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#Pelosi Carries #RightWing Rep. Henry Cuellar Over Finish Line to Defeat Progressive Jessica Cisneros
● NEWS ● #counterpunch #de ☞ Breakthroughs Against the #Rightwing Menace in #Germany
Breakthroughs Against the Rightwing Menace in Germany
'The #OAS Has a Lot to Answer For': New #MIT Study Disputes Key Claim That Paved Way for #RightWing #Coup in #Bolivia
In 'Infuriating' Bow to #RightWing Hit Job, #ABC News Suspends Veteran Journalist for Criticizing Network's Trump-Era Coverage
Amid #RightWing Effort to Smear #Sanders Over #Cuba Comments, Campaign Issues Reminder That #Obama Said the Same Thing
● NEWS ● #truthout #rightwing #violence ☞ #Virginia Braces for Arrival of Pro-Gun #Militias Amid State of Emergency
Virginia Braces for Arrival of Pro-Gun Militias Amid State of Emergency
"Turning Biden's support for Iraq War into foreign policy 'experience.'" https://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/10/steady-hand-joe-bidens-foreign-policy-instincts-are-exactly-what-we-dont-need #biden #neverbiden #militarism #rightwing #corrupt
● NEWS ● #salon #rightwing #spin #astroturf #playingTheVictim ☞ Not fake news: Major study finds no "liberal bias" in media — but there are other problems
● NEWS ● #salon #rightwing #spin #astroturf #playingTheVictim ☞ Not fake news: Major study finds no "liberal bias" in media — but there are other problems
● NEWS ● #truthout #scamCharity #oligarchy ☞ #DeVos Family Foundation Funnels Money to Her #RightWing Supporters
Betsy DeVos’s Family Foundation Funnels Money to Her Right-Wing Supporters
#RightWing Populism Prevails in #UK #Election
Boris Johnson’s Right-Wing Populism Prevails in UK Election

Wealthy #US donors gave millions to #rightwing #UK groups | #Politics

Yet more proof #Brexit has nothing to do with the people. It's all about making more #money for the #rich.
More Than 800 Scholars and Activists Sign Open Letter Demanding US End Support for #Bolivia 's #RightWing Coup Regime
● NEWS ● #Bolivia ☞ The Calling Cards of a #Rightwing #Coup
The Calling Cards of a Rightwing Coup
News: Diversity And Sovereignty (Morning Constitutional) -
(TFM/Turd Flinging Monkey)

#ethnostate #diversity #openborders #nogozone #rightwing
● NEWS ● #RightWing #Nationalism Threatens Our Future
Right-Wing Nationalism Threatens Our Future
● NEWS ● #McConnell Brags He and #Trump Are 'Changing the Federal Courts Forever' With Extreme #RightWing Judges
Watch "Ben Shapiro Caught Using Facebook Bots" on YouTube

Facebook and Zuckerburg love the right wing and are biased in a big way towards them. Using the site is supporting white supremacy, racism, nationalism, xenophobia, and hatred.
Don't believe me? Watch this.
Then delete your account if you're a real progressive.

#facebook #Zuckerburg #rightwing #racism #whitesupremacy #deletefacebook #progressive

YouTube: Ben Shapiro Caught Using Facebook Bots (The Young Turks)


#facebook #breitbart #altright #rightwing #hatespeech #fakenews
#Trump takes out the #trash.
In what we are sure will be "hair-on-fire" screamed about as 'tyrannical-book-burning', #President Trump has reportedly planning to instruct federal agencies to not #renew their #subscriptions to the #NewYorkTimes and the #WashingtonPost.
As The #WallStreetJournal reports, #Wh
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● NEWS ● #RightWing Attacks on #GretaThunberg : How Low Can They Go? Canada's Extremist Network #TheRebel Tries for the Prize
● NEWS ● #religion #politics #rightwing ☞ #Gilead Resembles an Islamic Theocracy, not Trump’s America
Gilead Resembles an Islamic Theocracy, not Trump’s America

The Cost of School Choice

I was always a bit suspicious about the school vouchers, but now I know why. #RightWing #ThinkTanks spend a lot of time devising unfair #Racist systems that sound fair on paper. e.g. #StandYourGround laws.

