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Matteo Salvini’s League joins rightwing parties in ‘Italian pride’ protest

Thousands of protesters are gathering in Rome for an “Italian pride” rally that brings together the rightwing League of Matteo Salvini, the far-right Brothers of Italy party led by Giorgia Meloni and former premier Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

Salvini’s League, which remains Italy’s largest party, called for the mass demonstration to protest against the government forged by two former arch-enemies, the centre-left Democrats and the 5-Star Movement.
Thousands take to streets in Rome for far-right rally
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A gunman opened fire on the Tree of Life synagogue nearly a year ago, killing 11 people and wounding seven. #UnitedStates #US&Canada #TheFarRight #Racism
Italy's populist leader has softened his tone since his bid to seize power failed. #Italy #Europe #Business&Economy #TheFarRight
Polls before Sunday’s elections show women under 30 typically much more liberal than men

Out on the campaign trail before Poland’s parliamentary elections, Jolanta Banach, a leftwing candidate, has noticed a recurring pattern. “There’s a young couple out for a walk with a pushchair, and I approach them to offer our campaign leaflets. The guy says: ‘No, we don’t want it.’ And then the woman says: ‘Actually, I’d like one please.’”

It’s an anecdotal indication of what polls suggest is a significant divide between young men and women in their political views, with men under 30 more likely to support nationalist parties and hold far-right views, and women much more liberal or leftwing in their outlook.
Poland’s drift to right divides young male and female voters
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Family, faith, flag: the religious right and the battle for Poland’s soul
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Survivors and grieving families of victims welcome news that the trial will be in Christchurch when it starts in June. #NewZealandattack #NewZealand #AsiaPacific #TheFarRight #Islamophobia
The new Austrian government will brand itself as moderate – but don't believe it | Cas Mudde
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Despite not having a common ideology with Gandhi, the ruling party in India insists on celebrating him. #MahatmaGandhi #India #NarendraModi #TheFarRight #Asia
Prosecutor says the group planned a violent campaign against immigrants and political 'opponents'. #Europe #Germany #TheFarRight
Eight members of Revolution Chemnitz accused of planning armed assaults on immigrants

The trial of an alleged neo-Nazi cell accused of plotting a violent political uprising in Germany has begun amid fears the far-right movement is increasingly armed and radical.

Eight members of so-called Revolution Chemnitz, aged between 21 and 32, have been charged with forming a rightwing terrorist organisation.
Neo-Nazi ‘terrorist cell’ on trial over Berlin attack plot
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Sebastian Kurz likely to return as chancellor with party tipped for best result since 2002

Support for Austria’s Freedom party (FPÖ) has plunged by more than a third as voters punished the far-right group in national elections for a corruption scandal that brought down the government.

The former chancellor Sebastian Kurz looks certain to reclaim his position as the youngest leader in the world after his People’s party (ÖVP) secured 37.1% of the vote, according to exit polls – its best result since 2002.
Austrian elections: exit polls show collapse in far-right support
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How far-right outlet Rebel Media uses YouTube as a powerful force for radicalisation, misinformation and propaganda. #Media #Canada #TheFarRight #Socialmedia #Racism #Islamophobia #US&Canada
Viral videos revealing rampant corruption trigger protests in Egypt. Plus, Canadian far-right outlet Rebel Media. #AbdelFattahel-Sisi #Egypt #MiddleEast #TheFarRight #Media #Socialmedia #Corruption
The centre-right People's Party is likely to win Sunday's election in Austria. #Austria #Europe #TheFarRight
The far right in Italy is blocked but not banished | Jamie Mackay
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Report warns of 'escalating' intolerant hate speech in public discourse, with asylum seekers, Muslims mainly targeted.
Racism 'on the rise' in Finland: Council of Europe
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Controversially-named post draws criticism as migration portfolio is linked with safeguarding European values. #Europe #EuropeanUnion #Immigration #TheFarRight
CasaPound had almost 240,000 followers and has also been kicked off Instagram

Facebook and Instagram have closed the official accounts of the Italian neo-fascist party CasaPound and the profiles of dozens of far-right activists.

The party had almost 240,000 followers on Facebook. “This is an unprecedented attack. We are disgusted,” said CasaPound’s president, Gianluca Iannone. “We will file an urgent class-action lawsuit against an act of disgraceful prevarication.”
Facebook closes Italian neo-fascist party's account
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Seven-member council backs Stefan Jagsch as he was the only person keen on the job

Administrators in a German village have unanimously elected a member of a neo-Nazi party as council head because he was the only person interested in the job, prompting an outcry from politicians who demanded the vote be annulled.

