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Les Mots à La Bouche’s move from the Marais shows loss of cultural heritage, activists say
Rent rises force revered LGBT bookshop out of Paris's gay district
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Papers revealing the Swedish Academy’s deliberations over the Waiting for Godot author reveal fierce disputes over his ‘nihilism’

Fifty years after Samuel Beckett won the Nobel prize for literature, newly opened archives reveal the serious doubts the committee had over giving the award to an author they felt held a “bottomless contempt for the human condition”.

Announcing that the Waiting for Godot author had won the laureateship in 1969, the Swedish Academy praised “his writing, which – in new forms for the novel and drama – in the destitution of modern man acquires its elevation”.
'Ghost poetry': fight over Samuel Beckett's Nobel win revealed in archives
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The owner of the library is not he who holds a legal title to it, having bought and paid for it. Anyone and everyone is owner of the library who can read the same through all the varieties of tongues and subjects and styles, and in whom they enter with ease and take residence and force toward paternity and maternity, and make supple and powerful and rich and large.
Walt Whitman (1819-1892) American poet
Leaves of Grass, Preface (1855)

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Leaves of Grass, Preface (1855)
She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.
Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) American writer
Work: A Story of Experience, ch. 2 (1873)

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Three Books Added to the Spiritual E Library

Added to the Kabir Section of the Sant Mat Spiritual E Library: https://SantMatRadhasoami.blogspot.com/2019/01/kabir-and-kabir-panth-bijak-anurag.html

* Anurag Sagar, Part One, Commentary by Baba Kehar Singh Ji of The Radhasoami Satsang Tarn Taran: https://archive.org/details/anuragsagarpartonecommentary

Added to the Recent Publications Related to Sant Tulsi Sahib Section of the E Library: https://SantMatRadhasoami.blogspot.com/2019/01/sant-mat-e-library-maharshi-mehi-sant.html
  • Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of
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Let me go back to a creative writing seminar held on winter afternoons in the early 1950s...The teacher was Allen Tate...Our subject for many sessions was Henry James’s [spoiler alert] The Turn of the Screw, in which a governess tries to shield her two protégé from a ghostly presence but in the end fails, and they are killed. I was completely convinced that this was just a straightforward ghost story, but Tate said no, Henry James is up to more than that. The governess is not the heroine of this story. She is the villainess. It is not the ghost who kills the children but the governess’s hysterical belief that a ghost exists. I couldn’t believe this at first, but reread the story and saw that Tate was right. You can interpret it either way.
How could I have missed it?
Tate explained that James was able to achieve this magic through the use of the first-person narrator. Tate said that the first person is the most difficult form because the writer is locked inside the head of the narrator and can’t get out. He can’
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Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #books, #cooking, #linux, #movies, and #travel.
● NEWS ● #therevelator #literature ☞ Take Your #Climate #Activism to the Next Level With January’s New Environmental #Books
Take Your Climate Activism to the Next Level With January’s New Environmental Books

‘One morning when Winnie-the-Pooh was Doing Nothing Very Much, but doing it rather well, he thought he would call his old friend Christopher Robin and see whether he was doing anything. If not, perhaps they could do nothing together, because there are few things nicer than doing nothing with a friend.’

Winnie-the-Pooh at 90: still the best bear in all the world

Brian Sibley, contributor to a new Winnie-the-Pooh 90th-anniversary edition, celebrates the magic of AA Milne. (...)

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The Third Level of Satsang (Association with the Writings of Masters and Saints)

"In daily life we need the guidance of a great sage or saint. Even though we might encounter many so called mahatmas or sadhus, the task of finding and identifying an accomplish... Show more...
Spy author, who rarely accepts honours, says he will give the Olof Palme prize money to Médecins Sans Frontières
John le Carré wins $100,000 prize for 'contribution to democracy'
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Breakthrough of the Year, our favorite online news stories, and the year in books

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Classics for the People

A Classical education was never just for the elite, but was a precious and inspiring part of working-class British life

