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#StPetersburg court upholds customs seizure of Masha Gessen’s new book about modern-day #Russia ‘totalitarianism’
Suspect arrested in terror attack allegedly planned for Putin’s visit to #Serbia
https://meduza.io/en/news/2019/01/16/suspect-arrested-in-terror-attack-allegedly-planned-for-putin-s-visit-to-serbia #russia #putin

Russia says it caught accused U.S. Marine spying red-handed


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Russia says it caught accused U.S. Marine spying red-handed

#Kilimnik becomes focus on grand jury investigation

_The 31-page filing gives an unprecedented window into Mueller's work with the grand jury, which is typically secret. It's also the first confirmation from prosecutors that Kilimnik is still central to the grand jury's efforts.__

Despite being heavily redacted, some details of the communications are discernable. Manafort tried to get people appointed to the administration at the start of Drumpf's presidency, according to Gates, and was talking to someone whose name is redacted through February 2018 when Gates pleaded guilty.

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Barr announced to declare #Mueller's final report to "confidential

But Barr, testifying at his confirmation hearing, said that under his interpretation of the special counsel regulations, he didn’t believe that Mueller’s final report was required to be made public. Barr said he believed Mueller’s report would be “confidential,” but that as attorney general he would issue a public summary of its findings.

Why wouldn't he like to see the report to be available to everyone interested, especially the press? Press members may be able to read it, but not to publish it. I think that it would be nicer to know that Trump's betrayal on the American people should be visible to all of us.

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Иной русский мир

Статистика эмиграции: сколько россиян уезжают за рубеж на постоянное место жительства, какие страны они выбирают и почему.
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Иной русский мир

Статистика эмиграции: сколько россиян уезжают за рубеж на постоянное место жительства, какие страны они выбирают и почему.
#russian #lang ru #emigration #Russia

Mueller points out Manafort’s lies and plea deal violations in court filing


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Mueller points out Manafort’s lies and plea deal violations in court filing
When I link to media controlled by #russia or #iran I often point this out; same for #bbc #cnn etc. (important to know loyalties and allegiances). But to start blocking and ranking sites based on these things is to engage in a sort of 'technical racism'...
Company that falsely connected people to Russia surprised that media in #russia isn't happy, making it seem like "proof" it's onto something. #newsguard = #censorship by #mccarthyism
Gaining Traction With Consumers and Platforms, NewsGuard Draws Scrutiny From RT, WikiLeaks
‘Meduza’ fact check: The secretary of #Russia ’s Security Council says there was only one terrorist act in the country last year. Is he right? [...] At least two more terrorism cases were reclassified ... show more
#Russia Federal #Penitentiary Service employee still at work after driving car into mother and two children
Barr vows to allow Russia probe to continue despite president's claim that the investigation is a 'witch-hunt'. #MuellerProbe #UnitedStates #US&Canada #DonaldTrump #Russia

#Chechnya starts raid on #LGBT community

In an interview with the BBC last year, Mr #Kadyrov said the allegations were "an invention by foreign agents" or created by activists looking for money.

Homophobia is widespread in the highly conservative and predominantly Muslim Russian republic.

Activists believe dozens have been taken in recent weeks to a detention centre near #Argun - a town 20km (13 miles) from the city of #Grozny.

"We know of around 40 people who have been detained, but it may be more. It's also unclear at this point how many have since been freed. We know that does happen, when people are handed over to their families to 'deal with'," Igor Kochetkov, the head of the group, told the BBC.

#Russia #News #Politics #Homophobia #StopHomophobia #Discrimination #Persecution

Shall we contemplate subpoenaing the principal witness in the Russian affaire?

Concern focuses most on Drumpf’s meetings with Putin at the Helsinki summit in July 2018. The Russian president, and the American president helped into office by the Russian president, met for two hours with no aides. No agenda was published before the meeting, no communiqué issued afterward. The Russian side later claimed that a number of agreements had been reached at the summit. Nobody on the American side seemed to know whether this was true. At a press conference four days after the meeting, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said, “I’m not in a position to either understand fully or talk about what happened in Helsinki.”

