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Congressmen of New #Mexico upset about girl's death and facility conditions

Castro said it was "because it’s such a rare occurrence that makes it arguably the most significant thing that could have been discussed that morning.”
In addition, Castro and the other congressional members criticized the condition of the facilities they toured, saying they jeopardized the health of immigrants and CBP agents and officers working there.
Rep. Raul Ruiz, D-Calif., an emergency care physician, said the visit and conversations with supervisors “revealed” that Jacklin suffered seizures before she eventually became unresponsive.

Pretty late you are, the girl's decease has happened a few days ago. Also, I really hope you're serious about it, because to be honest, I wonder how you can stand the existence of the #ICE in such times, or the methods they use to (mis)treat the migr... Show more...
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