It appears fair that if somebody is making aggressive actions directed towards you that it shouldn't be illegal to defend yourself. In practice, it means people connected to power and/or the legal system can murder people, and disenfranchised people go to jail if they defend themselves.

This podcast helps reveal the #Inequity inherent in the system of #Vouchers.
The Cost of School Choice
#Reveal #PublicSchools #SchoolVouchers
the root cause is “away with the establishment”… and #Trump and #Johnson are the #rightwing #wreckingball…

which does not mean they have a better concepts… so let’s destroy… and think then about how to rebuild the house.

(a pretty bad plan)

never start a revolution - if one does not have a clear concept of what society should be like - afterwards. (but i guess everyone also has a different idea of what it should be like... but what we can agree on is 1. peace 2. jobs 3. sustainability)
#extremists #Germany #Germany #RightWing
In the Face of #RightWing Strongmen and an Economy Rife With Insecurity, We Must Reject the #Politics of Despair ... Show more...
From #GretaThunberg to Parkland: Young Activists and the #RightWing Smear Industry
@sophiasmonde Sophia Burton
Sophia Burton on Twitter #AfD #migration #RightWing #populism #EUElection2019 #Europawahl

Usual subject to conspiracy theories began to spread conspiracy theories

(Normally, this article is outdated, but I only now stumbled across it, and found it immediately interesting. Hence, why not share it, though? It shows us how mentally deranged the liar in chief really is, to spread conspiracy theories instead of fighting them, being what he is supposed to be, namely a beacon of safety, hope and prosperity in uncertain times.)
And his tabloid-fueled, campaign-trail instigations about the JFK assassination—he suggested the father of a political opponent, Ted Cruz, was somehow involved—are the backdrop against which the public must attempt to contextualize a presidential decision about open records.

Yet Drumpf isn’t just indifferent to truth, as any neutral party can see; and he isn’t solely set on deceiving the public, despite what many of his critics insist. Donald Drumpf isn’t even first and foremost a performer. He’s a pretender. And he has a preternatural sense for what people want him to be.

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Why fascists have always been trolls

The Nazis were dedicated trolls who weaponized their insincerity to take advantage of liberal societies ill-equipped to confront them. This was not done just for political advantage—rather, the insincerity itself was a moral act, an expression of contempt for the weak.

The original Nazis were open about their intentions, but their strategic insincerity created a fog of doubt that allowed observers to avoid the obvious. In 1922, The New York Times infamously declared that many believed “Hitler’s anti-Semitism was not so genuine or violent as it sounded, and that he was merely using anti-Semitic propaganda as a bait to catch masses of followers and keep them aroused, enthusiastic, and in line for the time when his organization is perfected and sufficiently powerful to be employed effectively for political purposes.” In 1930, even after the Nazis had become the second-largest party in the German legislature, the Times assured its readers that “there is no present basis for assuming that th... Show more...

Rupert Murdoch's son Lachlan to succeed his father in leadership

Decades ago he was promised the mantle at Fox, but the company he will run is not what anyone expected, and disappointments have lined his path to this moment. Not only is Lachlan more distant from the White House than his hard-charging father, he will oversee a much smaller company — parent to Fox News, Fox Sports, Fox Entertainment and Fox TV Stations.

On the other side of the political spectrum, several Fox News staffers said they fear Lachlan is less loyal to the network than his father, who has always backed the cable channel without question. The opinionated, conservative faction of the company that supports Trump is already testing his authority.

The Murdochs agreed to the Disney offer as the Justice Department was fighting AT&T’s $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner. In contrast to the hostility Trump displayed toward that deal, Trump spoke to Rupert the day the Fox deal with Disney was announced and “congratulated him,” according to... Show more...

