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Ouch, someone needs a metric ton of burn salve...
"The Country needs a new leader, it is time for Mrs May to resign."

You had a vote two years ago. She won. You can't just ask for another one because you don't liek the result.

May means May

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Police Chief Confirms Fmr #UK Prime Minister Raped Dozens of Children and Govt ‘Covered it Up’
Instead of a Medal They Gave Him Prison
Injustice Done to David Noakes as #UK Government Kills More People
By Scott C. Tips
NEWS RELEASE Instead of a Medal They Gave Him Prison
Reverend Simon Sideways Family Friendly.

lets play Owen Jones bingo how many buzzwords in one incoherent rant of accusations.

Owen who are the fascist! attacking and de-plat-forming totally refusing to talk and have a conversation about genuine concerns of the average working class person in Britain today.

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YouTube: Brexit Betrayal March - Owen Jones versus truth! (Reverend Simon Sideways Family Friendly.)


Doctor Who Series 12 Announcement

I'm not sure how I feel about this announcement.

It could be a good thing considering how mixed up this series was. What do you think?

Doctor Who Series 12 Announcement

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S11 [NEW]E10 - The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolo

So, we have our season finale. What did you think?

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- #UK #Researchers Just #Finished #Sequencing 100,000 #Human #Genomes
In 2012, the U.K.’s then-Prime Minister David Cameron launched the 100,000 Genomes Project, an initiative with a challenging but straightforward goal: sequence 100,000 human genomes.
NATO’s Clandestine Bureau: #UK ‘Integrity Initiative’ Spreading #Anti-Russian Propaganda

Die Brexit - I told you so - Vorhersage!

Was passiert nächste Woche beim Brexit?

Wird der Vertrag mit Brüssel in der jetzigen Form angenommen oder abgelehnt?
Wird es Neuwahlen geben oder sogar ein neues Referendum?
Wird ein Misstrauensvotum gestellt und kann Theresa May dieses überstehen?

Hier könnt Ihr eure Vorhersagte platzieren.

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#Assange rejects brokered deal between #UK and #Ecuador

"The suggestion that as long as the death penalty is off the table, Mr Assange need not fear persecution is obviously wrong," Pollack told the outlet. "No one should have to face criminal charges for publishing truthful information.”

It depends on what kind of information have been unveiled so far; if these were top secret information and stolen intentionally, a prison sentence sounds familiarly normal to me, although this would of course be unjust. What would, on the other hand, be even more unjust is the imagination of sentencing someone to death for this publishing. This would be a sign of an autocracy, which the US were especially close to.

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#UK Lawmakers to Respond After 100k Sign #Against #UN #Migration #Pact

MPs must consider an official petition against the United Nations Global Compact for Migration after it smashed 100,000 signatures.
A very informative documentary about how the United States imposed a culture of consumerism on the whole world. There are rare last interview with the creator of the PR technology, who expanded cigarette market to a female audience. This series was shot by BBC (Britain).

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The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire

The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire, is a documentary film that shows how Britain transformed from a colonial power into a global financial power. At the demise of empire, City of London financial interests created a web of offshore secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it in a web of offshore islands. Today, up to half of global offshore wealth may be hidden in British offshore jurisdictions, and Britain and its offshore jurisdictions are the largest global players in the world of international finance. But, as the world of offshore finance grew, so too did the inherent corruption that secrecy and unaccountability breed.
English Version:
German Version:
Spanish Version:
French Version:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hizj_6EH34M
Italian Version:
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Julian Assange pourrait sortir de l'ambassade de l'Équateur à Londres

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S11 [NEW]E09 - It Takes You Away

Doctor Who, 'It Takes You Away': Look closer

When is a mirror not a mirror? Episode 9 of this season of Doctor Who was about what we see, what we want to see, and the things we refuse to see because it hurts too much. Because of that, and a very sweet moment with a talking frog, "It Takes You Away" feels like a break-up, like an ode to heartbreak and grief and what it means to let go. And like all those things, it was sadly beautiful.
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A comment on #Farage's withdraw from teh #UKIP party

But the reality is that Farage’s announcement and the decline of Ukip’s relevance was inevitable, arguably since the moment the result of the EU referendum vote was announced. The party of Brexit serves little purpose in Brexit Britain. Farage craves two things: power and the spotlight. Ukip can no longer provide him with either – so why stick around?