We are facing very possibly the worst scandal in the history of the U.S. government. Previous high-profile cases of disloyalty to the United States—Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s betrayal of atomic secrets to the U.S.S.R.; Secretary of War John B. Floyd’s allowing federal arsenals to fall into sec... show more
How #Israel got caught attempting to manipulate #US foreign policy in #Syria and how #Bolton, #Mattis, and Pompeo are in the pocket of #Netanyahu!


#news #Trump #war #peace #Russia #GarethPorter #MiddleEast #Iran
How Trump Thwarted Calculated Israeli Effort to Keep U.S. in Syria

The American Conservative: How Trump Thwarted Calculated Israeli Effort to Keep U.S. in Syria (Gareth Porter)

#kremlin funded #russia media trying to incite Europe against Muslims and vice versa. As one might expect

Conspirative breakfast targeted by Special Counsel Robert #Mueller

Now Nunes—a key figure behind the right-wing counter narrative that Drumpf is at the mercy of a “Deep State” conspiracy—finds at least one meeting that he himself attended under the special counsel’s scrutiny.

Some of those who attended the dinner also attended the Drumpf Hotel breakfast, two individuals with direct knowledge of the events told The Daily Beast. Country officials invited to the breakfast included Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Japan, Angola and others. Former Kazakh Ambassador Kairat Umarov attended the breakfast, as did two senior Qatari officials.

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Is Trump a foreign agent to Russia?

During the 2016 campaign, Drumpf repeatedly praised Putin, giving him an “A for leadership,” and insisted that Putin’s killing of political enemies was no worse than ours: “There are a lot of killers. Do you think our country is so innocent?” Then, as president, he refused to endorse sanctions against Russia imposed by Congress, has still never blamed Russia for its proven meddling in the 2016 election, and suggested Russia had every right to seize Crimea. All of which led the FBI to conclude that not only Drumpf aides Paul Manafort, Carter Page and George Papadopoulos were colluding with Russia, but, perhaps, so was Drumpf himself. That question of collusion, of course, was soon taken up by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Very good, comrade Drumpfsky, you do very good for Mother Russia. Now, disclose every folders on Russian foreign agents and targets to Kremlin, so that we can delete them to ascertain our mission to undermine DC.

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#Trump #Russia #Democrats
The New Trump Russia Narrative Falls Apart... AGAIN?!
♲ Valkyrie (115203308341052771495@plus.google.com):
Trump’s Trade War With China Makes Russia Great Again
#UnitedStates #China #Russia #Sanctions #InternationalEconomicPolicy #Trade #USTradeDeficit
What is it about media barons, both in #us and #russia in this case, that compels them to think they have sexual authority over attractive women they employ?
The lawmaker behind some of #Russia 's latest draconian legislation offers his own questionable ideas about #defamation and #corruption
Reminder: #russia arrested a #debian #gnu #linux developer because someone had posted a link to a Kanye West (idiot) music video through his #tor exit node
A new report reveals the hidden mechanisms authorities use to restrict protests in #Russia ... show more

"CRASH" In #Russia CRACKS #Mountain In Half.. ARMY Sent In!

russianfed faith

Today is January 1, 2019 (according to the Julian calendar, the first day of the year), today is the Orthodox holiday of The Circumcision of Jesus. I do not celebrate and do not congratulate anyone on this holiday. But on this occasion i will publish photos showing a small aspect of Russianfed spirituality:
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Incarcerated ex-marine and tourist Paul #Whelan officially charged with espionage two days ago

“I don’t speak Russian but reports of Ms. Zakharova’s press briefing today suggest she made the first official confirmation that Paul was charged with espionage since the December 28 press release [announcing his arrest],” said an email sent to reporters by Whelan’s brother David. Indeed, charges were laid under Article 276 of Russia’s criminal code, Zakharova told reporters at a televised news conference Friday (Jan. 11), which was confirmed by ABC News.

