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#VxWorks not secure. #propaganda of #proprietarysoftware won't last long.
Hackaday - 2019-08-02 14:00:07 GMT

#ThisWeekInSecurity: #vxWorks, #Expensive #Email #Fraud, and What’s in Your #Wallet?

This has been an interesting week. First off, security researchers at Armis discovered a set of serious vulnerabilities in the vxWorks Real Time Operating System (RTOS). Released under a name that sounds like the title of a western or caper movie, Urgent/11. Not familiar with vxWorks? It’s a toss-up as to whether vxWorks or Linux is more popular for embedded devices. Several printer brands, Arris modems, Sonicwall firewalls, and a whole host of other industrial and medical devices run the vxWorks RTOS.
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