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#Trump tells federal workers to go begging for food

“Local people know who they are, when they go for groceries and everything else,” Drumpf said of federal workers during a meeting on trade at the White House. “And I think… that they will work along. I know banks are working along.”

Those comments were echoed Thursday by White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who praised federal workers for “volunteering” through the shutdown because they support Drumpf.

“God bless them. They’re working for free. They’re volunteering,” Kudlow told reporters. “But they do it because they believe government service is honorable and they believe in President Drumpf and they’re working as hard as ever.”

And this is how great the US have become under the Trump administration: Federal workers are supposed to attend food banks, beg for food at grocery stores, and are being praised by... Show more...
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