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Petition · BBC : Reinstate Emily Maitlis

Less than 24 hours after Emily Maitlis spoke for people in the UK and spoke truth to power she has been removed from BBC's Newsnight.
How can it be just and appropriate that a woman is removed for telling the truth, while an unelected man, #DominicCummings, appears bulletproof even after lying and showing no contrition?

Her removal tells us so much about the degree of control the government has on our national broadcaster. We have suspected it for a long time. This time it’s hiding in plain sight.


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If the Tories had reacted to the Covid-19 crisis and thrown their protective ring around the vulnerable and those in care homes as they did with Cummings we would have seen a different outcome to the sheer scale of death that this virus has brought to Britain. But this government wants chaos, this is THE modus operandi of Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson – as they both believe no real change, can come without it...


Bed Shortages Leave Sunderland Patients to Sleep Overnight in A&E


Patients have had to sleep overnight in the A&E unit of one of the NHS’s biggest hospitals because it is overwhelmed by the number of people needing care, a leaked memo reveals.

This is a hospital where all staff are working extremely hard to cope with increased winter pressures. But after 10 long years of Tory austerity, the NHS is underfunded and understaffed, and there is little resilience left in the system.

Dr Julia Patterson, the lead for EveryDoctor, a network of frontline NHS medics, said: “This email perfectly illustrates the immense strain that NHS hospitals are currently under. Hospitals shouldn’t run at more than 85% occupied bed cap... Show more...

Tories running of #OurNHS

Safety fears as hospitals redeploy nurses to care for patients in corridors

‘I’m being asked to take bloods while patients are on the floor’

Overcrowding forces ward staff to spend part of shift looking after patients without a bed.

Hospitals are having to redeploy nurses from wards to look after queues of patients in corridors, in a growing trend that has raised concerns about patient safety.


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Why do the multi-billionaire mainstream media owners use straight out lies to convince their readers to vote #Tory, or at least NOT vote #Labour?
Very brave & famous actor Greg Wise exposes all: The elite are treated differently than the majority; hundreds of Brits with £BILLIONS hidden away offshore to avoid paying tax, & the #HMRC (tax office) under the Tories is turning a deliberate blind eye to this, even though they KNOW who these people are!
There is enough money owing in tax, just from these super rich people, to more than wipe out ALL our countries debt, & with enough left over t... Show more...

Dishonest Video Shows Johnson’s Old Tactics Alive and Well

#BorisJohnsonLies & #NastyParty Falsify Videos

The dishonest Tory spin machine is already at full throttle. The party has doctored a video of Keir Starmer on Good Morning Britain seemingly unable to explain Labour’s Brexit policy.

The presenter Piers Morgan asks Labour’s Brexit spokesperson why the EU would “give you a good deal if they know you’re going to actively campaign against it”. Starmer blinks, licks his lips, and stares blankly at the camera. Then the video ends.

Except that’s not what happened.

Starmer answered immediately and fluently... Show more...

The Real Reason We Should Fear the Work of Dominic Cummings

The greatest electoral fraud in over 100 years.

The colourful tales about Cummings are all noise drowning the key fact about him, which should be front and centre in every report: that this is the man who – according to evidence published by the #ElectoralCommission – played a central role in a scheme that resulted in Vote Leave being judged to have broken the law. A scheme that constitutes the greatest electoral fraud perpetrated in Britain for more than a century – one that #Cummings has refused to come before parliament to answer questions about.

So that is where we are now: where the m... Show more...

Boris Johnson Edits Speech Video to Remove his First Broken Promise

Ongoing sage of #BorisJohnsonLies

Boris Johnson appears to have edited footage of his first speech as Prime Minister - removing a reference to his first 'broken promise'.

Never trust a Tory.

The PM said the new video was his "vision for Britain", but the footage has been doctored to remove two important words from his NHS funding pledge.


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Johnson Knew about Vote Leave’s Illegal Overspend

The Saga of #BorisJohnsonLies Continues ...

Boris Johnson knew of Vote Leave’s overspend during the 2016 EU referendum, but appears to have failed to tell the authorities, according to explosive new claims from a senior MP.


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