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#NewZealand: Shitposter massacres Mosques, personally radicalized by Candace Owens


here's the video: https://bit.ly/2u61qOW

"Remove Kebab" xD

A shitposter has gone sicko mode on Moslems at multiple sites in Christchurch, New Zealand. He livestreamed the whole thing.

One person has been arrested, but police believe there may be other offenders involved in the fatal shootings of at least nine people at two mosques in Christchurch.

Sources say nine people have been confirmed dead following the shootings at the M
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So, just a few day ago the new album of Nanowar of Steel came out…
Yes, i’m a fan of them.

Suggesting “Barbie, MILF Princess Of The Twilight” () end “Opelatole Ecologico” (best for italian speakers but well also with the lyrics).

"Stairway To Valhalla" on Bandcamp

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Noble Chihuahua Dies a Warrior’s Death


Imagine you’re a tiny chihuahua waiting for THE BEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD, your master.

You’re sitting in his car waiting for his safe return while absorbing his scent all over the driver’s seat to trick yourself into thinking he’s near and keep yourself from crying. You really miss him.

He’s your universe and you’d do anything for him. Even dying.

Suddenly, glass explodes everywhere and through the chaos you see something scary open the door. It’s dark and hairy and it looks dangerous and it smells and you don’t want to be near it, but you can’t back down. Not here, not now. This is your master’s car, and you can’t risk him getting hurt by this creature if he comes back now. You have to fight this monster right here, right now.

You have to fight with everything you have, for everything you love.

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Yes, of course... The deceitful zionist and his brainwashing fictions command us to kill each other... or turn the other cheek and love your enemy till none but (((them))) are left. Thanks but NO THANKS! Sorry, not sorry. #judaism #muslim #christianity #semites #religion #epicfail #getrekt #Valhalla #ftw
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