The hero of Thomas Hardy’s tragic novel Jude the Obscure (1895) is a poor stonemason living in a Victorian village who is desperate to study Latin and Greek at university. He gazes, from the top of a ladder leaning against a rural barn, on the spires of the University of Christminster (a fictional substitute for Oxford). The spires, vanes and domes ‘like the topaz gleamed’ in the distance. The lustrous topaz shares its golden colour with the stone used to build Oxbridge colleges, but it is also one of the hardest minerals in nature. Jude’s fragile psyche... Show more...
The Swedish Academy’s defence of its controversial award only serves to fuel the rise of far-right extremism, says writer Adnan Delalić
The people heartened by Peter Handke’s Nobel prize are genocide deniers | Adnan Delalić
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25 Books That Teach Kids To Care About The Environment
These stories feature messages about recycling, the beauty of nature, environmental activism and more.
As climate-related disasters continue to make headlines, parents today are understandably concerned with raising kids who care about the environment. There are many ways to teach children to take care of the planet, and one simple yet powerful approach is through books.
Countless children’s books offer meaningful messages about nature, recycling, environmental activism and more. We’ve rounded up a sample of 25. Keep scrolling for a selection of books that feature themes of environmental conservation...

Protests, boycotts overshadow Peter Handke's Nobel prize win

Controversial laureate for literature has been criticised over his support for late Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic.
Protests, boycotts overshadow Peter Handke's Nobel prize win
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The scandal surrounding Der Spiegel journalist Claas Relotius is back, with a book by the colleague who exposed him
'The biggest scandal since the forged Hitler diaries': what is Germany reading?
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As Britain braces itself for the Brexit endgame, leading poets – from Carol Ann Duffy to Andrew McMillan – take the pulse of our fragmenting world

From the collection Kin, Cinnamon Press, 2018
'Sometimes the world goes feral' – 11 odes to Europe
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A nagging thought I have about a trivial but very important matter

#Conversations and the #Attractiveness of the person you want to converse with have an awkward social legacy.

Regardless of what is about to follow, I am not saying that #Men have it easy while I'm simultaneously explicitly explaining why I think #Women have it difficult. This is a very #nuanced topic and I want to concentrate on what I see as #problems women have in #society that seem to definitely re... Show more...
Two members of the committee set up to oversee reforms to the scandal-rocked award announce they are leaving
Nobel prize for literature hit by fresh round of resignations
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In retracing the escape of 1,000 Jewish children from wartime Poland to Iran, Mikhal Dekel uncovers a chapter of the Holocaust that resonates today
Tehran Children: A Holocaust Refugee Odyssey – review
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"After almost a decade of smear, mainstream media outlets like The Guardian and Fairfax are getting nervous, now that they understand what is happening to Assange can happen to them" from an edited version of an address John Pilger gave at the launch in London of "In Defense of Julian Assange, an anthology published by Or Books, New York. See also: www.dontextraditeassange.com

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The Lies About Assange Must Stop Now: John Pilger
Country Girls author receives £40,000 David Cohen prize seen as Nobel precursor
Irish novelist Edna O'Brien wins lifetime achievement award
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Czech academic Petr Plechac has run tiny pieces of text through a new algorithm that he says identifies their distinct contributions

When the scholar James Spedding analysed the authorship of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII in 1850, he pored over the details of the text and eventually attributed the play not only to the Bard, but to his successor at the King’s Men theatre company, John Fletcher. Now 169 years later, an academic has used artificial intelligence to back up Spedding’s theory and pin down exactly who wrote what.

Petr Plechac from the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague trained an algorithm on scenes from Shakespeare’s later plays Coriolanus, Cymbeline, The Winter’s Tale and The Tempest, and on Fletcher’s Valentinian, Monsieur Thomas, The Woman’s Prize and Bonduca. He also ran a selection of scenes from works by Philip Massinger, Fletcher’s successor at the King’s Men and another possible candidate for authorship of Henry VIII, through the algorithm.
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Toni Morrison, a Nobel-prize winning US writer known for her work on race, died in August, aged 88. #Literature #Arts&Culture #Books #US&Canada #UnitedStates
Hallie Rubenhold claims the Ballie Gifford Prize for exploring the lives of 'ordinary people' killed by the Ripper. #Literature #Arts&Culture #Books
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Hello. I like #physics, #astronomy and #philosophy.
I think that everybody can joke about everything.
Also I like watching #anime and reading #books. I love #imageboards.
And I am looking for a pen pal. I mean, to chat using real letters. ✉️
ШУЕ ППШ Image/photo
Paul Czege - 2019-11-10 01:21:51 GMT

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Reading vigils held for release of author’s first novel in four years, set in 1990s Naples

Reading vigils are being held across Italy as fans of Elena Ferrante gather for the release of the author’s new book, her first novel in four years.