Former CA governor Arnold Schwarzenegger unamused about Reality TV starlet-turned-POTUS' comment on John McCain

He told me that Drumpf’s swipes at McCain are both disgraceful and destructive. “He was just an unbelievable person,” Schwarzenegger said. “So an attack on him is absolutely unacceptable if he’s alive or dead—but even twice as unacceptable since he passed away a few months ago. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to do that. I just think it’s a shame that the president lets himself down to that kind of level. We will be lucky if everyone in Washington followed McCain’s example, because he represented courage.”

Drumpf wasn’t invited to the McCain funeral service, which some of his allies describe as a hurtful snub. “McCain’s funeral was calibrated to insult Drumpf—from not inviting him to the way the media played it up,” the former senior White House aide Steve Bannon told me before the president spoke in Ohio.

Didn't he think that there was... Show more...

Ban on military rifles executed in New Zealand, subsequent to Christchurch mosque shooting

Jacinda Ardern said the ban goes into effect immediately and would be followed by legislation next month. New Zealand's citizens should make arrangements to turn in weapons banned under the new laws, Ardern told the nation in a live television announcement.

She said an amnesty will be put in place for weapons to be handed in by citizens. The New Zealand cabinet will also implement a buyback plan for banned weapons, and there will be "tightly regulated" exemptions for some owners such as hunters and farmers.

About 1.5 million firearms are owned – legally and illegally – by civilians in New Zealand, according to police data tracked by GunPolicy.org, a website run in conjunction with the University of Sydney. This equates to about 30 firearms per 100 people. In the United States, the rate is approximately 120 firearms per 100 people, according to the site.
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Rep. Devin Nunes (R - CA) sues Twitter and three users for «silencing conservative voices»

(Guess that our GOP snowflakes can't stand the criticism they raise with all their mockery, their outspeaking and such. Please hand this man down some essays on what free speech is all about, because it seems to me like he didn't understand it. Anyway, let's read on.)
Fox News on Monday uploaded a copy of the complaint to its website. It was unclear whether the suit had actually been filed, since the copy did not bear a case number. Nunes’ lawyer could not be reached for comment Monday night.

Guess he was only screaming for attention. But as we all know, one must not count one's chickens before they are hatched.

“They spread this fake news and the slanderous news,” Nunes told host Sean Hannity in an interview on Fox News, accusing Twitter of “proliferating out things that they agree with, with the algorithms” he said the company has developed.

Guess what - your party's disciples and voters do the ver... Show more...

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro to meet with Donald Trump

“It’s the first time in a long time that a Brazilian president who is not anti-American, comes to Washington,” Bolsonaro said on Twitter after he arrived.

Outside the White House on Sunday afternoon, dozens of demonstrators gathered to protest the visit — holding signs including one that accused Bolsonaro of being a “murderer” over apparent links to suspects in the killing of rights activist Marielle Franco. Police have said those ties are coincidental.

The 63-year-old former paratrooper shares Drumpf’s hostility to the “dictator” Maduro, who took over after the death of socialist leader Hugo Chavez in 2013.
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On the rise of right-winged terrorism

The regrettable truth is that expressing deep sympathy in the immediate aftermath of an attack comes much more easily than longer-term reflection on the role that politicians, and social and traditional media may play in creating an environment in which far-right terrorism can flourish.

Or we as the people ourselves...

Britain is not alone in this: in the US, the number of far-right terrorist attacks quadrupled between 2016 and 2017. Last year, 11 people were shot while worshipping at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Yet President Drumpf has slashed funding aimed at reducing domestic terrorism.

Last year, Boris Johnson compared Muslim women wearing burqas to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”. According to the hate crime monitors Tell Mama, this led to a rise in incidents targeting women wearing the burqa. In 2016, Zac Goldsmith’s campaign for London mayor deployed a series of racist dogwhistles to imply that Sadiq Khan had links to Muslim extremists. Not only did he fac... Show more...

