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#trump's own lawyer says he fears that there will not be a peaceful #transition of power.
Are you listening yet?

On #Trump's postponement of the #SOTU speech

“Well, it’s really her choice,” Drumpf said Thursday, acknowledging Pelosi had the upper hand when it came to scheduling the traditional presidential address to Congress. The speaker had made clear Drumpf could not deliver his speech from the House unless he waited until the government reopens.
So Drumpf, who is typically loath to show any sign of weakness, made a highly uncharacteristic about-face and one that highlighted the importance the president attaches to the type of symbolism and pageantry associated with a speech from the rostrum of the House.

“I would have done it in a different location but I think that would be very disrespectful to the State of the Union,” Drumpf said Thursday. “I could have gone to a big auditorium and gotten 25,000 people in one day and you’ve been there many times. But... Show more...

#Trump's attorney Rudy #Giuliani inadvertently releases information

“Because I have been through all the tapes, I have been through all the texts, I have been through all the emails, and I knew none existed,” Giuliani said.
“Wait, what tapes have you gone through?” The New Yorker asked.
“I shouldn’t have said tapes,” Giuliani answered. “They alleged there were texts and e-mails that corroborated that Cohen was saying the President told him to lie.”

How can one be so stupid during an interview? Damn, he should either retire or be fired for his sloppiness.

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Rudy Giuliani inadvertently reveals the existence of taped evidence during his latest interview meltdown
The average #US citizen will not feel the pains of a #government #shutdown even if it lasted until the end of #Trump's current term. Let’s face it #Republicans, nor #Democrats have any intentions of passing a budget, much less one that is balanced and has a plan to pay off the #nationaldebt.


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All Hail the Government Shutdown

On #Trump's and Pelosi's plans to reopen the government this week

But the plan, negotiated within the White House and among Republicans, was never likely to entice the support of Democrats since it does little to address their concerns. And Democrats insist that the government reopen before talks on thorny immigration issues begin.

To be honest, Trump's latest offer was merely some kind of blackmail: He took away the Dreamers program, and then said he would take it into effect for three years again, when he gets his 5.7 bn $ bill for the wall. If this isn't blackmail, I don't know how it'd look anyhow.

"For the President to put this out there, I think, was a bold move," Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican, said Sunday on CNN. "For the Democrats to just reject it because there is a barrier in there -- come back with a counterproposal that's serious then, but not one that says here is a counterproposal but in no way will we ever talk about a barrier."
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#Trump's Acting Pentagon Chief Reportedly Said The $1 Trillion #F-35 Is 'F*cked' And Never Should Have Been Made

How #Trump's stubborn consistency could affect his 2020 election outcome

Even during the 2016 Republican primaries, a majority of voters opposed deporting all undocumented immigrants in all but two of the 20 states where exit polls asked their opinion. Yet the minority of voters that supported deportation backed Drumpf in such preponderant numbers that they provided a majority of his votes in all but two of the 20 states.

The same pattern was evident in the general election. In the exit poll, just 41 percent of voters supported Drumpf’s border wall, while a solid majority of 54 percent opposed it. Yet Drumpf won a much higher share of the wall’s supporters (85 percent) than Hillary Clinton did of the wall’s opponents (76 percent). Roughly one-fourth of the wall’s opponents either voted for Drumpf (16 percent) or drifted away to a third-party candidate (8 percent).

In the exit poll, 18 percent of the college-educated whites who oppose... Show more...

#Mueller's team met with #Trump's campaign pollster Tony #Fabrizio

CNN journalists observed Fabrizio leaving the special counsel's office on the first of February last year and have since confirmed he was meeting with Mueller's team. At the time, the special counsel had been digging into Manafort's finances and political work ahead of his trial.

Fabrizio's involvement with Mueller is intriguing because he's one of the few people in Manafort's orbit with knowledge of the inner-workings of the Drumpf campaign as well as Manafort's Eastern European connections.

It will also make him an important witness and bearer of information. If you can charge him with anything, do it, so that he will possibly feel admitted to name some information in shape of a plea deal.

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On #Trump's scripted speech, compared to his non-scripted talk

His impulsive political instincts can go into overdrive after appearances in which he put on a calm presidential demeanor, for instance, in his State of the Union address last year. A subsequent torrent of tweet storms or off-the-cuff remarks to reporters often give a more authentic glimpse into the President's mind.

He had to convince those Americans who are prone not to trust him that there is a genuine crisis at the border. He had to prove the wall is the way to address it. And he had to bolster a weak personal position and change the political equation as the shutdown begins to bite.

"The speech had a hurried quality to it. It was thrown together. It didn't move you, it didn't move the audience, I think, emotionally or rationally," said David Gergen, an adviser to Republican and Democratic presidents, on "CNN Tonight."

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#AP fact-checked #Trump's adress to the nation during government shutdown

Despite their portrayal of Mexico as a teeming portal for terrorists, the State Department issued a report in September finding "no credible evidence indicating that international terrorist groups have established bases in Mexico, worked with Mexican drug cartels or sent operatives via Mexico into the United States."

