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Hold up - what exactly is carbon?
Before we get into this, let's get back to the (not so basic) basics.
Carbon is something we hear about all the time 'Big rise in atmospheric CO2 expected in 2019' and 'Carbon lurking in deep ocean threw ancient climate switch'. But what does all of this mean?! I'll be honest with you, I had no idea before I started researching for this piece. .

Here's what I found:
Carbon is EVERYTHING. Literally everything. It's the atom that forms every living thing, none of us would exist if it wasn't for carbon.
Carbon dioxide (the killer) is carbon combined with oxygen.
CO2 is a very high profile greenhouse gas (or GHG)
Carbon dioxide is stored in trees and released into the atmosphere through plant and animal respiration. But, this cycle is all out of whack due to human behaviour.
Behaviours such as deforestation, burning fossil fuels and the increase in animal flatulence (specifically cow farts) - due to the boost in demand for meat, because of overpopulation.
CO2 is a gas that traps heat and because we are producing so much of... Show more...
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