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...The KaK & M@© Show Who else is being rapped?

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The last ten years or maybe longer I also didn't read any books.30 years ago i have read the books from Jules Verne. A couple of months I read one of them again and wondered how things have changed. The way he writes about black people in his book is almost hard to believe. So if you consider this part as #blackhumor maybe try "around the world in 80 days.
Since I got my first computer in the middle of the 90'es I haven't read any books... you know, the old fashioned ones made of paper. I like to read, but I find myself reading only tech stuff and the daily newspaper. I miss reading a good #book.
But I have no idea where to go or how to find books that interests me.
I am looking for non-fiction... And I like #blackhumor, #ironi and #cynicism mixed together maybe with a good #mystery.
If you can recommend anything, please comment.
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