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A Simple POV Globe Via APA102

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posted by pod_feeder_v2
A Simple POV Globe Via APA102
Finally got my step lights videos uploaded from back in 2016. Working on getting FPP up and running again (SD card corruption) so that I can start up the effects. The APA102s currently pick up stray radiation and randomly come on to various colors and I'd like to keep them off during the day (to save power) and start up the effects again at night.

I'm using FPP to send out E1.31 frames to ESP8266s at the beginning of APA102 strings. The ESP8266 controllers connect to the RasPi 3 running FPP using HostAPD and a second WiFi NIC dedicated to running the show. I'm using FastLED on the ESP8266 boards to color correct the LEDs and to control them via GPIO pins. Each outlet box embedded in the concrete contains five LEDs which seems to be about right for brightness.


#arduino #esp8266 #linux #fpp #led #apa102 #hostapd #e131 #wifi #lightshow
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