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Government launches new 'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign - https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jul/10/government-launches-new-get-ready-for-brexit-campaign #brexit will reduce "red tape", they said... hahahahahahahahaha
"As well as losing their right to live, work and travel freely in the 27-country zone, British nationals will also face “thorough checks” at the border" - https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/jul/09/uk-coronavirus-live-latest-news-covid-19-updates?page=with:block-5f073a5d8f088ce85a3387ce#block-5f073a5d8f088ce85a3387ce #ProjectFact strikes again... #brexit

Merkel presents EU council presidency plans, calls for more unity

Germany's chancellor appeals for unity and solidarity within the EU to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.
Merkel presents EU council presidency plans, calls for more unity
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This is glorious... #Brits are finally discovering that #Brexit may not be what they were told it would be.

So, you've voted #Leave and are glad that you can now finally keep all those damn foreigners out, finally an end to that horrible Freedom of Movement that's one of those horrible #EU laws. You have won your #sovereignty back, and in a couple of years you retire and move to your holiday house in #France.

Until you realise that your much anticipated end to Freedom of Movement works both ways, and you can only be in that house for 3 months a year...

Of course, that's all #Brussels' fault!

Brexiteers bough a house in France. Did not care about the consequences. Now they are f**** and of course it is all Brussels fault...

"Noescco" appeal goes flat in the High Court http://ipkitten.blogspot.com/2020/06/noescco-appeal-goes-flat-in-high-court.html #brexit #uk #trademarks
A must read thread about a #British #couple that now discovers the effects of #Brexit on them and there plans to retire and live in #France.

Brexit : Londres clôt la question d'une prolongation du divorce


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Brexit : Londres clôt la question d'une prolongation du divorceImage/photo
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No deal

Both #Britain and the #EU are going to regret this oncoming no-deal #Brexit. But by now I'm ready to say: fuck 'em, let them bugger off, we've had it.


#Brexit: EU may veto UK trade deal lacking safeguards, leaked report reveals - https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jun/10/brexit-eu-may-veto-uk-trade-deal-lacking-safeguards-leaked-report-reveals well, obvs...
● NEWS ● #counterpunch @glynmoody ☞ The #Brexit Crisis Led to Totally Incompetent Leadership at a Time of Unprecedented Calamity. Now We are Paying for It
The Brexit Crisis Led to Totally Incompetent Leadership at a Time of Unprecedented Calamity. Now We are Paying for It
UK economy likely to suffer worst Covid-19 damage, says OECD - https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jun/10/uk-economy-likely-to-suffer-worst-covid-19-damage-says-oecd it's almost as if we have a totally incompetent government that is unable to do anything right - and that's before #brexit even hits
China threatens to pull plug on new British nuclear plants - https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/china-threatens-to-pull-plug-on-new-british-nuclear-plants-727zlvbzg paywall, but headline tells you all you need to know... #brexit
Without public faith in government actions, the UK will never beat Covid-19 - https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jun/08/public-faith-government-policy-covid-19 quite: UK gov thinks it can bluff, cheat and lie as it did for #brexit; but that doesn't work against a virus...
#Brexit: UK fears EU chief negotiator has lost grip on fishing talks - https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jun/07/brexit-uk-fears-eu-chief-negotiator-has-lost-grip-on-fishing-talks wake up, #brexiters: they don't need us more than we need them. in fact, they are sick and tired of our tantrums; they don't care about a deal anymore...
#covid19 exposes #brexit is a sham and shambles
Could the Pandemic Kill the United Kingdom?
Google stellt Daten zum Suchverhalten der Nutzer zur Verfügung: Forscher, Redaktionen, Ermittler vertrauen darauf. Eine Analyse zeigt, dass diese Informationen kaum ernsthafte Rückschlüsse zulassen.
"Google Trends": Such-Daten nicht aussagekräftig
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113 deaths reported by #uk #nhs today with/from #covid19
Lowest number since March 23rd when the lock-down started
But still... a case against #brexit
#uk has just passed #italy in terms of deaths per capita with 542 per million. Yay! #uk 5th worst in the world, 3rd worst if you take out the tiny city-states. #brexit makes no sense! @glynmoody

Calls grow for UK to extend Brexit transition amid pandemic

UK officials press ahead with plan to broker trade deal by end of 2020, despite disruption unleashed by coronavirus.
Calls grow for UK to extend Brexit transition amid pandemic
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A YouGov poll reveals 30% of Britons believe colonies were better off as part of the British Empire
UK more nostalgic for empire than other ex-colonial powers
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At a herring processing plant in Rügen, continued access for trawlers to British waters is crucial for the business to survive

When a Danish trawler docks on the island of Rügen in the early hours of a stormy Thursday morning, the Euro-Baltic plant at Sassnitz-Mukran suddenly jolts to life.

