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4/17/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God: This #world is stricken, a corrupt #tree which bears only bitter #fruit! You have done this, O peoples of the #earth! You have done this, O #men of #power and #wealth, all you #people of excess! YOU HAVE DONE THIS! For the sake of #... Show more...

LIVE Updates on the Polar Vortex threatening the #US

At least eight people have died in connection with the coldest weather in decades across the Northern Plains and Midwest.

The wind chill (what it feels like) in Chicago plunged to minus 52 on Wednesday -- the coldest wind chill since 1985. It was minus 55 in Minneapolis, also the coldest wind chill since 1985.

University of Iowa student Gerald Blez, who was studying medicine, died Wednesday, the university said. His cause of death is believed to be weather-related, officials said, according to ABC affiliate KCRG. The wind chill at the time was minus 51 degrees, KCRG said.

(Watch the photos and tweets embedded in the article to get a feeling of how fucking cold it currently is in the US. I cannot imagine what the US-Americans msut go through at the moment, especially those federal workers who may hardly make ends meet; I hope that their landlords will have a heart and keep their power running to warm up... Show more...

Typhoon Jebi smashes Japan: Giant waves and 135mph winds rock the country as train station roof COLLAPSES during the worst storm in 25 years and a MILLION are told to evacuate


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