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Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting #climatechange as individuals | Martin Lukacs | Environment | The Guardian



Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals

by Martin Lukacs

“While we busy ourselves greening our personal lives, fossil fuel corporations are rendering these efforts irrelevant.”

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State of the Climate 2018 is the latest biennial snapshot of climate change in Australia. It focuses on observed long-term trends that are happening now and are likely to continue into the near future, as well as significant climate events that have occurred over the past two years. These changes are described through the latest observations from CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology marine, atmospheric and terrestrial monitoring programs.
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State of the Climate 2018: Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO
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Just finished watching #Io on #Netflix. No spoilers, but lesson for humanity, change everything we do in order to limit #climatechange ASAP (not tomorrow), or... do nothing but at least implement a global “1 child only” policy, or we all face the consequences since there are no other habitable planets within current reach. A big cause for my #anxiety. 😨
Battery boom aids #climatechange battle https://climatenewsnetwork.net/battery-boom-aids-climate-change-battle/ but batteries are a source of chemical pollution, upon production, charging, end of life. The energy does need to come from somewhere...
Battery boom aids climate change battle
The breathtaking, alien landscapes of the Arctic have always captivated the human imagination—it was long a world beyond the borders of the known world, full of portent and mystery. Now the ultima thule of medieval geographies becomes more charted each year, and lone expeditions of pole-hungry explorers have been replaced by tourists, researchers, and fuel industry prospectors. (Watch whales surface and the Northern Lights dance in pristinely beautiful Norway.)
The Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise cruises past the eastern coast of Greenland. Greenpeace is working to bring attention to oil companies' exploration of the area. Temperatures rise more quickly in the Arctic than in any other region, and while scientists are concerned by the mounting risks of climate change, the oil industry regards the decline of sea ice as a new business opportunity.
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♲ Galactic Stone and Ironworks (galacticstone@mastodon.social):
Nothing to see here. Just an entire continent melting before our eyes. Yes, Global Warming is real. And yes, humans are making it much worse.

Link : https://www.sciencealert.com/antarctic-ice-loss-is-already-happening-a-shocking-six-times-faster-than-in-the-1970s

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ClimateChange = ClimateExtremes - Klimawandel = KlimaExtreme


If all of Antarctica (SouthPole) melts – sealevels would rise 50+m (164 feet).

Es ist übrigens leider scheinbar nicht wahr, dass das Eis am Südpol nicht schmilzt.

„Viele Leute sind überrascht, wenn sie erfahren, dass sich in den vergangenen Jahren das Meereis rings um die Antarktis ausgedehnt hat. Der Fakt selbst... show more
The U.S. Oil and Gas Industry Is Drilling Us Towards #Climate Disaster

http://priceofoil.org/2019/01/16/us-oil-and-gas-industry-is-drilling-us-towards-climate-disaster/ #climatechange
The U.S. Oil and Gas Industry Is Drilling Us Towards Climate Disaster
The U.S. Oil and Gas Industry Is Drilling Us Towards #Climate Disaster

http://priceofoil.org/2019/01/16/us-oil-and-gas-industry-is-drilling-us-towards-climate-disaster/ #climatechange
The U.S. Oil and Gas Industry Is Drilling Us Towards Climate Disaster
Deserts will expand. Cold and hot ones. Fewer crops, less fertile soil, more hunger and inevitably mass migration and wars. If we don't prepare and reduce births/waste, nature will do its thing
Warm November in the UK
Relatively warn December
January still warm
Not complaining because nobody likes it subzero, but surely it feels like winter hasn't come yet. Windows open sometimes. #globalwarming #climatechange
Without #Trump , local governments spend millions to protect against #climatechange
#climatechange #globalwarming #overpopulation
‘No Life Without Water’: Kabul Faces Water Crisis as Drought, Population Strain Supply
Policy should come from the under-20s in this domain
Salt-free drinkable water comes at a cost https://climatenewsnetwork.net/salt-free-drinkable-water-comes-at-a-cost/ "efforts to contain #climatechange and limit #globalwarming to the agreed #UN target of well below 2°C above historic levels by 2100"
Salt-free drinkable water comes at a cost
This is interesting. Just the other day, I found myself in a conversation where someone used "glacial" and I actually didn't know what they meant by it, given the reality of climate change.


