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Die Türkisch-Islamische Union DITIB hat nach anhaltender Kritik einen Neustart angekündigt und ihre "Visionen für die kommenden Arbeiten" präsentiert. Ayca Tolun kommentiert.
Die Ditib-Pläne für 2019
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Interreligiöses Gebetshaus in Berlin: Alle unter einem Dach
#Glaube #Religion #Kirchenaustritte #Gebetshaus #Alltag #Gesellschaft
All forms of #energy production hurt the environment somewhat. And whether it's soaps (almost all have palm oil) or coffee or meat, they all corrode nature. The real solution and the challenge is now limiting reproduction -- something #religion won't allow
PODCAST: Light On Ananda Yoga: A Radhaswami Spiritual Classic by Shiv Brat Lal -- A Sant Mat Satsang Podcast Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio With James Bean @ Youtube: https://youtu.be/x-P99FnZpbc

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O August Radhaswami (Lord of the Soul),
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Be merciful – make us Thine own,
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Erneut untersagt die malaysische Regierung israelischen Sportlern eine Wettkampfteilnahme. Mit der Entscheidung werden die Athleten auch von den Qualifikationswettbewerben für die Paralympics 2020 ausgeschlossen.
Malaysia verbietet Israelis Teilnahme an öffentlichen Veranstaltungen | DW | 16.01.2019
#Malaysia #Israel #Religion #Sport #Paralympics #Verbot
❝Were he supreme, were he mighty, were he just, were he good, this God you tell me about, would it be through enigmas and buffooneries he would wish to teach me to serve and know him?❞

— Marquis de Sade, Justine

#religion #politics #anthropology
Hundreds of Arab Christians call for the removal of a crucified Ronald McDonald museum exhibit in Haifa city. #MiddleEast #Israel #Religion #Arts&Culture
Billed as the world's biggest gathering of humanity, the eight-week festival begins in Uttar Pradesh's Prayagraj city. #Asia #India #Hinduism #BharatiyaJanataParty #NarendraModi #Religion
❝Ὁ δὲ γεωργὸς ῄτει ὑετόν, ὁ δὲ κναφεὺς ἥλιον.❞
— Λουκιανὸς ὁ Σαμοσατεύς (Ἰκαρομένιππος)

❝The farmer asks for rain, and the treadmill worker, for sun.❞
— Lucian of Samosata (Icaromenippus)

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#science and #religion (not only #islam does this BTW)


#shitposting #anarchist meme for cool people
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I post every day meme about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download and/or share them ! :)
Nachkriegszeit. Unruhige Jahre, dennoch scheint das Schlimmste überstanden. Ein Elternpaar im Ruhrgebiet freut sich über die Geburt des ersten Kindes. Ein Mädchen.
Von der Kunst den Krieg zu überleben
#WDR5 #religion #Lebenszeichen #13012019 #Nachkriegszeit #Deutschland #Nationalsozialismus
Gesund ernähren – geht das?
08.01.2019 | 43:34 Min. | DGS | UT | WDR

Die einen warnen vor zu viel Zucker, die anderen sagen, Wurst kann Krebs verursachen. Und dann gibt es noch das Versprechen, mit einer bestimmten Ernährung ein besseres Leben zu führen. Aber was davon stimmt eigentlich? #Vegan #Vegetarisch #Rohkost #Religion #TV #Dokumentation #Gesundheit #Ernährung
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #gnostic, #luciferianism, #pagan, #politics, #religion, #spirituality, #Buddhism, #vegan #Hermetics, #Heathenism, #gay, #anarchism. #Ecology , open, interesting, polite and un-censored conversation and info sharing. look forward to something a little more stimulating than that provided on Facebook or Twitter
Wer ist der liebe Gott? Und was passiert eigentlich nach dem Tod? Eltern, die nicht gläubig sind, tun sich mit solchen Fragen häufig schwer. Weil sie meinen, sie müssten ihren Kindern eindeutige, möglichst positive Antworten geben. Deshalb vermeiden viele, über Religion zu reden. Anders die Humanisten, die sich auf die Freidenker berufen. Sie vermitteln eine atheistische Weltanschauung, kritisches Denken und soziale Verantwortung - nicht nur zuhause, sondern auch in Kitas, Schulen und den Jugendfeiern des humanistischen Verbandes. Quelle:
Humanistische Erziehung heute | Wissen | SWR2
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Legalising #pedophilia depending on one's #religion in the name of #muitliculturalism and #tolerance (not towards children's rights/dignity) https://www.truthdig.com/articles/how-thousands-of-child-and-adolescent-brides-enter-america/ incompatible.
How Thousands of Child and Adolescent Brides Enter America
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #family, #movies, #music, #reading, #religion, #running, and #triathlon. Thanks for the invite, @John Glossner!
Jews, Catholics and Protestants already subject to the 'worship tax' and some say introducing the levy for Muslims would reduce foreign influence. #Germany #Religion #Islam #Europe
#religion #catholique #éducation #régression #société #sexualité #Québec #école #ministère-de-lÉducation
Un commentaire sous l'article qui me rej... show more