Via a network of subterranean tubes, 1,400 tonnes of slippery North Sea herring are pumped from the belly of the ship and belched out onto an assembly line inside the factory on Germany’s largest island, where the silvery-blue fish are blow-dried, weighed, gutted and either sliced into fillets or chopped into bite-sized chunks.
'Our worst scenario is yours too': Germans fear for fishing industry after Brexit
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Labour leadership frontrunner was only candidate at Dudley hustings not to reject idea of reversing Brexit

Keir Starmer, the Labour leadership frontrunner, has declined to rule out campaigning to rejoin the EU in the years ahead, saying it was a question for future generations.

The shadow Brexit secretary said he did not think it was a “priority for now and the immediate future” and has previously said the question of leaving the EU is over. But when pressed to rule out advocating rejoining the EU in future, he said: “It’s for our kids to decide what our future relationship is.”
Keir Starmer declines to rule out campaigning to rejoin EU
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Education and business leaders point to lost income for country and opportunities for students

Quitting the EU’s Erasmus student exchange programme would “blow a hole” in the UK’s economy, taking away income of £243m a year and depriving 17,000 British young people of valuable work experience, according to a group of education and business leaders.

The group, including further education colleges and universities, is calling for the British government to make clear that continued Erasmus membership is a high priority in its talks with the EU.
Quitting EU Erasmus scheme would 'blow a hole' in UK economy
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Transport secretary says senior figures will gradually return to UK as regulatory powers revert to CAA

The UK is to withdraw from the European Union aviation safety regulator (EASA) after the Brexit transition period, Grant Shapps has confirmed.

The transport secretary said many of the most senior figures at the organisation headquartered in Cologne, Germany were British and that they would gradually return to the UK throughout this year as regulatory powers reverted to the Civil Aviation Authority.
UK to withdraw from EU aviation safety regulator, Shapps says
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Now Britain has left the EU, the fractures remain. Is it possible to bury the political hatchet?

A bigoted old bastard: that’s how Letitia Clark thought of her dad, Tony, when she found out he had voted to leave. She worked in a restaurant, where many of her colleagues were EU migrants, and was dating an Italian. “He disappeared for a while,” she says of her father. “I think it was a wish to avoid conflict.”

The vote played a significant role in Letitia’s decision to move with her then boyfriend to Sardinia, where she still lives and has written a cookbook, Bitter Honey, about Sardinian cuisine. She and her two brothers – a journalist in Cape Town, and a captain in the Royal Marines who travels all over the world – lead very different lives from Tony’s in quiet, rural Devon.
‘We have a no-politics rule’: how families can heal their Brexit rifts
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Die Vorbereitungen für den #Brexit haben die britischen Steuerzahler etwa viereinhalb Milliarden Pfund gekostet.
Our panel discusses what happened during the first round of negotiations on the future relationship

About 100 British officials made the trip to Brussels led by UK chief negotiator David Frost, who is up against his opposite number Michel Barnier as the two sides try to reach agreement on everything from trade in goods to fishing rights.

The outcome is far from certain, and Barnier said afterwards there were “serious divergences” between the two sides.
How did the UK-EU trade talks kick off? Brexit Means ... podcast
#Europe #Brexit #Tradepolicy #Politics #EuropeanUnion #UKnews #Foreignpolicy
Letters: Readers respond to the launch of This is Europe, a series that uses a pan-European lens to explain the challenges that transcend borders and confront our continent
Thanks for keeping the European dream alive | Letters
#Europe #EuropeanUnion #Portugal #Brexit #Worldnews #UKnews #Foreignpolicy #Politics
Letters: Hostility toward the EU across the continent is nothing new, but since June 2016 parties have mostly dropped demands to leave the bloc, writes Denis MacShane, while Joe Shackles says that such hostility is rooted in opposition to the economi…
Eurosceptic parties are thriving, but Brexit serves as a warning | Letters
#Brexit #EuropeanUnion #Economics #Inequality #Politics
Letter: The World Food Programme policy of buying and redistributing surplus food from rich countries has left millions without enough to eat, writes Benny Dembitzer – and we should be pushing for each country to be self-sufficient instead
Muddled thinking on food production | Letter
#Foodsecurity #Globaldevelopment #Food #Brexit #Netherlands
Letter: Industrial policies and other entrepreneurial state mechanisms can build better foundations for a superpower, writes Roy Cobby
The EU’s structural problems must be addressed | Letter
#EuropeanUnion #Brexit #Globaleconomy #Economics #Business #Inequality #Poverty #BorisJohnson #DonaldTrump
Uncertainty over pet visa rules may have kept some European owners away, says Kennel Club

