Cory studied religion, physics, poetry, botany, philosophy, primitive survival, traditional archery, and the occult. Here he rode for a local ranch, working cattle the old way, and teamed up with an old prospector to explore the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Cory currently enjoys work as an Interpretive Guide in the Valley of the Sun and is devoted to decoding and reverse-engineering the esoteric s... Show more...

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The Aztec Empire and Pre-Columbian Trans-Oceanic Contact - #ROBERT SEPEHR

In 1872, a stone inscribed with Phoenician writing was discovered in Paraíba, #Brazil telling of a #Phoenician ship which, due to a storm, was separated from a fleet sailing from #Egypt around #Africa. Was there transatlantic contact in #ancient times? The Aztecs were a Mesoamerican culture that flouris...
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