Read the rest on the following link, it's broken into pieced and analysed to clarify what Trump has got wrong (as he was expected to).

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People raise suspicions over #Trump's arguments

About 57% of Americans oppose Drumpf's wall compared with 38% in favor, according to a December CNN poll conducted by SSRS. Those numbers are similar to where they were just after Drumpf took office in 2017.

__The address promises to be yet another extraordinary moment in a singular presidency. When news broke of his prime-time apearance, a remarkable debate broke out in Washington about whether the President of the United States can be trusted to tell the truth in an address to the nation._

_"Now that the television networks have decided to air the President's address, which if his past statements are any indication will be full of malice and misinformation, Democrats must immediately be given equal airtime," they said in a joint press release.__

Giving them an air time to correct the president's adress to the nation when it comes to the factual base that would be needed to justify the raise of a wall along the US-... Show more...
Richard #Stallman ( #RMS ), AKA the man that is right in his predictions, explains why the #USA is not a #democracy but #plutocracy, how #republican steal elections by preventing people from voting. Also why he refuses to speak #Trump's name and prefers to call him an infant or a bully -- a great idea. Criticizes #Hillary as well, for #militarism. Of course you can expect a reiteration of #freesoftware ideas too.

Haven't watched the rest so far, but I already worth a share.


On #Trump's New Year Tweet and his current state of position

The term "Drumpf derangement syndrome" is a play on "Bush derangement syndrome," which was coined by conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer in 2003, which he defined as "the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency – nay – the very existence of George W. Bush." Krauthammer later defined "Drumpf derangement syndrome" as a "general hysteria" among critics of Mr. Drumpf.

Who reminded him of this? I don't believe he really referred to this quote by Mr. Krauthammer, I don't believe he ever read an article in full, let a lone an opinion piece or an essay. He lacks the span of concentration and the amount of intellect required to read something like this without misunderstanding it, or making it through.

Mr. Drumpf has also wished happy holidays to "the haters" before. He has wished "haters" a happy Veterans Day in 2013, a happy Father's Day in... Show more...

Ocasio-Cortez challenges Lindsey Graham on #Trump's impeachment

"You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic. If this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role," Graham says in the video. "Because impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.”

Oh, the irony - you can easily and flawlessly relate this statement on an impeachment process against Donnie, for we knwo that he and his affiliated employees and ministers committed crimes, crimes that are enough to be investigated. Why would you not investigate a sitting president when the evidences speak against him? Even the earlier Lindsey #Graham aggrees on this. :D

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#Trump's Clueless Envoy Wants #Syria No-Fly Zone
Meaning no-fly for Syria, yes-fly for the US

#Merkel to miss opening of #G20 summit in Argentina due to technical difficulties*

The plane turned back while it was over the Netherlands, Germany's #dpa news agency says.
The captain announced to passengers that he had decided to turn back after the "malfunction of several electronic systems", Reuters news agency reports.

Well, who could have predicted it? It's not that bad, she will be there soon enough anyway; most parts of the world will surely be focused on #Trump's meetings, for example the one with Xi Jinping on their trade relations and the new agreements that have to be made.

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How right-wingers view the criticism on #Trump's use of tear gas

The White House is under fire from critics for allowing the gas to be used against hundreds of South American migrants who tried to illegally force their way into the country.

No, they didn't try to enter the country illegally because demanding asylum is not illegal. Read the Constitution, and inform yourself on international law.

“I think it’s strange to say that you don’t care that it was happening before,” Ms. McCain responded. “If you’re infuriated now then you should have been infuriated then. … I come on here a lot and concede when Republicans are making mistakes. … It would be nice, once in awhile, if my friends on the left conceded that they were wrong.”

As for that, I can tell you that so far, tear gas has been used more often than during the Obama administration. Moving on, you seem to be the only one to be able to reflect th... Show more...

WATCH: OAN catches up with Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie on new book “Trump’s Enemies”


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WATCH: OAN catches up with Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie on new book “Trump’s Enemies”

On Melania #Trump's crimson christmas trees

“They would like to portray different stories and focus on unimportant stories,” Melania Drumpf said of the news media while onstage at a summit Wednesday that was meant to focus on the opioid crisis. As for the trees: “I think they look fantastic.”

Uhm... Sigh, I hate such some worthless comments that are made without any arguments behind that. As I can tell from my daily news flash, the media has covered the regular amount of news coming along with her husband's actions, nothing was spared. She would rather blame the Twitter users who mocked her blood-red christmas trees. But anyway, who cares? They still look creepy, I am sure Stephen King liked them as well. :D

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On #Trump's meeting with #Xi #Jinping in #Argentine during #G20 summit**

_#Washington and #Beijing have re-engaged about a path toward a trade agreement, and the summit offers "an opportunity to break through what has been disappointing discussions" in recent months, #Kudlow told reporters on Tuesday. At the G-20, Drumpf will focus on issues including alleged Chinese theft of intellectual property, ownership of American companies in #China and tariffs and... Show more...

