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This Post has two points, environmental and economic. Firstly, the unconstrained consumption of a shared resource, ie: water from New Zealand sources, by self interested individuals/ corporations will lead to congestion and the depletion of the resource for all. In the case of water bottling companies taking a public resource and privatising it to sell to us and the world, Individuals should never triumph over collective rationality and care. In this regard, I dont believe anyone should be bottling water in New Zealand at the expense of locals. The negative impacts of plastic bottles and the ethical questionability of selling water would make factories unjust. However if Water bottling factories had to be built for whatever reason, the factories should be government owned public industries. Privatisation of necessities is a slippery slope towards mass corporate takeovers of our lives. Because of this, the government must step in to control these resources for the benefit of the public. #newzealand... Show more...
- #Loop is #implementing a new #way to #recycle #plastic by bringing #bottles back to the #factories to be #washed and #immediately #reused.
A group of the world's largest consumer product firms have clubbed together with recycling specilaist TerraCycle to unveil a new global service designed to enable household collection of empty or used product packaging for refilling, reuse, or recycling.

Mumbai bans plastic bags, bottles, and single-use plastic containers

Indian city to fine or jail residents caught using single-use plastics
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HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17397852
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Amazon warehouse workers 'peed in bottles' fearing punishment for taking breaks

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