Religiöse Schulgegner scheitern mit Klage vor Europäischem Gerichtshof

Das Paar aus der Nähe von Darmstadt hatte sich aus religiösen Gründen geweigert, seine vier Kinder in die Schule zu schicken. Die Behörden brachten die Kinder daraufhin 2013 für drei Wochen im Heim unter, um die Schulpflicht durchzusetzen. Die Eltern sehen dadurch ihr Menschenrecht auf Familienleben verletzt.

Die Straßburger Richter hielten nun fest, dass mit dem teilweisen Sorgerechtsentzug zwar in dieses Recht eingegriffen worden sei. Die Gründe dafür seien aber "relevant und ausreichend". So hätten die deutschen Behörden Grund zur Annahme gehabt, dass die Kinder in Gefahr schwebten, isoliert waren und keinen Kontakt zu Menschen außerhalb der Familie hatten. Die Eltern hätten weniger strenge Maßnahmen verhindert, indem sie nicht mit den Behörden kooperierten. Das Urteil kann innerhalb von drei Monaten angefochten werden.

Pseudoreligiösen Menschen muss man eben ab und an mal einen Ri... show more
Yesterday, I have watched a #documentary that talked about #Sikhism #religion, similar to #Buddhism. It is one of the most civilized communities I have heard of, light years ahead from us.

For example, they have langars -- community kitchens where they serve #free #food to all visitors, regardless of religion, caste, #gender, economic status or #ethnicity.

Compare this with #Trump and most #USA's primitive ape-like mentality. He would probably start throwing feces around if he didn't have a team of people watching over him not to do that. Coming up with #stupid ideas like building a #wall to separate people he wants to die from people he wants to abuse.
Immer mehr Menschen in der Türkei wenden der Religion den Rücken zu. Aber auch Gläubige interpretieren den religiösen Alltag unterschiedlich. Viele Beobachter sehen das als Reaktion auf Erdogans religiöse Politik.
Zahl der Atheisten in Erdogans Türkei steigt | DW | 09.01.2019
#Türkei #Erdogan #Atheisten #Glaube #Religion
Devotees believe touching the Black Nazarene or simply being in its presence will cure sickness and bring good fortune. #Philippines #Religion #AsiaPacific

Flame in #Yazd fire temple has been burning for 1,500 years on

It is a flame taken from the extremely ancient fire which used to be alight in Karyan fire temple — one of Iran’s three main fire temples during the Sassanid Empire (224-651) CE — and transferred to Aqda, in Yazd Province, where it was kept for close to 700 years. In 1174, the fire was brought to Ardakan, located in the same province, from Aqda.

The fire kept constantly burning for 300 years in Ardakan. In 1474 the fire was carried to Yazd city where it was kept alight at the house of Khalaf Ali Khan, a prominent Zoroastrian cleric (known as mobed), for a while. In 1934, however, Bahram fire temple was constructed and the fire found a new residence.

The ancient fire is kept inside a glass case in a room within the fire temple. Visitors are only permitted to see the fire from behind the glass case. A man named Hirbod is responsible for keeping the fire alight.

