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GRACE-FO Shows the Weight of Midwestern Floods

So all those #ClimateChangeDeniers in the US #Government right now who are using #Jesus to justify making #ClimateChange worse for personal #Profits, they did this.
GRACE-FO Shows the Weight of Midwestern Floods
Brazilian Amazon beset by raging fires, prompting fresh scrutiny of President Bolsonaro's environmental stewardship. #Brazil #Environment #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #LatinAmerica
#ClimateChange #ClimateAction
Unique #climatechange has no natural cause
Unique climate change has no natural cause
Trocatintas - 2019-08-17 15:58:27 GMT

Arctic News: The changing face of planet Earth

The inhabitants of planet Earth are in the process of destroying the habitability of their world through the perpetration of the largest mass extinction of species since 66 million years ago, when a large asteroid impacted Earth, and 55 million years since the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) reaching 5–8°C. The late Holocene-Anthropocene climate change represents an unprecedented event, triggering a fast shift in climate
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The orphaned dugong became a social media star after she was rescued and hand reared by biologists. #Pollution #Thailand #AsiaPacific #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #WildAnimals
Pacific leaders criticise Australia over lack of action on 'existential threat' posed by global warming, rising seas. #Environment #AsiaPacific #Australia #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange
High up in the French Alps, the climbers who spend their days on the rocks and glaciers have come to a grim conclusion: the mountains are crumbling around them
Alpine climbing routes crumble as climate crisis continues
#Climatechange #Worldnews #Sport #Rockclimbing #Glaciers #Environment #Science #Travel #France
The glaciers of Iceland seemed eternal. Now a country mourns their loss | Andri Snær Magnason
#Glaciers #Iceland #Europe #Worldnews #Polarregions #Environment #Climatechange #Science
A video on Vimeo about Sea Level Rising (SLR) in Hawai’i caused by #climatechange.

That’s why #FridayForFuture is important and why we should support @GretaThunberg and all the others as much as we can.

Imagine what SLR does to poorer countries.
Two amazing and inspiring women making a difference for the good of the planet and everyone who calls it their home 🌍💚✌️ We hope to make it over to Plymouth tomorrow to wish @gretathunberg a safe voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to New York.
She is embarking on a 2 week sailing trip on a 60ft racing yacht to travel using clean energy ... What a mission and isn't she living with such conviction!
If Greta does so can we... Everyday we all have to make choices, let's make time to really think over those carefully and become aware of what we choose and how that impacts the Earth and everything on it.
Take it seriously...we can work together to make a change 🌈

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What is the greatest benefit of travelling?



#Ocean heat waves damage reefs and kill #coral
#globalwarming #climatechange
Ocean heat waves damage reefs and kill coral
" #Climatechange and overfishing may be hampering efforts to reduce toxic mercury accumulations in the fish and shellfish that end up on our plates."
Please don’t try to blame me for #climatechange
Daily Mail 5 Aug 2019
AS A dairy #cow, I feel much maligned by misconceptions concerning my contribution to climate change. Plants and trees are nature’s way of dealing with carbon emissions, but this process produces #cellulose, a #carbohydrate you humans are unable to digest. However, I love to eat it and I convert it into #milk and beef, which you enjoy as part of your balanced diet. I do apologise for the methane I produce, but have your scientists told you that this breaks down naturally and is reabsorbed by plants, thus completing a natural cycle? Because of better breeding, I produce more milk and meat than my grandparents did, so fewer cows are needed, hence our #carbonfootprint has actually decreased. I do wish you humans would acknowledge that 80 per cent of greenhouse gasses come from the fossil fuel-consuming industries, which include factories producing processed #soya, almond and other somewhat artificial drinks masquerading as milk! PURESNOW, c/o NICK HEBDITCH, Chard, #Somerset.
GreenFediverse - 2019-08-09 10:32:21 GMT
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Extinction Rebellion accounts (no bots):
@XRBerlin, @xrpaca, @xrfrance & @XR_Mannheim
are already here ! ✊💚

Also new at the #fediverse: @hambibleibt - defenders of the german hambacher forest! 💚🌳🌱✊

🌏 Daily curated scientific sources about #ClimateChange by @tuxom

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Do you know any other XR groups? Let us know!
A #Trillion #Trees – How #Hard Can It Be?

