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Mohamad Rahimeh found a talent for cooking in the Calais refugee camp. Now he has a viable business in London

When Mohamad Rahimeh arrived in the Calais refugee camp that was nicknamed “the Jungle”, cooking was the last thing on his mind. He was a political scientist from Syria with a journey from hell behind him. Food was just a means to an end.

But when a close friend fell sick, he rustled up a meal of eggs. A hidden talent was uncovered.

The Syrian refugees changing the UK's food scene
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Iranian ship was boarded by marines in contested waters off coast of Gibraltar

The Spanish government has said it plans to lodge a formal complaint over the British military’s seizure off the coast of Gibraltar of an Iranian supertanker thought to be taking oil to Syria.

“We are studying the circumstances and looking at how this affects our sovereignty,” Josep Borell, Spain’s acting foreign minister, said. Spain considers the sea around Gibraltar to be part of its international waters, while the British regard it as theirs.
Spain to lodge complaint over British seizure of oil tanker
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Stray missile from Syria-Israel clash lands in Cyprus – video
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#corporatemedia used a dead kid washed ashore to manufacture consent re #syria so why not #latam too? As if one casualty or one photo alone matters more than the "stats" (even more horrifying)
A Grim Border Drowning Underlines Peril Facing Many Migrants
Russian-made missile crashes into mountainside overnight, setting hills ablaze

A missile has struck Cyprus, skimming the densely populated capital, Nicosia, and crashing on a mountainside in what officials said could have been a spillover of an Israeli strike on Syria and a counter response.

The impact occurred about 1am (10pm GMT) in the region of Tashkent, also known as Vouno, 12 miles (20km) north-east of Nicosia, with the explosion setting hills ablaze and heard for miles around. There were no casualties.
Missile from Syria-Israel clash lands on Cyprus
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It's the US that has ties to Al-Qaeda. Look who they've been supporting in #Syria for christs sake! The Al-Qaeda Syrian branch known as #HTS. They keep re-branding themselves to obfuscate the connection.

"Blatant theft: with no legal jurisdiction whatsoever and in flagrant violation of international law, #Israel re-names part of #Syria after #Trump " -Sarah Wilkinson
#Syria #Hama
"Members of the #Yazidi minority in #Germany are taking the federal government to court. They say #Berlin isn't doing enough to bring German "Islamic State" supporters captured in #Syria to justice."
#Iraq #Syria Why won't the US, UK and/or #EU authorities comment on this — And why are they [allegedly]taking the elite members of #ISIS away, secretly? youtu.be/DlyxDDh2TQc via @YouTube #Iraq
#Syria and War #Propaganda: Robert Stuart vs the #BBC - 21st Century Wire
Syria and War Propaganda: Robert Stuart vs the BBC - 21st Century Wire #Syria
Syria and War Propaganda: Robert Stuart vs the BBC
Battles for #Syria | June 6th 2019 | The Jihadist HTS in the #Idlib front have counterattacked with impressive results youtu.be/rMCzzSjEMRc via @YouTube
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Martin Chulov, the Guardian’s Middle East correspondent, tells Anushka Asthana about meeting Umm Sayyaf, who described her role in helping the CIA hunt for the Isis leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. And: Johny Pitts on how an ice bath with pop duo Jedward prompted a journey around Europe exploring Afropean identity

Martin Chulov, the Guardian’s Middle East correspondent, tells Anushka Asthana about meeting Nisrine Assad Ibrahim, better known by her nom de guerre, Umm Sayyaf - the most senior female Islamic State captive. Sayyaf, 29, is a controversial figure who has been accused of involvement in some of the terror group’s most heinous crimes, including the enslavement of the captured US aid worker Kayla Mueller and several Yazidi women and girls, who were raped by senior Isis leaders.

Chulov describes the central role Sayyaf played in the hunt for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, helping identify safe houses used by the fugitive terrorist leader. Chulov was the first journalist to interview Sayyaf since she was captured in a Delta F... Show more...
The Western Main Stream Media Is Key to #Syria Deceptions
The Western Media Is Key to Syria Deceptions
#OPCW #Syria #ChemicalWeapons #Douma #TheodorePostol #Tulsi2020
Human rights groups have criticised the country’s trials of fighters captured in Syria

An Iraqi court has sentenced three French citizens to death after they were found guilty of joining Islamic State, a court official said.

