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The Family Pom
the Little Ravens - Progeny of the great matriarch PomPom

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Guuguuburra ~ the sound of human laughter
"Kookaburra" was taken from the Wiradjuri word that describes the bird's call. Kookaburra's job is to signal the sky gods to light the sun each morning. It's said that if you're alone when you hear a Kooka, it means someone is missing you and you should go and be with loved ones. If a Kooka laughs at a gathering, it's a reminder to appreciate those you think of with love.
They also kill snek.
this pic is from April, 2013, with a bit of fake-HD business applied

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"so sick of duckweed.. let's be runaways! we'll jump in a car and hitchhike to the city and be free! free as ..birds! Watch for a car!"
5 hours later
"duckweed's fine"

Anas superciliosa - the little black duck ( Pacific Black Duck. as you can see, it is mainly brown)

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here is a red-rump parrot. it has it's very own genus. mono. typic.
well done, little guy! he's eating capeweed - a weed that drives lawn-people around here completely spare. personally, i'd rather have parrots than lawn-people but capeweed does have a lot of downsides - that's probably why it's known as a weed. Bugger. i'd still much rather have parrots.
his lady love was in attendance but i grabbed this snap as i was leaving one car to get into another and so missed getting a pic of her. meh, she's a little dull, they say ;)'

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Glory (Glorificus), the Little Raven (one of many belonging to the resident dynasty founded by the grand matriarch. Pompom.). She's been popping in for a sitdown each morning of late. while i do coffee, then following me through the garden as i weed. She finishes-off the work with some good. solid scratchings and many nibblings of tiny bugs n beasties. She's quite lovely; a little more risk-taking than Pom who is cautious and quite selective with humans. Glory will walk into the house and steal food, pulling unopened packets outside if she can. She particularly likes Sakata Original. Pom prefers plain chips (crisps). Ricardo, the younger brother who still lives with mum, only steals my neighbour's tap washers from the box in the shed.
Corvus mellori - they're delighful.

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Bon, et bien voilà. On est fier·e·s de vous annoncer la floraison de notre tout nouveau site !

Avec un bel article pour annoncer ça convenablement 😺

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