Zherebenkov is on vacation in the Dominican Republic at the moment, as reported by the Daily Beast, and said there isn’t much he can do for his client just yet. “The prison is closed for the holidays, anyway; the investigators will begin introducing us to the case on January 14,” Zherebenkov told the Daily Beast.

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On Donnie and the #FBI's Russia investigation

The reports -- from The New York Times, CNN and The Washington Post -- took intrigue about Drumpf and Russia to a surreal new level, even after two years of shocking developments borne out of Moscow's election meddling in 2016.

_"I'm not keeping anything under wraps. I couldn't care less. I mean, it's so ridiculous. These people make it up," Drumpf said.__

No, we don't. It's all real, the entire mess is real.

If, as the White House says, Drumpf has no compromised relationship with Russia, why does he go out of his way to hide his interactions with Putin? Does he perhaps not trust his own team not to leak details of their meetings?

Two things are necessary to understand it: First of all: He doesn't trust his team because even his own adminisitration doesn't trust him anymore. He believes that all of his people surrounding him are under cahoots with the investigation, so he avoids interacting with them. Seco... show more
"Early on January 9, Moscow Lomonosov District municipal deputy Kirill Chirkin was attacked in the street." #Moscow #Russia

#Russia enforces troop strength on #Mariupol

Russian occupation forces in Donbas focus their efforts mainly on the Mariupol direction and in the Azov Sea area, Commander of Ukraine's Joint Forces Serhiy Nayev says. "Russian occupation forces are not attacking, but this doesn't mean that they ceased their attempts to provoke further conflict," Nayev said in an interview with Austria's Wiener Zeitung, according to the JFO HQ press service.

#Ukraine #Crimea #Putin #War #NoWar #NoNationalism #NoPatriotism #Patriotism #Nationalism #Putin #Kremlin #Politics #News #VladimirPutin #Nayev #SerhiyNayev

Read more on UNIAN:
" #torture and killings of numerous gay men while others fled to other areas of #Russia or to Western Europe."
Allegations that #russia engages in #torture of prisoners ... show more
When terrorism is disguised as "gas leak"?
Or a gas leak is framed as "terrorism"? #russia debates still... ... show more
Like #china and the #us the Federation [sic]of #russia wants a piece of #imperialism in #africa
"you must guess which statistics describe the late Soviet Union and which describe the Russian Federation of nine years ago"
#ussr #russia
#newscorp 3.5 months ago: " #Assange has stepped down as editor of #WikiLeaks " and new publications are almost entirely ignored by #Corporatemedia (only #russia state media covers these, as the West would certainty hope)
#russia state media takes advantage of #us #drone strikes to discredit objectives in that region https://sputniknews.com/military/201901081071285670-2018-US-Killed-Dozens-Drone-War-Yemen/ when will "Saudi-led" massacre end? Quit Yemen.

Pres. Trump Calls New York Times Piece on him Working For Russia ‘Most Insulting’


#america #calls #collusion #democrat #fbi #house judiciary #house judiciary committee #insult #insulting #interview #investigate #investigation #james comey #maga #most #new #new york times #new york times report #no collusion #nyt #oan newsroom #piece #pres #president #president donald trump #president trump #report #republican #russia #russia collusion #russia probe #saturday #times #trump #united states of america #usa #working #york
Pres. Trump Calls New York Times Piece on him Working For Russia ‘Most Insulting’

From #China to #Russia, #world is blanketed in white - in pictures

remember the liars saying we will never see snow again
and they got rich so rich from all their lies

now its time or justice
From China to Russia, world is blanketed in white - in pictures -- Sott.net

Heavy snowfalls in Europe, Asia and the Middle East have left a world of white across thousands of kilometres
#china #russia and US tit-for-tat with arrests and kidnappings
US president reportedly asked a translator not to disclose or discuss details of his conversation with Vladimir Putin. #UnitedStates #DonaldTrump #MuellerProbe #US&Canada #Russia
NATO, Trump and Putin - GeoEconomics - all about Dollars Oil and Gas

First of all i think it’s pretty rude how Trump bosses around the NATO-General.