In the end, he was only in it for the money, and the limelight, and the power, and the glory, in the name of the holy thunderforce. (I should really stop with those stupid quotes)

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Londons Kampf um den Brexit-Deal, lässt viele Schotten auf ein neues Referendum zur Unabhängigkeit vom Vereinigten Königreich hoffen. Manche in Edinburgh wollen sofort abstimmen, die Regierung aber setzt auf Geduld.
Der Ruf nach Schottlands Unabhängigkeit | DW | 05.12.2018
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On the #Guardian's report on Manafort's probable meetings with Julian #Assange

The anonymous spy ended by stating he “finds it hard to believe Harding would not go to great lengths to confirm his story.” Russia certainly would have an interest in discrediting the Guardian and Harding, who has a long history of criticizing Putinism and was refused re-entry to the country in 2011. But the newspaper appears not to have done even basic diligence over what must have been multiple new, unknown sources by checking with the embassy or with the police, if this was indeed the case. It also ignores that one source appears to have been Ecuadorian intelligence itself, not Russian.

Now, this was a shot in one's own feet; it's sad to hear this from the Guardian, which was the beacon of investigative journalism once. And now, they start to paste rumours as big time reports.

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Misreporting Manafort: A Case Study in Journalistic Malpractice

On racial bias in everyday life in #Britain

The survey found that 43% of those from a minority ethnic background had been overlooked for a work promotion in a way that felt unfair in the last five years – more than twice the proportion of white people (18%) who reported the same experience.

Just tell me more about this great replacement happening in Europe, I'm all ears. Because, so far, it seems like minorities who are still minorities are being discriminated for who they are. Thus, how can one say that a great replacement is happening when minorities can't grasp an overall majority and are still subordinated as second-class people? Let's face it: When you're afraid of minorities, you're not worried, you're racist.

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Balfour Declaration

Five days before the Soviet revolution:

Fünf Tage vor der Sowjetrevolution:
„Verehrter Lord Rothschild,
ich bin sehr erfreut, Ihnen im Namen der Regierung Seiner Majestät die folgende Erklärung der Sympathie mit den jüdisch-zionistischen Bestrebungen übermitteln zu können, die dem Kabinett vorgelegt und gebilligt worden ist:
Die Regierung Seiner Majestät betrachtet mit Wohlwollen die Errichtung einer nationalen Heimstätte für das jüdische Volk in Palästina und wird ihr Bestes tun, die Erreichung dieses Zieles zu erleichtern, mit der Maßgabe, dass nichts geschehen soll, was die bürgerlichen und religiösen Rechte der bestehenden nicht-jüdischen Gemeinschaften in Palästina o
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Da gusto ver a estos chavales ingleses dar una mano de pintura y renovar las enseñanzas de Roy Orbison, Everly Brothers o el Chris Issak más aterciopelado. Pinchamos el tema que títula su esplendososo debut, incluido en el último podcast de Rutas Enemigas. Ellos son Ruen Brothers.

Aquí lo podeis escuchar con el resto de la selección rutera: http://rutasenemigas.blogspot.com/2018/11/programa-293-291118.html

https://ia801504.us.archive.org/1/items/Programa293_201811/programa 293.mp3

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Living in late state capitalist states of the art

This time, rather than getting the stories himself, Sng has enlisted a team of documentary photographers to seek out diverse subjects across the #UK – people, he writes in his introduction, “who are often marginalised in the media, neglected by politicians and ignored within society.” Each of the resulting portraits is accompanied by a short testimony from the person in the frame, giving us a snapshot of their life in 800 words or less.

Well, sometimes, it doesn't need more words than this to describe the gruesome poverty of these people. They have been hit hard by the status quo.

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Новые начинания

Тут месяц назад у меня закончилась апупея с должностью Solution Architect с аккаунтом, где я проработал ажно с июля 2015-го года. Расстались несколько своеобразно, можно даже... show more
...If you find a cure for #cancer do you get accolades or #prison ?
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New Here

I've been enjoying Diaspora, but figured out I should get around to testing Hubzilla. I've enabled the diaspora protocol in the apps section, but I'm still not entirely sure how it all works. Don't seem to see posts from Diaspora users I've added, but maybe it takes a while to filter through or something.

Anyway, hello, I'm from the UK. Interested in cars, technology, photography, music, and we have a rather large dog; Darwin, the Great Dane.