About #Trump's latest infantile tweet

“The Office of the President was made for better things than an infantile tweet misspelling a congressman’s name like a curse word,” tweeted Walter M. Shaub Jr., the former top ethics watchdog for the federal government who resigned last year after going head-to-head with the Drumpf administration.

Exactly, this man is a disgrace, disappointment to this office. He's no-one's president because he's not a president. He's the toddler with a constant tantrum, who is given a cellphone and shown how to send out tweets to the world. He's an embarassment and they were right to laugh about him during the UN assembly. I wonder why no-one so far has spoken out loudly against him, told him to resign from his office so that new elections with a new spitzenkandidat in the Republican party, so that the White House is finally employed in the West Wing again. Dreams, dreams...

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#Trump's government #shutdown is nigh

If he’s blocked in #Congress, Drumpf will be facing a major setback on an issue where he’s already been claiming credit for delivering on a campaign promise. He would be left with the unattractive choices of leaving the North #American Free Trade Agreement in place, heading back to the negotiating table, or pulling out of the deal entirely, as he’s repeatedly threatened.

Regarding his past negotiations, I guess he will pull out the deal entirely and wait for the opposite side to make a compromise to his favour. We have seen it before, and we know he's not going to change but one step.

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#DeepState #Assassinations?

The Deep State and its #Democrat cronies are trying to steal #PresidentTrump's #Senate #majority.

The #Republicans control the #US Senate, but not all of them su
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Why would anyone do a terror attack to an actor like #De Niro by sending a bomb and how can be #Trump's fault when it was De Niro and Arnold Schwarzenegger having a go against Trump or like Madonna wanting to blow up the #White#House in a #Democrats' rally for which she was cheered by the #liberals there ?
The #Deep State has sabotaged #Melania #Trump's #plane while #Hillary the other day called upon her base not to remain "civil" just before the midterms !:
Melania Trump's plane forced to turn around after smoke filled the cabin
[@GCouncil] Information about #ICE and #Trump's involvement in human trafficking


#Summary: President #Trump's speech at the #UN

I guess it's that time again. He always makes these speeches so long. Anyway, here's a summary of each paragraph of Trump's 2018 UN speech

  • Listen up, bitches
  • I pretty much already covered all this shit last year, but I guess it bears repeating
  • Check it out, I've been on a roll
  • My administration is better than all the other presidential administrations the US has ever had. I've made these last two years my bitch
  • Why's everybody laughing at me?
  • Not to brag or anything but I basically saved the entire economy. Even minoritie
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#Iran: Trump is breaking all of Obama's rules and coming out on top

President Donald Trump has outraged and defied establishment experts on Iran, but his policies are deeply hurting Iran without any tangible blowback to the US.

#President #DonaldTrump has, at almost every turn, #defied #experts on #... Show more...

#trump's #neoliberal plan for #Afghanistan.

#prince #DeVos #blackwater #privatization
I know that was so weird. In #Trump's defense though, the #law requires that the children of criminal aliens must not be incarcerated for their parents' crimes. Same as if my parents committed a crime and were sent to jail. I would not be allowed to go to prison with my parents and suffer for their crimes. I'd end up in a shelter or something, or with other relatives until my parents finished their sentence. By ordering that children must not be separated from criminal parents, that just means that the law can't be enforced. So here come the illegals, bringing their kids, in greater numbers than ever. The president can't change the law, he has a duty to enforce it. As long as Congress doesn't change the law, then either the law can't be enforced, or the children have to be separated. Only Congress can change that stupid law. Every seventh grade Civics student knows it.

What's going to happen in #Germany?

Humble thoughts from #Diaspora's resident #Nazi about the current #crisis in #Germany.

#Merkel in trouble? That brings a #Smile to the face.

Is it real?

I don't think the "confrontation" in #... Show more...
The FBI was interrogating President #Trump's uncle John about files he snagged from Telsa.

I want the anti-gravity hover-board I was promised in 1989.

Israel kills scores of Palestinians, several thousands wounded!

#Israeli #snipers kill scores of #Palestinians and wound 2,400 as 35,000 protesters rally against the #US #Embassy opening in #Jerusalem overseen by #Trump's Middle East envoy #JaredKushner and daughter #Ivanka.

A 14-year-old was among 52 #shot #dead along the #Gaza border on what is already the deadliest single day in the #Israeli-Palestinian conflict since a 2014 war between the #Jewish #state and #Gaza's Islamist rulers #Hamas.

At least 2,400 more have been injured with hundreds of them by live #bullets, according to Gaza officials as the Palestinian government accused #Israel of committing a 'terrible massacre' and #AmnestyInternational called the #bloodshed an 'abhorrent violation' of human rights.
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