Teenager smashed egg on AUS Sen. Frasier, police investigates

Video circulating on social media shows a man holding the teenager in a headlock while a man can be heard telling him: "You are nothing but a weak human f--king being, you prick."

"Having seen that footage I instructed that our people examine the whole of that footage with the relevance to whether any assault charges be laid [against]anyone in that footage that may have committed an offence, not only from that first egging incident, but then everything that followed on from that," Mr Ashton said.

Last year, Mr Erikson was convicted of inciting serious contempt against Muslims, over a mock beheading he staged in the regional Victorian city of Bendigo in 2015.
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Alabama newspaper editor resigns over publisher's comment to the KKK to «ride again»

“He never left the building,” said Moore about Sutton, whose family has owned and operated the Democrat-Reporter based in Linden since 1917. “It seemed like (Dexter) would be real energetic and her (hiring) was the right thing.”

Several politicians, including U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell, D-Birmingham, called on Sutton to resign. Sutton was also stripped of his past journalism awards, and was censured by the Alabama Press Association.

“They had a decent newspaper about 16 years ago,” said Moore. “His wife was a very good investigative reporter and a very nice person. When she passed away, all the credibility of that newspaper left.”
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On the Christchurch shooting and its causes

The shooter says he carried out the attack for “my people,” because he believes that Muslim migration to European countries constitutes an “invasion” for which he wished to exact revenge. But he also included a number of ironic tropes intended to signal to his in-group and obscure what he was thinking to the out-group, only widening the cultural gulf between the two.

_The gleeful cruelty of the alt-right’s shposting in 2016, for instance, fooled mainstream journalists who couldn’t imagine people being glib about death threats or ethnostate advocacy. Their defensive and outraged reactions to something ostensibly ironic fueled the thing they were trying to stamp out. Shposting is ironic, vacuous. But it can also conceal something darker, as the apparent shooter’s 8chan post reveals: “Well lads, it’s time to stop sh**posting and time to make a real life effort post.”_

To say that it was meant ironic in any way, what those people are... Show more...

The Human Rights Movement was born out of a fear of democracy

Both developed out of the emerging European movement following the Second World War. This movement was motivated by conservative ruling elites’ need to manage democracy in the face of political threats, in particular the perceived threat of the spread of socialism from Eastern Europe (1).

Duranti notes that ‘while their socialist opponents called them anti-democratic, conservatives saw their aim at The Hague Congress as protecting democracy from itself’. Throughout the congress, the spectre of Nazism and the threat of Communism were presented as possible outcomes of untrammelled democracy.

A speech given by one leader showed how human rights were always conceived of as part of broader efforts towards European federalism. She proclaimed that given Europe’s ‘future is a federalist future, we believe that the defence of human rights is impossible in international terms except in a federalist framework’.

The attempt to craft an ... Show more...
This series of hard-hitting News & Commentary videos seemed over-the-top as they aired, but now that it's played out they seem very subdued. No #American #Conservative or #Religious #RightWing #Evangelical could watch these without assembling a militia to go after Keith #Olbermann. I loved every episode, but in context, I watched some months after they aired, some within a week of their airing, then after a long break the rest of them in posterity (mostly season 2). They will be a timeless piece of history one day when America comes back to its senses, or after our couple hundred-year long empire fails.

On the basis of internet culture that fuels hate crimes

The shooter’s manifesto and the livestream both contain a handful of references to internet-related things. Before he begins his drive to the mosque, the shooter says, “Subscribe to PewDiePie” — a phrase that recently became a meme via the YouTuber’s fans’ fervent efforts to preserve PewDiePie’s status as the channel with the most subscriptions on that platform. In the livestream recording, the shooter plays a piece of music known among channers as “Remove Kebab” (taken from an old Serbian propaganda video) while on his way to the mosque, and later plays a remix of “Grün ist Ünser Fallschirm,” a German paratrooper song preferred by channers. The one uniquely garish twist to the shooter’s livestream was his decision to write messages directly on his weapon, which is visible in the video at all times, similar to in a video game. It’s a tactic that feels cribbed from the popularity of streaming and “Let’s Plays.... Show more...

