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Majority of Americans Know #FossilFuel Companies Drive #Climate Change, Should Pay for Damages
Majority of Americans Know Fossil Fuel Companies Drive Climate Change, Should Pay for Damages
Pursuit of profit won’t solve #climate crisis
Pursuit of profit won’t solve climate crisis
"harms created by the #fracking industry. The reports examine the human rights implications of poisoning drinking #water with fracking chemicals; the heavy #climate impacts of #methane release"
In the Face of #Climate Collapse, We Need the Wisdom of Elders https://truthout.org/articles/in-the-face-of-climate-collapse-we-need-the-wisdom-of-elders/ "dishonored, colonized and often annihilated Indigenous cultures"
In the Face of Climate Collapse, We Need the Wisdom of Elders

[sarcasm]'Fund #Climate Solutions, Not Endless War': 22 Arrested Demanding US Build Windmills, Not Warships
They always arrest the wrong people (not the polluters): 'Report the Urgency! This Is a #Climate Emergency!': 70 Arrested Outside New York Times Demanding Paper Treat Climate Like the Crisis It Is
Facing the #Climate Emergency: Grieving The Future You Thought You Had
Facing the #Climate Emergency: Grieving The Future You Thought You Had
Because 'Another World Is Possible,' Tens of Thousands of Activists Stage #Climate Mobilizations in #Germany
A Democratic #ThinkTank , the #ProgressivePolicyInstitute , Is Promoting Pushback Against #Climate Lawsuits
Clean electricity overtaking #fossilfuels in Britain https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-48711649 #uk #climate #globalwarming
#Climate action: Can we change the climate from the #grassroots up?
#EU Leaders Fail to Strengthen #Climate Target

The New York Times: E.U. Leaders Fail to Strengthen Climate Target (By MILAN SCHREUER)

In a bid to avoid #climate vote, #Oregon Republican Senators cross state lines, go into hiding, threaten to murder cops, as white nationalist paramilitaries pledge armed support
In a bid to avoid climate vote, Oregon Republican Senators cross state lines, go into hiding, threaten to murder cops, as white nationalist paramilitaries pledge armed support
"For Ed Hawkins, a #climate scientist at the University of Reading, the solstice also provides the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about human-driven climate change."
@tomgrz It is one reason why I never listen to corporate news, nor do I #like nor #share them.
Even The Guardian lost me forever with their lies about Assange despite they have excellent coverage on the #environment and #climate domains.
“ #Climate Hypocrite” Justin #Trudeau declares #climateemergency only to build TMX pipeline
http://priceofoil.org/2019/06/19/climate-hypocrite-justin-trudeau-declares-climate-emergency-only-to-build-tmx-pipeline/ like #obama who arrested climate/pipeline protesters
“Climate Hypocrite” Justin Trudeau declares climate emergency only to build TMX pipeline
Chorus of Outrage as #Trump Admin. Throws #Climate, Public Health Under Bus by Killing #Obama Era Clean Power Plan
#EU Aims to Tackle #Climate Change With Newly Adopted 'Green Finance' Guidelines https://www.ecowatch.com/climate-change-green-finance-eu-2638916356.html #greenwashing more legit?
'Canary in the Coal Mine': Experts Warn of #Climate Tipping Point as Scientists Find Permafrost Thawing 70 Years Ahead of Schedule
The #DNC Can’t Be Allowed to Ignore the #Climate Crisis
The DNC Can’t Be Allowed to Ignore the Climate Crisis
"Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, has welcomed the news that the #UK now looks set to host the 2020 global #climate talks."

Another Good Reason to Fix Global Heating

“It was incredible, really incredible”, she recalls while speaking to me from The Woods Hole Research Center, Massachusetts, where she is an associate scientist. “I still get chills when I think about it… I just couldn’t believe the magnitude: collapsing cliffs the size of multi-storey buildings … and as you walk along you see what look like logs poking out the permafrost. But they aren’t logs, they are the bones of mammoths and other Pleistocene animals.”

