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[can't find a proper link, only one to grauniad] #assange in trouble, as the #uk tosses people into #torture and prisons/executions abroad (outsourcing the illegal actions)
Also Dalai Lama is a high rank CIA agent:
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Lhamo Dhondrub (known as Dalai Lama XIV) is a longtime CIA agent:
Лхамо Дхондруб (известный как Далай-лама XIV) дав... Show more...
#bbc encourages defeatism. #microsoft #uk staff in management at the BBC.
#bbc encourages defeatism. #microsoft #uk staff in management at the BBC.
Work we paid for in the #uk is being given by the British government to #Microsoft, a foreign company that profits from caging babies for ICE

#deletegithub #crimesagainsthumanity
Don't miss the irony of this horrible code being given by the #uk government to #microsoft in #github

#deletegithub #nsa #assassination
#UK Defense Laboratory has just given its code to a foreign company with a very long history of very serious crimes. https://www.cbronline.com/news/open-source-tracking-software #deletegithub http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/112706
Open Source Tracking Software Project Launched on Github by UK Defense Laboratory

The Language and Writing System of MS408 (Voynich) Explained

Manuscript MS408 (Voynich) is unusual in a number of respects: 1. It uses an extinct language. 2. Its alphabet uses a number of unfamiliar symbols alongside more familiar symbols. 3. It includes no dedicated punctuation marks. 4. Some of the letters have symbol variants to indicate punctuation. 5. Some of the symbol variants indicate phonetic accents. 6. All of the letters are in lower case. 7. There are no double consonants. 8. It includes diphthong, triphthongs, quadriphthongs and even quintiphthongs for the abbreviation of phonetic components. 9. It includes some words and abbreviations in Latin. As a result, identifying the language and solving the writing system required some ingenuity and lateral thinking, but both were duly revealed. The writing system is rather more singular and less intuitive than modern sy... Show more...

Fmr. Army Intelligence Analyst and Assange supporter Chelsea Manning again incarcerated after refusing to comply with court

In addition to being held in custody for the duration of the grand jury's investigation or until Manning testifies, the judge ordered her to be fined $500 every day that she is in custody after 30 days and $1,000 every day in custody after 60 days, according to a statement by Manning's lawyers.
This is getting out of hand, this is blackmailing into complying with court: You either obey us, or we are going to bleed you out financially. This cannot be lawful, in my opinion.
Assange remains in England and has vowed to fight extradition to the United States. Swedish prosecutors have reopened an inquiry into rape allegations against him, and are seeking to extradite Assange to Sweden.
One way or the other, they try to get their hands on him, they even warm up those allegations, as if they found any more evidence on it.
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It's May. So I'm out. Unlike the #uk (which is technically still in the #eu and unlike May might never leave).
#uk #eu
#stopbrexit #brexit #uk #stopJohnson #trumpism
May should leave by the end of May, not June.
#brexit #uk #tories #stopbrexit #eu
#brexit #brexitshambles #ireland #uk
Unionists Defrock Ulster
Some publications of #condenast (e.g. #arstechnica #uk among others) are >literally< funded by #microsoft

This is sheer #corruption of the media
There's now a #privacy tax and privacy 'premium' in the #uk

#energy suppliers like ours have openly admitted (I got them to admit it verbally) they charge more if you reject 'smart' meters
#lizwarren recognises that Rupe #murdoch profits from systematic and intentional breakdown of society -- something he contributed to in the #uk as well with #brexit
#uk "Greens came close in Eastern England last time. We are the region’s strongest pro-Remain party. You can elect a Green MEP for the East this time.”
Report: Freedom of Expression and #Brexit
https://www.openrightsgroup.org/about/reports/freedom-of-expression-and-brexit #uk #eu #censorship (my view: both EU and UK appalling on #freespeech matters)
"The practice of mass surveillance made headlines in 2013 when Edward #Snowden exposed the widespread scale on which the #UK security [sic]agency #GCHQ was covertly intercepting and monitoring citizens’ private communications data"
#uk Green Party's AmeliaWomack returns Preston New Road anti- #fracking camp for ‘last’ visit
Do not forget about presidencies:

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The literal translation of the pre-revolutionary russian explanatory dictionary:
Presidency, the official name of the administration, for example, in the British India colonies.
It had been used of chief officers of banks from 1781, of individual colonies since 1608 (originally Virginia) and heads of colleges since mid-15c.
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Il #RegnoUnito è la prima nazione ad aver dichiarato lo stato di #EmergenzaClimatica
Il 2 Maggio la Camera dei Comuni ha approvato una mozione proposta dai laburisti affinché il governo si esponesse per dichiarare lo stato d'emergenza climatica ed ambientale.
Tuttavia la mozione non costringe il governo ad agire.
Ciò resta comunque un grande passo avanti... il primo di molti.