- #Data from #2016 pegs it as the #hottest #year since #recording began way back in #1880. #Carbon #dioxide #levels continue to sit at #historical highs, and last year the #UN #Intergovernmental #Panel on #ClimateChange warned that #humanity has just 12 #years to #limit #warming to 1.5 C.
A Trillion Trees – How Hard Can It Be?
Don't Ask How to Pay for #ClimateChange . Ask Who
Greenland’s ice sheet shrunk more in past month than in average year, experts warn

The frozen extremities of the northern hemisphere are melting at a near-record rate as heatwaves buffet the Arctic, forest fires tear through Siberia and glaciers retreat on Greenland fjords and Alpine peaks.

Unusually high temperatures are eating into ice sheets that used to be solid throughout the year, according to glaciologists, who warn this is both an amplifying cause and effect of man-made climate disruption across the globe.
Heatwaves amplify near-record levels of ice melt in northern hemisphere
#Glaciers #Greenland #Worldnews #Environment #Climatechange #Russia #Switzerland #Polarregions #Europe
A year after Greece’s deadliest wildfire tore through coastal towns near Athens, killing 102 people, the road to normality for survivors is long and scarred by scorched homes and barren land. The resort of Mati, a wooded area overlooking sparkling sea east of the capital, was popular with children at summer camps. On the first anniversary of the disaster, it resembles a ghost town

Smoke over the Parthenon temple in Athens from a wildfire that killed 102 people in 2018, and the same view of the temple a year later

A house burns following a wildfire at Neos Voutzas, near Athens, and the house rebuilt a year later

An electricity pole standing among burnt trees and newly grown bushes a year later on the same slope in Neos Voutzas, near Athens

A damaged house in the village of Mati, near Athens

A field where 26 bodies were found in the village of Mati, near Athens, and the same location a year later

The burnt tables and chairs of a seaside cafe in Mati, and the same cafe in 2019

A stretch of coastline near Mati

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Wildfires Ravaging The Arctic Right Now Are So Intense, You Can See Them From Space

"The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, and after the hottest June ever recorded on Earth, the region is literally on fire."

"From Greenland to Siberia to Alaska, huge swathes of flame and smoke are wrapping themselves around the upper Northern Hemisphere of our planet, like a suffocating scarf."

#wildfire #arctic #ClimateChange
Party calls for Hitzefrei - heat-free - leave for workers to cope with high temperatures

Germany’s Green party has proposed stay-at-home working to help the nation cope with record temperatures.

Just as other Europeans have found themselves struggling to deal with unprecedented heat levels, Germans have also been trying to find ways to cool off. “Heat-free home office days” are the latest suggestion.
German Greens propose homeworking to beat the heatwave
#Germany #Extremeweather #Europe #Worldnews #Climatechange #Environment

Earth's sacrifice zones: the parts we can't save

An amazing but tragically terrible story on #ClimateChange from The Signal - ABC News (Australia). Do you live in an "expendable" place? Are you disenfranchised by the government that claims dominion over you and your land? If so, you are Royally-fucked. #HeatWave
Earth's sacrifice zones: the parts we can't save
The views we’ll lose with #climatechange
The views we’ll lose with climate change
Many Animals Can’t Adapt Fast Enough to #ClimateChange
Heat building from central France as Paris predicted to reach all-time high of 42C

All-time temperature records are set to be broken in major cities across Europe on Thursday as the second extreme heatwave in consecutive months to be linked by scientists to the climate emergency grips the continent.

“The most extreme heat will build from central and northern France into Belgium, the Netherlands and far-western Germany” from Wednesday, said Eric Leister of the forecasting group AccuWeather.
Summer's second heatwave set to break records across Europe
#Extremeweather #Cities #Europe #Climatechange #Environment
#ClimateChange with Clive Menzies and Mohsin Abbas 21.07.2019

First published at 10:03 UTC on July 24th, 2019.

#Critical Thinking at the Free #University


Discussion of the #Climate Change, #Agenda2030 and #Extinction Rebellion broadcast on AhlebaitTV on 21st July 2019

Scientists Unveil Memorial to Iceland's 'First' Dead Glacier Lost to Climate Change


#climatechange #memorial
Thunberg focuses on one particular aspect; #CETA would complicate her strand of activism
‘Letter to the future’ warns that all glaciers will share fate of Okjökull without urgent action

The first of Iceland’s 400 glaciers to be lost to the climate crisis will be remembered with a memorial plaque – and a sombre warning for the future – to be unveiled by scientists and local people next month.

The former Okjökull glacier, which a century ago covered 15 sq km (5.8 sq miles) of mountainside in western Iceland and measured 50 metres thick, has shrunk to barely 1 sq km of ice less than 15 metres deep and lost its status as a glacier.
Memorial to mark Icelandic glacier lost to climate crisis
#Glaciers #Climatechange #Iceland #Greenhousegasemissions #Environment #Polarregions #Europe #Worldnews
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