The seven-member council of Waldsiedlung, a small community near Frankfurt in the western state of Hesse, voted for Stefan Jagsch of the National Democratic party (NDP) to become leader.
Neo-Nazi elected head of council in German village
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Taunts against black players are symptomatic of a rising tide of prejudice in society, fostered across Europe by the far right

Romelu Lukaku is a football star and goal-scoring machine. He has hit the net 113 times in 252 Premier League appearances and is the Belgian national team’s all-time top striker. Last month, he transferred to Inter Milan from Manchester United for a reported £74m. On 26 August, he scored on his debut in Serie A – Italy’s first division. For many football fans across Europe, Lukaku is both a legend and role model.

There is a “but” coming … and it concerns Lukaku’s skin colour. In many respects, Lukaku is a marvel. But he is a black marvel and, for a minority of fans, club officials – and even some players – this overshadows everything else. Whether out of bigotry or ignorance, Lukaku’s ethnicity – he is of Congolese descent – shapes and distorts their perception of an exceptional man and athlete.

By and large, national politicians say the right things about disc... Show more...
Italian far-right's bid to seize power has collapsed with the appointment of a more moderate, pro-Europe government. #Italy #TheFarRight #Europe
Don’t learn the wrong lessons from Denmark on nationalism | Umut Özkırımlı
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The Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party are putting up a challenge to Salvini's League. But will it work? #TheFarRight #Italy #Europe
The AfD, which focuses on anti-immigration, anti-Islam rhetoric, increases support in two eastern states. #Europe #Germany #TheFarRight
Andreas Kalbitz is vying to become rightwing party’s first state premier, in Brandenburg

A German olitician vying to become the first state premier for the rightwing populist Alternative für Deutschland in elections this Sunday took part in a neo-Nazi rally in Athens in 2007, documents leaked to the media show.

Andreas Kalbitz, 46, is the AfD’s lead candidate for Brandenburg, where polls suggest the party is competing with the centre-left Social Democratic party (SPD) in the race to become the state’s strongest political force.
AfD candidate was at 2007 Greek neo-Nazi rally, says leaked report
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Interior minister calls for ‘day of mobilisation’ in protest at moves to sideline League

Matteo Salvini has called on his supporters to descend on Rome as Italy moves towards ousting his far-right League from power after his attempt to collapse the Italian government and force snap elections.

Salvini earmarked 19 October for a “peaceful day of Italian pride” against a potential new government made up of his former ally, the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), and the centre-left Democratic party (PD).
Salvini urges far-right supporters to march on Rome after bid to force election backfires
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The new coalition partners loathe the far right, but the alliance could struggle with a thin parliamentary majority. #Europe #Italy #HumanRights #TheFarRight #Business&Economy
Flying a helicopter in a remote mountain pass to deter migrants lands three members of French far-right group in jail. #Europe #TheFarRight #France #HumanRights
Infiltrator exposes Generation Identity UK’s march towards extreme far right
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Syrian asylum seeker Alaa Sheikhi guilty of manslaughter of Daniel Hillig in Chemnitz

A Syrian asylum seeker accused of a killing that sparked a week of far-right street violence in the eastern German city of Chemnitz in 2018 has been found guilty of manslaughter.

Alaa Sheikhi, 24, was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison by the Chemnitz higher regional court on Thursday.
Syrian man jailed for killing that sparked far-right riots in Germany
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Italy's president will now decide whether to hold new elections or form a new coalition government. #Europe #Italy #TheFarRight
President Donald Trump says far-right rally being closely monitored amid fears of clashes with counter-demonstrators. #TheFarRight #UnitedStates #DonaldTrump #Racism
Matteo Salvini's bid for power may have backfired, along with his anti-migrant policies. #Humanitariancrises #TheFarRight #HumanRights #Europe #Italy
Former coalition partner M5S and opposition could unite to scupper far-right leader’s plans

This time last week the Italian far-right leader, Matteo Salvini, seemed invincible. His League party had managed to push the latest version of its draconian anti-immigration bill through parliament after winning a vote of no-confidence. The party then claimed victory after its coalition partner, the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), failed to block an Alpine rail link with France.

Italians have been squabbling over the TAV rail project for 30 years, but for Salvini the clash was the ideal catalyst for liberating his party from the tempestuous coalition. Seeking to capitalise on the League flourishing popularity, he called for snap elections and immediately declared himself a candidate for prime minister, urging supporters in the coastal town of Pescara to give the League “the strength to take this country in hand and save it”.
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How the far right in Spain has seized on bullfighting to make its point | Guillem Martínez
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As Italy jolts further right, a late reporter who warned against Islam and Muslims is viewed as a prescient figure. #Italy #Europe #Islamophobia #Media #Socialmedia #TheFarRight
Party chiefs fail to agree on a date to hold confidence vote in government after Matteo Salvini sparked fresh crisis. #Italy #Europe #TheFarRight
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