#Iran #Religion #Culture #MiddleEast #BurningFire #Zoroastor #Islam
Account of flame still burning after over 1,500 years

Girl who fled family fearing death now under #UNHCR protection

In response, the UNHCR said they have not had official contact from Thai authorities regarding the arrival of Al-Qunun's father and brother and any meeting would be unlikely "as she has stated her fear of seeing her family," said Caroline Gluck, UNHCR Senior Regional Public Information Officer in Bangkok. "This will be very disturbing news for her."

Upon landing, she said she was held by Saudi embassy officials and had her passport confiscated. She said the Saudis tried to make her sign a piece of paper, and that when she refused and appealed to Thai immigration officials, she was escorted to a transit hotel.

This is as creepy as can get.

Al-Qunun told CNN that she renounced Islam and fears she will be killed if she is sent back to Saudi Arabia because of this. She said her elder brother had beaten her for her beliefs.

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#Belgium bans halal and kosher slaughtering methods

Jewish and Muslim traditions require animals to be in perfect health when they are slaughtered, a requirement that clashes with some European laws that require animals to be incapable of feeling pain when they are killed. Most European countries offer religious exemptions that allow for the production of halal and kosher meat.

Although I approve of religious freedom and the freedom for everyone to believe in whatever one wishes to believe in as long as he keeps it as his (or her) private affair, without occupying others with it as long as long as they don't wish to be occupied with it, but when it comes to the suffering of others - including animals -, a limit has been reached and shall not be trespassed. When animals have to suffer for their freedom, this freedom can no longer be allowed. Thus, I approve of Belgium's decision to ban these practices for they are of a dark past in which people didn't believe in a conscience on... show more
After centuries of close ties, Orthodox churches in Ukraine have cut links with Russia. #Ukraine #Russia #Religion #Europe
Organisers distance themselves from speakers who claimed Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were wrong. #Science #India #Science&Technology #Religion #Asia
Philippe Barbarin, one of the most senior Catholics involved in the scandal, is accused of helping to cover up abuse. #Europe #France #Religion

Israeli nationalist crimes tripled in 2018

Last year saw a steep rise in “nationalist crimes,” violence and property damage by Jews against Palestinians in the West Bank. As of mid-December, 482 such incidents had been reported, compared to 140 for 2017.

Violence by settlers and right-wing activists included beating up and throwing stones at Palestinians. More frequently, the offenses consisted of painting nationalist and anti-Arab or anti-Muslim slogans, damaging homes and cars and cutting down trees belonging to Palestinian farmers.

I should read the titles of the articles before I bookmark them for later. Although this was interesting to know, soon after the advent of a new year, but still, it was not the topic I was looking for. Anyway, read it.

Some settler leaders, as well as Education Minister Naftali Bennett, spoke out strongly against Jewish terror. But in recent months a decline in the strength of settlement figures described as “statesmanlike” can be seen.

#... show more

Mayor of #Naples ready to open harbour for Sea Watch

"I hope this boat comes to the port of Naples because unlike what the government says we will put into the field a rescue action and we will let it into the port," he said.

Does anyone know what Matteo Salvini has said about this move? Is he very upset about it, or is he indifferent about it and now awaits a rise of criminality in this city? I don't know, I am late already since this report is four days old.

Some 18 NGOs including Save The Children, Amnesty International, Emergency and Doctors Without Borders appealed to EU member states to take in the 49 migrants aboard the two vessels on Thursday. (ANSAmed).

#Italy #MatteoSalvini #Salvini #RefugeesWelcome #Nationalism #NoNationalsim #Patriotism #NoPatriotism #Empathy #News #Politics #SeaWatch #Poverty #Terrorism #Corruption #CivilWar #Persecution #Religion
Scientology and #religion as a moral defense. Did not work for pedophile clergy, did it? ...but their institutions protected them from prosecution.
Ab Montagmorgen tagt die Synode der Evangelischen Kirche im Rheinland. Das Kirchenparlament befasst sich unter anderem mit der Partizipation junger Gläubiger.
Präses Rekowski eröffnet Kirchensynode
#Landessynode #Religion #Kirche #EvangelischeKirche #Protestanten #Glaube #NRW
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