La lotta continua! .

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Nick Clegg has been a paid liar since his days in #uk #politics -- an enabler of the #NastyParty in 2010
Lithuania 🇱🇹 joins @gretathunberg & #fridaysforfuture 🌱💚
Join @fridaysforfuturevilnius on 24.05.2019 in Vilnius, V.Kudirkos square 🙌🌿
We can do more if we do it all together 🌳🐝🦍 **************************
Prisijunk ir TU prie pasaulinio streiko už Klimato Kaitą 🌱Gegužės 24 d. V.Kudirkos a., Vilnius!
Visgi ne žodžiais, o darbais mes mūsų Žemę mylime.... 💚

Žmonės panorėjo - Žmonės padarė.... 🙌🐢 #vilnius #kaunas #klaipeda #lietuva #... Show more...
#UN Working Group Criticises #UK Court Over Julian #Assange Imprisonment
UN Working Group Criticises UK Court Over Julian Assange Imprisonment | FULL TEXT
The #uk does send people away to be #torture -induced, so why not #assange also?
On the 1st of May 2019 the UK Parliament became the first country in the world to officially declare a 'Climate Emergency' this was a bold, yet needed act that the Parliament had done. The climate emergency means that carbon emissions must be reduced by 80% by 2050 (in comparison to 1990 levels) Ireland though took this a step further, declaring their set date at 2045. This move was a well necessary act and the Parliament is to be congratulated on this. It was a move in the right direction although this doesn't mean that Climate Change is under control yet. Every single other country out there in the world needs to declare some form of a climate emergency and needs to take action NOW! So what can you do about it? Well you can make your voice heard! Do things like tell others about this, go to protests issuing for action towards stopping climate change and share this post on your story or send it to a group chat! We can do this!
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'Huge Moment for Justice': Landmark Verdict as #UK Jury Acquits #ExtinctionRebellion Co-Founder Who Argued Necessity Defense
We hear it all the time. “I don’t see how me cutting back on single use plastic or recycling more often can make a difference”. If we all say that then we will continue to go down the path of further destruction of our beautiful home. If you stop and change the way you treat the Earth then you encourage others and the more people who decide to change will change the outcome of the future. Yes, we won’t save the planet by one person recycling, we all have to. But by one person changing the way they live, we take a huge step to making single use plastic socially unacceptable and turning around the destruction. We haven’t got long left before we cannot go back. ————————————————————————
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#uk Green Party has a decent track record as MEPs on some digital matters (I've checked). #eu #election coming.
It's like the Princess Bride meets Game of Thrones meets that reality show Cheaters and Jerry Springer all in one.

#HIStory #Monarchy #Royalty #GOT #WTF #UK
#Ubuntu Podcast from the #UK LoCo: S12E05 – Superfrog
S12E05 – Superfrog
This weekend it'll be one month since my online friend Julian #assange got arrested, sending shockwaves across the #uk because anyone exposing #corruption can be treated like a criminal, arrested for >foreign< power
#uk Greens' #SianBerry on #Labour launch: Yes, a #PeoplesVote is potentially healing. But voters need certainty, not fudge https://www.greenparty.org.uk/news/2019/05/09/sian-berry-on-labour-launch-peoples-vote/ @glynmoody
#uk goes week without #coal power for first time since #industrialrevolution
#bbc #doublestandards #racism #brexit #uk
"The #uk [local]#elections were perceived to be important because they were deemed by the media to be a quasi-referendum on the current #Brexit negotiations." https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/05/08/reading-the-tea-leaves-on-ukanias-local-quasi-referendum-on-brexit/ @glynmoody
Reading the Tea Leaves on Ukania’s Local Quasi-Referendum on Brexit
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