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Number of new applicants from Great Britain alone has risen from 6,000 to 31,000 in period

The number of first-time applications for Irish passports from Great Britain has risen sharply since the referendum with five times as many people interesting in acquiring one.

In Northern Ireland, where all citizens are entitled to an Irish passport, the number of first-time applications has more than doubled.
First-time applications for Irish passports up sharply since 2015
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Next PM will be told in ‘no uncertain terms’ that axing backstop amounts to no deal

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt’s Brexit plan to axe the Irish border backstop from the withdrawal agreement will be rejected outright by the European Union, EU sources have said.

Informed sources say that it is doomed to failure and if the next prime minister goes to Brussels with such a plan, he will be told in “no uncertain terms” that it amounts to a declaration of no deal.
EU expected to reject outright Johnson and Hunt's backstop plan
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‘I want my country’s image to be good’: has Romania’s ruling party moved on?
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Tory leadership rivals say they would prefer no-deal Brexit to proposed Irish border solution

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have declared the Northern Ireland backstop “dead” and promised to throw it out of any deal they negotiate with the EU, in comments that significantly harden their Brexit positions.

The Tory leadership rivals both ruled out trying to tweak the backstop, which critics said could trap the UK indefinitely in a customs union with the EU.
Hunt and Johnson: the backstop is dead and can't be in any EU deal
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Don’t let nationalism win – we can create a better Europe from within | Magid Magid
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Legal experts condemn ‘disgraceful and illegal manipulation of system’

The Home Office lied to EU member states to remove victims of human trafficking and modern slavery in breach of European law, according to whistleblowers.

Legal experts have said the practice is “unthinkable” and “a disgraceful and illegal manipulation of the system”. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has urged the sources to contact Yvette Cooper, chair of the home affairs select committee. “These are clearly serious allegations which must be properly investigated,” said Khan’s spokesperson.
Home Office lied to EU countries so it could deport slavery victims, say whistleblowers
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They’re cheaper than cabs, less effort than a bike and more convenient than buses. But as the number of e-scooter accidents rises, a backlash is growing

Most of the people riding electric scooters around Copenhagen glide like swans, bodies motionless and serene with heads tilted into the sunshine.

I am the ugly duckling, wobbling and jerking while I struggle to figure out exactly how this two-wheeled contraption works. Where do I put my feet? How hard do I thumb the accelerator? And how on earth am I meant to indicate left and press the brake with my left hand at the same time?

In Copenhagen, police officers mounted an operation against drink riders
Invasion of the electric scooter: can our cities cope?
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Managers called tailors to London office as thousands of traders lost jobs

Deutsche Bank’s chief executive, Christian Sewing, has personally rebuked managers who ordered tailors to their London office as thousands of traders were let go on Monday.

“I can’t understand that someone would call tailors to fit suits on Monday. On the same day, we had to tell many colleagues in share trading that they had to leave,” Sewing told the German business daily Handelsblatt in its Friday edition.

Deutsche Bank chief slams executives over suit-fitting on cuts day
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Mohamad Rahimeh found a talent for cooking in the Calais refugee camp. Now he has a viable business in London

When Mohamad Rahimeh arrived in the Calais refugee camp that was nicknamed “the Jungle”, cooking was the last thing on his mind. He was a political scientist from Syria with a journey from hell behind him. Food was just a means to an end.

But when a close friend fell sick, he rustled up a meal of eggs. A hidden talent was uncovered.

The Syrian refugees changing the UK's food scene
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Syriza’s defeat shows the left needs a plan to hold on to power, not just win it | Gary Younge
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How I got my German passport | Letter
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Three years on, we’ve still not answered the question: what has the EU done for us? | David Conn
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Politicians will be briefed on reports setting out challenges and impact on economy

Irish cabinet ministers will meet on Tuesday to hear of the “dire” consequences of a no-deal Brexit on Ireland and the all-Ireland economy.

At a special cabinet meeting, they will be briefed on three reports prepared by the office of the deputy prime minister, Simon Coveney, which set out the difficult challenges Ireland faces if Britain leaves the EU leaves without a deal.
Irish ministers meet to discuss 'dire' outcomes of no-deal Brexit
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Male and female die in collision in northern Crete, with another woman seriously injured

Two Britons have been killed in a car crash in the popular Greek resort of Malia.

