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Krita drawing - 3391 x 4813 - 1.7 MB PNG.

Made with Krita

High resolution file:



Like all other works on this profile this work is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Attribute: Katharsisdrill - Link to: https://www.datataffel.dk/u/katharsisdrill

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The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer:-One solution to the medical enigma of our time by Nicholas J. Gonzalez,MD and Linda L. Isaacs,MD....
This groundbreaking analysis reveals how more than 100 years ago,the English scientist Dr. John Beard uncovered not only the likely origins of cancer but also its solution.Dr. Gonzalez explains Dr. Beard's underlying theory from the perspective of contemporary molecular biology and explores Dr. Beard's pioneering use of pancreatic enzymes for cancer treatment.This book also showcases a series of case histories describing cancer patients successfully treated with pancreatic enzymes by Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Isaacs.
See why cancer develops.
Discover the story of how Dr. John Beard developed an effective treatment for cancer in the early 1900s.
Learn how modern science confirms
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We'll try that again...this time with a stylized version of me, holding a real #chicken :). This is bluebeard, an "Easter Egger" chicken. She has blue legs and this awesome #beard and lays greenish-blue eggs. She keeps laying in the roosting area, so the #eggs fall and smash. I put a board up as a brake to see if that will help. My daughter is a little apprehensive because Bluebeard isn't that nice.

Okay on second thought... my #Hair and #Beard have grown out of control...

Probably have to cut it off/down during the weekend.
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