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BatteryGuru for Android helps you track usage and optimize battery health for longevity

Practically all smartphones these days come with non-removable batteries and some form of fast charging technology. Unless done properly with adequate heat management, charging and fast charging do degrade the life of your phone’s battery, and non-removable batteries make it difficult to swap out an older degraded battery for a new one. Glass sandwich designs further complicate the swapping process, often cracking either the front or the back glass if you are not experienced enough. In these situations, it becomes really important to maintain the health of your battery, especially if you plan to use your phone for more than 2 years. BatteryGuru attempts to help you in this endeavor.

BatteryGuru by XDA Recognized Developer Paget96 tries to help your phone’s battery life by focusing on its overall longevity rather than getting you the most work done with a full charge.

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Ich bin der Entwickler des #OpenSource #Android Browsers "FOSS Browser". Bevor ich das nächste Update veröffentliche, möchte ich, dass Übersetzungen aktualisiert werden. Jeder kann helfen. Kann gerne geteilt werden. #Danke.

I'M the developer of the #OpenSource #Android #browser "FOSS Browser". Before I release the next update, I want to get the translations updated. Everyone can help. Please share. #ThankYou.

1. Übersetzen/transalte: https://crowdin.com/project/foss-browser
2. FOSS Browser on F-Droid https://f-droid.org/en/packages/de.baumann.browser/
3. FOSS Browser on PlayStore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.baumann.browser1&hl=en_US

#Help #Hilfe
Mi Note 10 im Hands on: Fünf Kameras, die sich lohnen - Golem.de
#Xiaomi #Android #Amoled #Android9 #Benchmark #Smartphone #Snapdragon #Mobil
Googles "App Defense Alliance" soll schädliche Apps aus Play Store aussperren
#Android #Apps #Google #GooglePlayStore #Malware #Smartphones
#Android #Google
Bin heute eher zufällig über das Projekt gestolpert:

#OpenSource #GPS #Tracking App für #Android inkl. zugehörigem selbst hostbarem Server.

Gleich mal ausprobiert, funktioniert wunderbar.


Tasker for Android update adds Logcat detection, allowing for a lot of new automation possibilities

So what can you do with the new Logcat Entry event in Tasker? The developer himself gives you a few examples:
\* Augment Pixel 4’s motion gestures
\* Do different stuff for each finger when unlocking the device
\* React to snoozing an alarm
\* Do different stuff for when you unlock your device with your finger or with a pattern
\* React to the Back button being held for 1 second in any app
\* React to the software keyboard being shown/hidden
\* Do different actions on Samsung devices depending on if the power button was double-clicked or the Bixby button was pressed

More info and a video demo at https://www.xda-developers.com/tasker-update-logcat-detection-automation/

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Mi Note 10: Xiaomis neues Smartphone mit 108 Megapixeln kostet 550 Euro - Golem.de
#Xiaomi #Android #Amoled #Bildstabilisierung #Smartphone #Snapdragon #Mobil
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