Local media reports said a male and a female died instantly, while another woman was seriously injured in the collision, on the northern coast of Crete, at about 6am local time on Monday.
Two Britons killed in car crash on Greek island
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Carola Rackete defied Italy’s ban on migrant rescue ships by forcing her way into the port of Lampedusa last week. She tells the Guardian’s Lorenzo Tondo she would do it all again, even though she faces a lengthy trial and a possible jail sentence. Plus: Simon Jenkins on the leaked diplomatic cables of the UK’s Washington ambassador, which were highly critical of Donald Trump

On 12 June the crew of the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 pulled a group of migrants from an inflatable raft drifting off the Libyan coast. Its German captain, Carola Rackete, was denied entry into the Italian port of Lampedusa but eventually forced her way in past military vessels.

When she disembarked with the 42 rescued migrants she faced a mixed reception. Some of the crowd gathered on the quay cheered her but others hurled abuse and threats. She was immediately arrested and is facing the prospect of a long trial on charges of aiding illegal immigration and attempting to ram a patrol vessel. The Guardian correspondent Lorenzo Tondo has spoken to her... Show more...
Tory favourite also hits out at Theresa May for ‘computer says no’ approach to government

Boris Johnson has claimed he is “not bluffing” over his commitment to take the UK out of the European Union on 31 October with or without a deal and has criticised Theresa May for a “diet of miserablism”.

The Conservative leadership frontrunner said the EU had to “look deep into our eyes” and realise the UK was prepared to walk away on Halloween.
Boris Johnson 'not bluffing' about quitting EU on 31 October with no deal
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The Guardian’s sketch writer, John Crace, on why satire is one of the most powerful tools we have

In some ways, by accident. I had a whole series of non jobs in my 20s and reached a point where I wondered how I could explain the gap in my CV, but I started freelancing. Around this time – 1990 – print journalism was expanding, there were lots of supplements being born, and therefore plenty of work for freelancers. I sent a piece in to the Guardian on spec and it was used in the paper, and things took off from there. I was commissioned by the Independent on Sunday to write for their Education and Society supplement and gradually became a feature within their pages. Then the Guardian gave me a freelance contract, which required me to submit a certain number of words per year, so I had some job security. I started writing for G2 and got to know other Guardian editors, many of whom were kind enough to give me a chance at writing for them.

I’ve started referring to Boris Johnson as Mr Blobby because there's something quite cartoonish and absurd about h... Show more...
My mother, Anna Koller Eady, who has died aged 95, was a woman of enormous pluck and energy. As well as her professional roles as a physiotherapist and later as a teacher of Medau (rhythmic movement), she made two radical moves in life through her two marriages.

Born into a farming family in Asperup, Denmark, she was the daughter of Carl Olsen and Helga (nee Hansen Margaard). She went to school at Brenderup, from where, aged 15, just before the second world war broke out, she went on a school cycling trip and pedalled the length of the Rhine in Germany. It was the start of her international outlook.
Anna Koller Eady obituary
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Courts jail eight people from gang that exploited vulnerable people trafficked from Poland

The UK’s largest modern slavery ring, which forced more than 400 people to work for a pittance while their criminal masters earned £2m, has been smashed.

A three-year police investigation uncovered an organised criminal gang led by the Brzezinski family which preyed on homeless people, ex-prisoners and alcoholics from Poland.
Charity and police break up UK's largest modern slavery ring
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Iranian ship was boarded by marines in contested waters off coast of Gibraltar

The Spanish government has said it plans to lodge a formal complaint over the British military’s seizure off the coast of Gibraltar of an Iranian supertanker thought to be taking oil to Syria.

“We are studying the circumstances and looking at how this affects our sovereignty,” Josep Borell, Spain’s acting foreign minister, said. Spain considers the sea around Gibraltar to be part of its international waters, while the British regard it as theirs.
Spain to lodge complaint over British seizure of oil tanker
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Steve Bell on Ann Widdecombe's speech to MEPs – cartoon
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Green MEP said he was asked to leave as he arrived for first day of European parliament

An incident in which a black British MEP was asked to leave the European parliament on his first day highlighted the lack of racial diversity in EU politics, a campaign group has said.

Magid Magid, a Green MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, said he nearly missed the opening of the new legislature in Strasbourg after he was asked to leave the building.
Magid Magid incident highlights EU's race problem, say activists
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