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Unified Magic Part 18 #Crystals, Taylor Swift, White Magic, #Qlippothic #TreeOfLife

In this episode Tim Tony Stark Rifat explains the Qlippothic Tree Of Life, white magic, Universe A, Universe B, Taylor Swift magic,
Gli alberi hanno una vita segreta, che si rivela solo a coloro che sono pronti a salirci. (dal film " prima che sia notte")

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But the man who shared a stage with Pence, Loren Jacobs, preaches Messianic Judaism, a tradition central to Jews for Jesus, a group condemned by Jewish leaders as faux Judaism that seeks to promote Christian evangelism. The major Jewish denominations join the state of Israel in viewing followers of Messianic Judaism as Christian, not Jewish.

So, cluelessness, or bastardy?
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I am so disgusted by the vile murders in Pittsburgh today, in the neighborhood where I spent the best years of my life. I am just dumbstruck with sorrow, pity, and hopelessness.

There is nothing wrong with how the Police acted today in Pittsburgh. They responded as best they could and they performed admirably, at least according to media reports. But I have to notice that a man, a Nazi, a despicable monster who has sided and allied himself with the worst enemies our nation has ever faced, walked into a Synagogue and murdered 11 people. The Police responded, bravely, knowing they were facing the possibility of their own deaths. They were shot at. Four police officers were shot and thankfully, none died. They did precisely what they were supposed to do, and negotiated the suspects surrender, and this monster will face Justice.

And every year, hundreds, perhaps thousands or unarmed people, many of them young, black men, or deaf people, or mentally ill people, are killed by the police with no negotiation, no mercy, no second chances. What is this madness?... Show more...
I lived in Squirrel Hill for all of the nineties. I am disgusted and enraged by this cowardly Nazi piece of shit murderer. I haven't lost hope for humanity, but I don't see a way out of this insanity. #SquirrelHill #TreeOfLife


some (semi) random probably not so common bits of thought on this September 11, 2018

Feast of Trumpets aka Rosh Hashanah, the Rabbinical Feast of the New Year 2018 is Sept 11. The Coptic (Egyptian Orthodox) New Year “Eid al Nayrouz” is on 9/11/2018. The Zoroastrian-Persian New Year is on 9/11/2018. The Arab and Islamic New Year is on 9/11/2018.
Trump (Trumpet/Trump-Pence) presented in 1958 series Trackdown; Walter Trump selling a “Wall” to guard against “Meteor (Alien) Invasion”. The Wall is not a physical “Border Wall” but an EM (Electro-magnetic) Wa... Show more...
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