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#KDE sprints in summer heat https://subdiff.org/blog/2019/kde-sprints-in-summer-heat #Valencia #Spain #es
Open Arms says conditions for 107 migrants on board too dire to make the six-day journey to the Spanish port.
Migrant rescue vessel declines Spain's offer to dock in Algeciras
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Spain's First Open Source Satellite https://hackaday.com/2019/08/15/spains-first-open-source-satellite/ #spain #es #FossaSystems
Spain’s First Open Source Satellite
#china will do in #hk what #madrid did in #barcelona 2 years ago. #spain

Right now they just 'park' their 'assets' (goons) nearby.
Anonymous investors have launched a hostile €25m bid for Sóller’s locally owned heritage train link to Palma

Indignant residents of the Mallorcan town of Sóller have said their railway is not for sale after a group of investors launched a hostile takeover bid.

The town has been linked to the capital, Palma, with a picturesque narrow-gauge railway since 1912. The train, with its wooden carriages, has been in continuous use ever since, climbing 200 metres and passing through 13 tunnels on its 27km journey.
Hands off our treasured railway, say locals in Sóller, Mallorca
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How the far right in Spain has seized on bullfighting to make its point | Guillem Martínez
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A huge fire broke out on the holiday island of Gran Canaria on Saturday. Hundreds of people were evacuated as the flames burned though 900 hectares of forest
Wildfire rages through forest in Spain's Canary Islands - video
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The acting prime minister needs the support of Catalan and Basque groups to form a socialist-led government. #PedroSanchez #Business&Economy #Europe #Spain #HumanRights
Outdoor smoking ban escalates war over Barcelona's restaurant terraces
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Footage shows the man tipping the fridge down ravine in Valle de Almanzora

A man who was caught on film fly-tipping a fridge down a ravine in southern Spain has been fined and forced to drag it back up after being identified by police.

The video went viral after the man, who works for a company that recycles domestic electronic equipment in Olula del Río in Almería was seen tipping the fridge in the Valle de Almanzora. In the video, the man and his companion who filmed the incident can be heard joking about “recycling, let’s go, let’s see how many flips it can do”.
Man caught fly-tipping fridge in ravine fined and made to drag back
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A man who joked about recycling as he tipped a fridge over a cliff was made to haul it back up by Spanish authorities, who then shared footage of his labour on social media. He was fined €45,000 (£41,000) and ordered to collect the fridge and dispose of it correctly, AUGC Guardia Civil tweeted
Spanish police order man who threw fridge off cliff to drag it back up – video
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Antonio de la Torre is magnetic as a politician at the centre of a web of betrayal in Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s slow-burn thriller

This is one of those rare films that starts as a slog but grows progressively more engrossing as it develops. It finally delivers a wallop of a finale, a concluding 15 minutes crackling with suspense and left-field twists – but it’s really quite hard work at first, presenting a bewildering blizzard of dialogue that largely obscures what the hell is going on. It starts by introducing an enigmatic assemblage of shadowy politicians noshing and joshing together in a Spanish seaside restaurant. Gradually, party apparatchik Manuel (the intensely watchable Antonio de la Torre, whose middle-aged features are carved with dimples and oddly angled worry lines) emerges as the protagonist of an offbeat crime thriller seemingly set 10 or 15 years ago, when Blackberries were the upper-middle-class smartphone of choice and iPhones were just coming on to the market.

The technology is significant, coming into play as assorted means of surveillance... Show more...
Drones will gather evidence on driving offences and assist emergency services

Spain’s traffic authorities are deploying drones to help tackle drivers breaking the law as the annual August exodus begins.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) said it had 11 drones, three of which had been certified by the Spanish Meteorological Centre to gather evidence.
Spain deploys drones to monitor traffic blackspots
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Or #Italy, or #Spain, or ANY US State where it is predominant.

Or ask Bernie Sanders' campaign workers who wanted to organize.
Rule that male workers should wear ties and female staff ribbons is discriminatory, officials also say

Burger King workers in Barcelona will be able to lay down their razors after Catalan authorities decided the fast food giant’s prohibition on beards, moustaches and stubble violated employees’ constitutional rights.

The regional government’s labour inspection committee also determined that rules stipulating that male workers should wear ties and female workers ribbons amounted to sexual discrimination.
Burger King beard ban infringes workers' rights, says Catalonia
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They have become a menace in European cities. In Barcelona, where wild boar are jostling tourists and raiding rubbish bins, the fightback has begun. By Bernhard Warner

Collserola Natural Park looms over Barcelona, rising to about 500 metres at the Tibidabo peak. This forested ridge effectively walls off the city’s growth. Collserola is rich with wildlife, home to more than 190 animal species. Overlooking a city of more than 20 million residents and tourists, it has become a battlefront between human and nature. On many a hot Catalan night, wild boar from Collserola, alone or in gangs, descend on the city and mingle with the human population carousing after hours.