The right-winged extremists' new strategy

Data collected by the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism shows a staggering 182 percent increase of propaganda incidents in 2018, with 1,187 cases reported, compared with 421 in 2017. This is the highest number of reported propaganda efforts on record.

Identity Evropa often posts flyers that appear to be innocuous paeans to Western European art. Patriot Front leans heavily on red, white and blue signage with mainstream conservative messaging, including “America First” and “Fake news — don’t buy it.” When they gather for events, Patriot Front members are far less circumspect about their racism, frequently shouting “Blood and Soil!” — a callback to a Nazi slogan.

When they share these images with their virtual community, these groups are patting themselves on the back, celebrating their ability to overcome the obstacles set up by the “mainstream media,” “leftists” and, of course, the Jews.
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On Rep. Ilhan Omar (D - MN) and the Republicans

Where a few weeks ago, cable television networks cut to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s live commentary about Drumpf and Russia, this week they carried her uncomfortable words about seething fellow Democrats.

As Pelosi and Democratic leadership have come under pressure to rebuke Omar, for example, three of the party’s presidential candidates — Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — pushed back. The result was a watered-down resolution introduced on Thursday that did not single out Omar by name and condemned both “anti-Semitism” and “anti-Muslim discrimination.”

White House aides are in the midst of a pressure campaign pushing GOP lawmakers not to support a resolution set to rebuke the president for invoking his national emergency powers to build his border wall. Next week, Drumpf is likely to quash the measure with the first veto of his presidency.
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On the anti-Semitic wagon that was spot on the carnival of Aalst

1. Brussels Times:

In another part of the parade, a procession resembling the Ku Klux Klan were seen celebrating with town officials, in the presence of Flemish nationalist politician Senator Guy D'haeseleer.
Le me guess: The Vlaams Belang has created the anti-Semitic wagon. It wouldn't have been a surprise to me if this was the case. Some people don't care to hide their misanthropic ideology, even during the carnival season. But I am surprised how hard the ushering towards the right has influenced the carnival, throughout the world.
The Aalst carnival was included in UNESCO’s list of intangible world heritage in 2010. It’s origin dates back to the Middle Ages. However, only events from 1923 organised by Aalst city council are officially counted.


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On Dan Crenshaw, the latest starlet in the GOPs

“A society full of people who are easily enraged by every tweet they see, or some news story that comes out—so susceptible to outrage culture, so ready to be offended—it’s not a sustainable society. It’s a society at each other’s throats,” he says.

He seriously sounds like a reaonsable conservative. I like him.

[...] whether he’s slamming his Democratic colleagues, speaking fluent Spanish in a video supporting the Venezuelan people or humble-bragging about his double ax-throwing skills—are frequently shared and “liked” by thousands or tens of thousands of people.

he supports free trade, wants to reform Medicare and Social Security, and thinks American troops should stay in Afghanistan (where an IED took one of the veteran’s eyes) as long as they’re needed to prevent another 9/11. That puts him at odds with Drumpf, whom Crenshaw has been unafraid to criticize, going so far as to call his rhetoric “ins... Show more...

On CPAC and Trump's speech

1. The Atlantic:

Instead, he returned to his list of greatest hits: the Russia “witch hunt,” the worst trade deal ever, criminal immigrants, Crooked Hillary, socialist Democrats, and even the crowd size at his inauguration. Compared with his freewheeling rally speeches or his rambling remarks last month in the White House Rose Garden, the president’s CPAC speech was a wild ride.
When the inferiority complex hits your unexpectedly hard...
His time at the podium may have even been the longest presidential oration in American history, according to the political writer David Rothkopf, eclipsing William Henry Harrison’s 8,445-word inaugural address in 1841—the outdoor speech in cold weather that famously gave Harrison pneumonia and caused his
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