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Why this longtime fan is leaving Doctor Who (it’s not for the reason you think)

Why this longtime fan is leaving Doctor Who (it’s not for the reason you think)

Here's the problem: Doctor Who is a show about change, but did we really need Chibnall to rewrite the show's entire mythology?
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The Doctor is BORING

You know, this YouTuber has a point. Where's our badass Doctor?

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This person's 45-tweet rant about the imperial system is hilariously relatable

If you've ever found yourself somewhat confused by the logic of the imperial system — you know, pounds, ounces, all that good stuff — you're not alone.

Because unlike the more modern metric system, which is fairly logical when it comes to the way different measures and weights are broken down, the imperial system just seems a bit... messier.

I suppose if you grow up using the Imperial system you get used to all the odd amounts that get divided by to arrive at half measures etc. Anyway this is still quite a hilarious read at https://mashable.com/article/imperial-system-angry-rant/ especially now that the metric kilogram has been redefined.

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This person's 45-tweet rant about the imperial system is hilariously relatable
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#UK Secretary of State #MichaelGove Announces #Climate Cash Giveaways, Quotes WWF Report
UK Secretary of State Michael Gove Announces Climate Cash Giveaways, Quotes WWF Report

U.K. PM May: talks underway with U.S. about trade agreement in future


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U.K. PM May: talks underway with U.S. about trade agreement in future

Thus spake he who has no knowledge about politics

When asked about the agreement between Westminster and the EU's other 27 heads of state on Monday, Drumpf replied: "Sounds like a great deal for the EU."
"I think we have to take a look seriously whether or not the U.K. is allowed to trade because right now if you look at the deal, they may not be able to trade with us," Drumpf told reporters outside the White House.

Maybe he should ride out of his eco chamber and listen tho those who actually know what is going on and that speaking of a good deal for any side is outright stupid. No-one is about to benefit from the current deal, it's only about decreasing damage that is going to be caused once Britain is out of the EU. Stop scattering fear, we have to do business. Go playing with your bricks and leave the adults alone.

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S11 [NEW]E08 - The Witchfinders

Doctor Who, 'The Witchfinders': In celebration of foolish women who talk too much

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The Doctor has faced a lot in her long life. But being a woman is presenting her with some previously unexperienced challenges. Like being tried and nearly drowned as a witch. Ah, the joys of being female. The Doctor and her team gang fam friends find themselves near Lancashire in the 17th century (the TARDIS is still struggling to nail exact time and place, really hitting the hard R in "relative") and after some short-lived joy over bobbing for apples...
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Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #brexit, #labour, #news, #satire, and #uk.

So will #Europe miss the #UK when it’s gone? Probably not | Politics | The Guardian


#Brexit alliance starts to fall apart

His remarks, made in an interview before the prime minister announced her proposed EU deal, echo those made by the former Brexit secretary Dominic #Raab, who on Friday told the BBC’s Today programme that May’s proposal was inferior to #EU membership. They follow statements from other senior Brexit-supporting MPs including Iain Duncan Smith and Boris #Johnson conceding the same point.

But what does this matter, now that the UK even agreed with Spain? It's too late for an alternation of thinking about it, you have to navigate this ship through its future, trying to hit as few riffs as you are going to face as obstacles.

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#British are highly likely to believe in #conspiracy theories

In the UK, people who supported Brexit were considerably more likely to give credence to conspiracy theories than those who opposed it, with 71% of leave voters believing at least one theory compared with 49% of remain voters.

Although I am not surprised about the 71 percent of Brexiters (when you think that you're better off leaving a (trade) union to be independent economically, you are also likely to believe that those who led you into this mess could as well be reptiles), I am surprised that almost half of the Remainers are as well likely to believei n at least one conspiracy theory. What is wrong with people?

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In the #UK, if you have kids studying for #GCSE exams, you might buy study guides from GCP. On the back cover of each one is a cute little easter egg. Some are especially funny, like the GCSE computer science book, which says "recalculating route."
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- #UK #Company #Plans to Make an #Electric #Version of the #1960s #Ford #Mustang

The 60s Ford Mustang is going electric, thanks to a massive project by a UK company to update the classic car.
Apologists for the British Empire be like: We pulled you Indians out of antiquity. Be grateful.

A part of me would like to do horrible things to these arrogant bastards. 😠

'In the colonial era, most of India’s sizeable foreign exchange earnings went straight to London—severely hampering the country’s ability to import machinery and technology in order to embark on a modernisation path similar to what Japan did in the 1870s.'


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