Yes you are right Mr Trump – Germany alone spends 50 Billion € a year just on oil imports.

That’s lot of money that could be saved – if Saudi oil AND Russian gas could be replaced with renewable hydrogen. (and it can!)

NATO is in fact under US control (as far as i know).

If Trump wants to change US foreign policy to save money – Let’s dismantle NATO! PLEASE! GO AHEAD! PLEASE REMOVE THE US-NUKES FROM EUROPE AND GERMANY! Thank you!

Is Germany and Japan allowed to have it... show more
Would not surprise me at all to learn that the Trump Shutdown is a desperate attempt to distract We, The People finding out about his treason.

The GOP should be working with Democrats to get to the bottom of this and remove his ass from the WH and straight into PRISON. But no, the little fifth column weasels are running cover for this treasonous piece of trash.

BOMBSHELL: FBI Started Investigating Whether Trump Is Working On Behalf Of Russia Days After He Fired Comey

#Trump #Fascism #Russia #Putin #StolenElection #Nazi #Assholes #AltRight #FBI #Mueller #Comey #TrumpShutdown #Spanky #Traitor #Treason #Criminal #GOP #Republicans
Orange Hitler is a fucking traitor. LOCK HIM UP. Then empower the DHS to GO AFTER the fucking Nazis and the fascists that are trying to recruit on social networks or forming street gangs of thugs like the "Proud Boys". Arrest every last one of those mother fuckers and throw the book at them - give them the maximum amount of prison time.

Then, we need to work to break up and find the enabling criminals in the fifth column that is the Republican Party, and END their vote rigging, their voter suppression, and their gerrymandering. Then work to change/end the slavery-era Electoral College that keeps empowering rednecks to choose presidents over most of America. It gave us the fucking idiot W, and it gave us the even worse Orange Hitler.

F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia

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♲ Don Denton (108189716864416208821@plus.google.com):
[An excerpt]
WASHINGTON — In the days after President Trump fired James B. Comey as F.B.I. director, law enforcement officials became so concerned by the president’s behavior that they began investigating whether he had been working on behalf of Russia against American interests, according to former law enforcement officials and others familiar with the investigation.

The inquiry carried explosive implications. Counterintelligence investigators had to consider whether the president’s own actions constituted a possible threat to national security. Agents also sought to determine whether Mr. Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow’s influence.

The investigation the F.B.I. opened into Mr. Trump also had a criminal aspect, which has long been publicly known: whether his firing of Mr. Comey constituted obstruction of justice.
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#CorporateMedia ridiculed in #russia
Investigators sought to determine whether Trump had knowingly or unwittingly worked for Kremlin interests, report says. #UnitedStates #DonaldTrump #FBI #VladimirPutin #Russia

Current Situation of Planet Earth

#wars #geopolitics #politics

#Russia + #Germany is working to undermine the #USA.
Germany is working to kick out US support.
Germany has control of the #Europe again.
Russia + #Japan are in talks to resolve their territorial disputes.
Japan is working to be free from US control.
Japan, like Germany, is exercising their military might that was removed from them by the US-made constitution... show more
About: Russia vs. Telegram: technical notes on the battle

@ wrote:
It is clear, of course, that an open client and an open server are different things. But, an open client is important, because it is this program that runs on the user's device.

About “Propaganda and psychological warfare” I think that everything is explained simply. If I had a military department at the university and there was such a specialty, I would have no doubt preferred it to all tank crews, rocket men and other military joys of junior officers. First, not to spend a year of life in the army, and, secondly, to get a specialty which in the civil society is at least somewhat useful (literally, an extra few courses of psychology). It ussual, at the end of the military department, people get the
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