As Frankie strutted along the astroturf at Crufts on Thursday, the cheers from the crowd were notably muted. The miniature poodle, who won the utility group presentation in which dogs are assessed on their weight and measurements, could be mistaken for looking slightly dejected.

Much has been written about the impact of Brexit on education and the arts, but few have been concerned about another industry affected by new immigration rules: the world of canine performance competitions.
Crufts organisers blame Brexit for fewer overseas dog entries
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Rolling coverage of economics, business and markets as investors pile into US government bonds
Stock markets fall as coronavirus economic fears dominate – business live
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EU negotiator sets out main obstacles to deal, including rights convention and fishing

Michel Barnier has spoken of “grave” differences between the EU and the UK over their future relationship, warning that Boris Johnson’s refusal to formally commit to the European convention on human rights could limit cooperation in fighting crime.

Following the first round of negotiations between the two 100-strong teams, the EU’s chief negotiator said there were “many divergences” between the two sides. “They are very serious divergences,” he said.
Barnier warns of 'grave' differences between EU and UK in trade talks
#Brexit #Tradepolicy #MichelBarnier #EuropeanUnion #Foreignpolicy #Europe #Politics #UKnews #Worldnews
Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including the Commons health committee questioning Prof Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer

9.38am GMT

Q: Can you envisage a situation where MPs were considered super-spreaders? There has been talk of parliament having to be shut down.

Whitty says he has discussed this with Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker, and Norman Fowler, the Lords Speaker. Fowler was a distinguished health secretary, he says. He says he would not presume to tell them how to run their houses.

9.33am GMT

Q: How will this impact on, say, cancer patients in hospital?

Whitty says there are three kinds of impact.
Chief medical officer tells MPs coronavirus plan now at 'mainly delay' stage, not 'mainly contain' - live news
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Special trade arrangements will apply from 1 January whether Johnson strikes deal or not

The UK will have a “catastrophe” on its hands unless Boris Johnson and cabinet ministers stop repeatedly claiming that there will be no checks in the Irish Sea as part of the special Brexit arrangements, manufacturing leaders and local politicians have warned.

“If they don’t there is going to a horrible crash at the end of this year, and if not then in four years,” said Stephen Kelly, the chief executive of the business group Manufacturing Northern Ireland.
UK faces 'catastrophe if Tories continue with no checks in Irish Sea claim'
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Lord Reed also warns against US-style selection of judges based on their political views
Supreme court chief denies judges trying to 'grab' power from parliament
#UKsupremecourt #Judiciary #Law #UKnews #Brexit #Politics
Je l'ai déjà dit, c'est « #Bruxelles » qui veut ça, il n'y a rien à faire à un quelconque niveau national. Les Grands-Bretons qui croient pouvoir y échapper grâce au #brexit ne se rendent pas encore compte qu'ils auront pire grâce à ceux qu'ils ont plébiscité pour les enfiler en toute #souveraineté. Rhaaah Lovely !
We’ve had 50 happy years of cross-Channel relationships. What’s in store for pan-European couples?

In July 1974 I kissed a girl for the first time. She was called Martine and she lived next door to my French exchange partner, Pascal, in the half-timbered town of Chalon-sur-Saône in southern Burgundy.

I was as in love as a teenager can be, albeit less (I later realised) with Martine than with being 14, English, and in France for the first time, doing things I’d never done before: staying up past 9pm; smoking Gitanes sans filtre; listening to Françoise Hardy.
European love stories: the readers who have crossed the continent for romance
#Relationships #Lifeandstyle #Brexit
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