Ferrante’s Italian publisher, Edizioni E/O, was careful not to give too much away, issuing only a short extract in early September indicating the story takes place in Naples, the same setting for her phenomenally successful quartet of books that began with My Brilliant Friend.
Ferrante fever grows as fans gather across Italy for new book launch
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Two new books are causing a stir by translating the contortions over EU membership into graphic tales of endearing animals

While the adult world is having trouble getting to grips with Brexit, children’s authors are taking a new approach: translating the whole sorry mess into a story with animals, where they hope it will start to make clearer sense.

Two new picture books attempt to make Brexit accessible to children. Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Robert Starling’s The Little Island sees a gaggle of geese hatch a plan to leave their farm, only for their solitary life on an island to go wrong. And in Richard David Lawman and Katie Williams’ I Want to Leave This Book, a cast of animals vote – unsuccessfully – on which sort of story they’d like to be part of.
'No goose is an island': the Brexit picture books for children of all ages
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#Books | The Diary of a Gulag Prison Guard, by Ivan Chistyakov, translated by Arch Tait | ANZ LitLovers LitBlog http://bit.ly/34psN6K


Tau Cero - Poul Anderson

source/fonte: blog.xmgz.eu
Título: Tau cero (1970)

Autor: Poul W. Anderson


portada, wikipedia

Máis unha novela ambientada nun futuro tecnolóxicamente máis avanzado para presentar temas clásicos (de onde vimos, hacia onde imos) a través de unha situación de crise que se presenta nunha viaxe interestelar, literalmente por todo o universo.


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An exploration into Putin’s Russia asks what happened to the dream of a united, liberal Europe

Thirty years ago, the South African novelist and poet Christopher Hope was drawn to Russia by “the quality of the lies”. The myths peddled by Soviet officials had created “a society steadily falling apart; run your fingers over it and you’d feel the widening stitches. In the night they snapped one by one.” Hope’s observation of a society undone by its own falsehoods echoes throughout Rory MacLean’s gripping book, part-travelogue, part-contemporary history of Europe.

In 1989, MacLean recorded his journey from Berlin to Moscow across what was for many still Europe’s terra incognita. A united, liberal Europe had seemed tantalisingly near as walls and dictatorships tumbled, families and nations were reunited, and – it appeared – communism finally joined fascism on the scrap heap of history. Now, he retraces his steps from east to west to explore what became of that dream, and finds it battered and besieged by the re... Show more...
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All your favorite songs reimagined as vintage book covers. (You’re welcome.)
Evolution Science and Ethics in the Third Millennium: Challenges and Choices for Humankind


Very comprehensive! It also addresses several interesting topics:
- the origin of #morality
- the origin of the #religion
- the origin of the family
- the origin of the sex #inequality/#inequity

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Kava - the pacific elixir https://botanicalguides.com/Kava-Book-The-Pacific-Elixir.html [ a plant from the Pacific that gets people "drunk and happy" #kava #books
The Plainsrunner Audiobook Available in Stores

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Originally posted at: https://greencomet.org/2019/10/27/the-plainsrunner-audiobook-available-in-stores/
The Plainsrunner Audiobook Available in Stores
From Paris to Berlin, fado to football, boat trains to pen friends … public figures reflect on their lifelong relationship with Europe

JK Rowling

Many children, including my own eldest daughter, wouldn’t have been born without the frictionless travel the EU gave us

We didn’t work hard enough over the decades to share the benefits of Europe of which we were so rightly proud
Dear Europe: letters from JK Rowling, Neil Gaiman, Mary Beard and more
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