The encounters between Barcelonan and beast are numerous, peaking in 2016 when police logged 1,187 phone calls about nuisance boars on the loose – wild hogs rooting up turf, munching trash, attacking dogs, plundering cat-feeders, holding up traffic and running into cars. For the past decade, Barcelona has been desperately searching for a way to keep the boar from colonising the leafy neighbourhoods... Show more...
Podemos abstains from second round of voting after it could not reach deal with Socialists

Spain’s Socialist caretaker prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has failed at a second attempt to form a government after he could not reach agreement with his only potential coalition partner, the anti-austerity party Unidas Podemos.

Sánchez only needed a simple majority in parliament to get a deal across the line but after 48 hours of hectic negotiating the Podemos leader, Pablo Iglesias, announced his party would abstain during the second round of voting and the result was 124 in Sánchez’s favour, 155 against and 67 abstentions.

(December 20, 2015) 2015 general election
Spanish caretaker PM fails in second attempt to form government
#Spain #Europe #Worldnews
Acting socialist prime minister loses parliamentary vote, raising chances of fourth election in Spain in as many years. #Spain #PedroSanchez #Europe
European commission moves to halt loss of habitat for migrating turtle doves

The European commission has launched legal action that could protect one of the best known birds of the English countryside from extinction.

The turtle dove – once a familiar sound of summer in south-east England – has been in steep decline since the 1970s because of intensive farming across Europe.
EU acts to protect future of bird facing extinction in UK
#Birds #Conservation #EuropeanUnion #Animals #Environment #Europe #Wildlife #Worldnews #Spain #France
Socialist party in talks with Podemos and regional MPs to confirm Sanchez as prime minister in fresh parliamentary vote. #Spain #PedroSanchez #Europe

Anarchism in Barcelona: The Spanish Civil War (Part 1/2)

I post pictures / meme every day about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download and share them ! :)

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Sidelining of Podemos leader paves way for administration headed by Socialist Workers’ leader Pedro Sanchez

Spain is likely to install a leftwing government this week after Pablo Iglesias, leader of the anti-austerity Podemos, agreed to step aside to enable a coalition between his party and the Socialist Workers’ party, led by Pedro Sánchez.

Months of wrangling since April’s general election came to a head last week when Sánchez said he was prepared to form a coalition on the condition that Iglesias did not have a ministerial position. He said Iglesias was “the principal obstacle” to agreeing on a coalition, adding that other Podemos members would be offered cabinet positions. Among those tipped to join the government is Irene Montero, the party’s number two, who is also Iglesias’s partner.
Spain set for socialist-led government after Iglesias deal
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David Briffaut broke his neck at Aqualandia after hitting water at the bottom of a slide

A British holidaymaker could be paralysed for life after breaking his neck in an accident at a Spanish water park, his family fear.

David Briffaut, 23, lost consciousness and suffered serious injuries after hitting the water in a pool at the bottom of a slide at the Aqualandia tourist attraction in Benidorm.
British tourist could be paralysed after Benidorm water park accident
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When suspect removed wig officers found 503g of cocaine glued to his head

Police at Barcelona airport have arrested a Colombian man suspected of trying to smuggle half a kilo of cocaine into Spain concealed under his wig.

Officers noted that the passenger, who had arrived on a flight from Bogotá, seemed extremely nervous. However, what most attracted their attention was the size, and in particular, the height of his wig.
Man held in Spain over attempt to smuggle cocaine under his wig
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THIS IS MENORCA | A #Mediterranean #Island #Paradise

Exploring the beautiful Spanish island of Menorca (Minorca), one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, east of Spain.
Five injured during Pamplona festival – but none gored by bulls
#Spain #Europe #Worldnews
"The #EuropeanCommission has warned #Spain it may face disciplinary action if it does not introduce tougher measures to reduce #air #pollution ." https://elpais.com/elpais/2019/07/11/inenglish/1562829294_423030.html this literally kills, not directly
Former ballerina said her son, now 42, was conceived in week-long affair with the pop star

A Spanish court has ruled that the pop star Julio Iglesias is the biological father of a 42-year-old man whose mother said she had a brief affair with the singer in the 1970s.

In a case that has dragged on for two years, a judge in Valencia ruled that Javier Sánchez Santos, who now lives in Italy, is the Spanish singer’s son despite Iglesias repeatedly refusing to give a DNA sample.
He's the daddy, judge rules on two-year Julio Iglesias paternity case
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As Trump closes US doors to migrants, Latin Americans look to Europe
#Migration #Belgium #Spain #Europe #Worldnews #Americas
Woody Allen: 'I never think of retiring'
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#Plasma + Usability & Productivity Sprint in Valencia, #Spain https://dot.kde.org/2019/07/04/plasma-usability-productivity-sprint-valencia-spain #kde #gnu #linux ... Show more...
Alleged victim tells of men handling starting pistol during attack when she was 14

The teenage victim of an alleged sexual abuse by six men in north-east Spain has spoken of how she felt intimidated during the attack, as she gave tearful testimony in court in Barcelona.

The six men are accused of sexually abusing the girl during a party in an abandoned factory in Manresa in October 2016, when she was 14. A seventh man who allegedly masturbated while watching is accused of failing to help her.
Spain sexual abuse case: girl tells of intimidation by six men
#Spain #Europe #Worldnews
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