In November, when temperatures should have been -25C, a temperature of 1.2C above freezing was recorded at the North Pole. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world (in part due to the loss of solar reflectivity).

"There is a lot we can do, she says. The fate of the Arctic is not a foregone conclusion: “The actions taken by the international community will have a substantial impact on just how much carbon will be released and how much of
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'Huge Victory' for Grassroots Climate Campaigners as New York Lawmakers Reach Deal on Sweeping #Climate Legislation
Without swift action on #climate change, #heatwaves could kill thousands in U.S. cities
"Pope Francis declared a climate emergency Friday as he met with #oil industry executives and some of their biggest investors to urge them to act on the #climate crisis." Pope meets poopheads.
"All told, the total #lobbying by these companies reduced the bill’s chances by 13 percentage points, from 55% to 42%, representing $60 billion (2018 dollars) in expected #climate damages due to the lowered chance of enacting U.S. climate policy."
After Losing a Similar Case, #BLM Sued Again Over #Climate Impacts of #Oil and #Gas Leases
Stating the obvious, based even on plenty of past and existing/present evidence: #Climate crisis raises risk of conflict https://climatenewsnetwork.net/climate-crisis-raises-risk-of-conflict/ #war #militarism #globalwarming #food
Climate crisis raises risk of conflict
Adding to Planetary Alarm Bells, Top US Finance Official Warns #Climate Crisis a Recipe for Global Economic Collapse
The #Climate Crisis Is Also a #Health Emergency
https://otherwords.org/the-climate-crisis-is-also-a-health-emergency/ one begets the other. "Extreme heat can cause cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and respiratory effects, and even death."
Gov. #JayInslee Slams #DNC for Refusing to Hold #Climate Debate
https://truthout.org/video/gov-jay-inslee-slams-dnc-for-refusing-to-hold-climate-debate/ it's a defunct party in the pockets of #war and #wallstreet (which loves #trump legalising its crimes)
Gov. Jay Inslee Slams DNC for Refusing to Hold Climate Debate
Good for #climate action, but this isn't the reason; maybe all that "cloud" hype will come to a close soon. Let's hope so.
Server Buying Cools, But It’s Cool – Don’t Panic
How Unions and #Climate Organizers Learned To Work Together in #NewYork
http://inthesetimes.com/working/entry/21924/climate-and-community-protection-act-new-york-labor-unions-cwa-seiu "push for a pioneering climate bill in New York."
"This Is What Fascists Do": #Trump Attempted to Suppress State Dept Analyst's Testimony on #Climate Crisis
Thirty years to #climate meltdown – or not? https://climatenewsnetwork.net/thirty-years-to-climate-meltdown-or-not/ within most people's lifetime
Thirty years to climate meltdown – or not?
'Class of 0000' Campaign Denounces 'Cowardly' #Censorship of Student Call for #Climate Action
5 Podcasts to Inspire You on #Climate
If capitalistic growth relies on #plannedobsolescence (waste) and #overpopulation (e.g. our number quadrupling in the past century alone), then it's not compatible with #climate action and any fix would be antithetical to it
#ladybugs and #climate

Spotted: A Swarm Of Ladybugs So Huge, It Showed Up On National Weather Service Radar
U.N. reform needed to stop companies fighting #climate rules: Nobel [sic]laureate #Stiglitz
#lizwarren 'pissed against the wind' on #climate issues and #militarism
The US Military Won’t Lead the Fight in Combating Climate Change
'Existential' Risk of #Climate Crisis Could Lead to Civilizational Collapse by 2050, Warns Report
Accused of #Plagiarism , #Biden Campaign Admits Lifting 'Carbon Capture' Section of #Climate Plan From #FossilFuel -Backed Group
Extreme #Flooding Across Midwest 'Exactly In Line' With Scientific Warnings of #Climate Crisis: Experts
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