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Madness and destruction have begun

"There will be an increase in deforestation and violence against indigenous people,” said Dinaman Tuxá, executive coordinator of the Articulation of Indigenous People of Brazil (Apib). “Indigenous people are defenders and protectors of the environment.”
Sonia Guajajara, an indigenous leader who stood as vice-presidential candidate for the Socialism and Freedom party (PSOL) tweeted her opposition. “The dismantling has already begun,” she posted on Tuesday.

We all foresaw it, we all awaited the beginning, and now, it has begun, at last. The international community will now watch the rain forest become plain land, because a couple of people were to choose a new leader, which they did. One might now wonder whether nations can persist throughtout the oncoming decades, or whether such some decision, compared to what they impact, cannot be felled by them, but have to be discussed on an entirely international scale. Just wondering, now that the rainforest is so vulnerable.

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A very short list of reasons why Unilever is evil

UNILEVER - Profits: 5,5 billion USD (2014)
Unilever - biggest owner of #coffee #plantations in #Africa with a turnover of 40 billion USD in 1990. Unilever turnover exceeds the gross national product (GNP) of all countries in the so-called third world and less developed countries. Unilever is one of the world’s top makers of packaged consumer goods and moves countless products like deodorants, fragrances, soap, margarine, tea and frozen foods all over the world. #
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Are we going to survive climate change?

But if we can hold the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius, #Arctic sea ice is far likelier to survive the summers. Coral reefs will continue to be damaged, but will not be wiped out. The percentage of people exposed to severe heat waves would plummet to about 14 percent. The number exposed to urban drought would drop by more than 60 million people.

IF - they said it! So far, this does not look like going to be the case. We are far likelier to raise the degree, thus destroying the coral reefs, melting the Arctic ice, and causing ourselves more droughts in the urban areas. Just because the spoilt Western World doesn't want to leave out its beloved luxury. The world is going down in wealth and poverty alike, simultaneously.

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The New York Times: Will We Survive Climate Change? (By JOHN SCHWARTZ)

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Scientists Are Terrified That Brazil's New President Will Destroy The Amazon Rainforest
With Google Earth, this Amazon tribe could save the world
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‘Southern Benet - Reconstruction’ (2018)

Once found in the rainforests of Tasmania little is known of this koala-sized marsupial and its behavior. Only a few were ever observed in the wild by the scientific community during the nineteenth century. The only specimen skin collected (1883) was destroyed by the collector's dog while the hide was pegged to the cabin wall to dry. It is speculated that it was an insectivore but a several records found in old farming diaries mention that the benet was observed eating if not gorging on the wild Tasmanian purple apple berry, Billardiera longiflora, during the autumn and winter. Given few fruits are available throughout the year insects are assumed to have made up the large majority of its diet between the fruiting seasons. Various scientific expeditions over the past one hundred years have failed to observe the Southern benet. This does not suggest the benet is extinct but the chances... show more
Nutella and the Rainforrest

If you knew that a chocolate cookie is poisonous and might kill your children and grand-children (i know there is a logical mistake… how can you have grand-children if you kill your children)… you would eat it anyway. At least it tasted good for 5 seconds. Totally worth it.

„Wir sollten aufhören, Nutella zu essen“,forderte die französische Umweltministerin Ségolène Royal vor wenigen Tagen in einer Fernsehsendung. Der Hersteller Ferrero verwende Palmöl, welches der wichtigste Faktor für die Zerstörung der südostasiatischen Regenwälder sei, so die Politikerin.


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Quelle: https://generation-nachhaltigkeit.de/nutella-and-the-rainforrest/
Nutella and the Rainforrest
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After just 16 days of immersion in the Amazon jungle, children, but not their parents, had significant changes in their microbiomes.

If you are interested in #volcanology, #aerosol science or atmospheric chemistry...

Jorge Saturno ?‍? (@jorge@scholar.social)

If you are interested in #volcanology, #aerosol science or atmospheric chemistry, you should have a look to our recent paper.

It shows how a sulfur dioxide plume emitted by the Nyamuragira ? was transported over the Atlantic Ocean all the way down to the Amazon #rainforest ?

The paper is #OpenAccess :oa:

? https://doi.org/10.5194/acp-18-10391-2018
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