Captured in Syria by a US-backed force fighting the jihadists, they are the first French Isis members to receive death sentences in Iraq, where they were transferred for trial.
Iraq sentences three French citizens to death for joining Isis
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So Many Wars: Remembering Friends in #Iraq , #Jordan , #Syria , #Kurdistan and #Turkey
So Many Wars: Remembering Friends in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Kurdistan and Turkey 
#Syria Russian MoD on the recent HTS Al-Nusra, large counterattack in #Idlib
Breaking: Russian Defense Ministry comments on militants massive offensive in Syria | Muraselon News #Syria
Breaking: Russian Defense Ministry comments on militants massive offensive in Syria
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"source added representatives of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, that are partners of the US in the coalition, also have been involved in organizing the meeting." #regimechange #syria


No To Wars & ‘political sociopath' …


Have these #Washington psychopaths learned nothing? Having lost against #Syria, failing in #Iraq and #Afghanistan, do they really seek catastrophic defeat against #Iran?

Posted by Tim Anderson on Friday, 10 May 2019

Facebook: Tim Anderson (Tim)


The body of Anarchist Lorenzo Orsetti is accompanied out of Rojava by his comrades

Lorenzo Orsetti (February 13, 1986 – March 18, 2019), also known as Orso and Tekoşer Piling, was an Italian anarcho-communist and antifascist from Florence who fought against ISIL with the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria.


Lorenzo was a chef by trade, sommelier and worked in different restaurants in Florence.[1][2] [3]When he lived in Florence, he became interested in the Kurdish conflict, his struggle against the Islamic State and the Rojava revolution, it was there when he met Paolo Andolina, an Italian activist and anarchist who fought against ISIS alongside YPG International. [4]In September 2017 he traveled to Syria where received military training from the People's Protection Units (YPG). Once in Syria he struck up friendship with several Italian antifascist volunteers w
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What Past #CivilWars Tell Us About the Future of #Syria https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/05/03/what-past-civil-wars-tell-us-about-the-future-of-syria/ "Russian aircraft had bombed Isis out of the streets – the Islamists were still firing shells"
What Past Civil Wars Tell Us About the Future of Syria
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#Syria #HTS
#Russia Recovered Remains Of Israeli Spy From #Syria .. Or Did It?
https://off-guardian.org/2019/04/24/russia-recovered-remains-of-israeli-spy-from-syria-or-did-it/ "This may be the very outcome desired by those who have been spreading these rumors."
Russia Recovered Remains Of Israeli Spy From Syria.. Or Did It?
#libya -- like #iraq and #syria -- in chaos after Western intervention (imperialism) ... Show more...

Is Bernie Stealing Trump's 'No More Wars' Issue? - Antiwar.com Original

Does Trump really want to go into 2020 as a war party president?

Does he want to go into 2020 with Democrats denouncing "Trump’s endless wars" in the Middle East? Because that is where he is headed.
Looking closely at the front-running candidates for the Democratic nomination of 2020 – Joe Biden, Sanders, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker – not one appears to be as hawkish as Trump has become.
#Bernie Sanders #Trump #endless wars #Saudi Arabia #Yemen #War Powers Act #Iran #Israel #Jerusalem #Golan Heights #Syria #Iraq #Afghanistan #Russia #Putin
Is Bernie Stealing Trump’s ‘No More Wars’ Issue?

The Shameful Yemen Veto and Trump’s Foreign Policy | The American Conservative

#politics #Syria #Afghanistan #Yemen #Saudi Arabia #UAE #Bernie Sanders #Trump
The Shameful Yemen Veto and Trump’s Foreign Policy
#SerenaShim #Syria
#Canada #Syria #Suicide 😢 9 year old Syrian #refugee kills herself as a result of being bullied in #Calgary school! Sad, sad story. 😢😢 | Globalnews.ca
Syrian family in Calgary mourning loss of 9-year-old daughter who died by suicide #Canada
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