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A #frozen #history of #climatechange – in #pictures
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Buried deep under the Greenland ice sheet is a unique archive of life on Earth 40,000 years ago. Scientists are using this information to try to predict future changes to the planet
Weather modification programs have been run by the US government since 1953. https://www.newstarget.com/2017-05-10-weather-modification-programs-have-been-run-by-the-us-government-since-1953.html
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Weather modification programs have been run by the US government since 1953. https://www.newstarget.com/2017-05-10-weather-modification-programs-have-been-run-by-the-us-government-since-1953.html
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#Ocean warming speeds vary with depth

https://climatenewsnetwork.net/ocean-warming-speeds-vary-with-depth/ #globalwarming #ClimateChange
Ocean warming speeds vary with depth
These Countries Are Actually Taking #ClimateChange Seriously
These Countries Are Actually Taking Climate Change Seriously

Millenial Socialism 101 - sums up the right's reactionary thinking

It shows all the thoughtfulness of a college sophomore pulling an all-nighter to write a term paper for his Millennial Socialism 101 class. ;-)

The Green New Deal, as explained in draft legislation to create a congressional committee to pursue it, would transition to 100 percent renewable sources of national power in 10 years. Since renewables only account for 17 percent of U.S. power now (7.5 percent from hydropower, which might not pass muster under the Green New Deal), the plan would require shuttering more than 80 percent of current sources of American power.

The planet and climate change are not waiting for us to make progress, we have to get our arses up ourselves. It's not like climate change has only been detected two years ago or so, it has been known far longer before. And just because the right-winged snowflakes didn't bother to think about switching to renewable energies des... show more
Unsere Vortragsreihe zu den Grenzen des Wachstums startet am nächsten Montag mit einem #Vortrag zur #Klimakatastrophe ins neue Jahr. Nicht verpassen! #degrowth #climatechange #climatejustice #klimawandel #politik
#ClimateChange and National Security
https://www.projectcensored.org/climate-change-and-national-security-through-the-lens-of-key-federal-publications/ "national security ignores natural threats to human societies and ecosystems."
#Swedes top #climatechange resisters’ league

https://climatenewsnetwork.net/swedes-top-climate-change-resisters-league/ #climate #science #europe
Swedes top climate change resisters’ league
The "Establishment Democrats" who still control the party won't tackle #climatechange
This #Company is #Ready to #Fight Back Against #ClimateChange and #Fix the #Planet
Maybe you missed it, but over Thanksgiving weekend a major scientific report was published on climate change. This 1,656-page, Congressionally-mandated report details the devastating effects of climate change. Not just on the environment, but also our health and the nation’s economy: crop failures, decrepit infrastructure, broken supply chains – even going so far as to report that we could lose up to 10% of gross domestic product by 2100, twice as much as our losses from 2008’s Great Recession.
Why the #ClimateChange Message Isn’t Working
#climatechange #35c3 #sustainable #climate
10 Cataclysmic Scenarios if We Fail to Control #ClimateChange
10 Cataclysmic Scenarios if We Fail to Control Climate Change
#c3sustainability #35c3 #hacc #climatechange
Starting to grasp? It grasped it more than a decade ago. #china knows #climatechange is a dangerous reality
China’s cities face sobering cooling costs

The Function of Contempt

A quote by Psychoanalyst and Writer, Alice Miller
(This quote helps explain not just the psychology of grandiose "leaders" who are crazed with vast reservoirs of toxic shame but so many millions who blindly follow them and empower them)

“the function all expressions of contempt have in common is the defense against unwanted feelings. Contempt simply evaporates, having lost its point, when it is no longer useful as a shield—against the child’s shame over his desperate, unreturned love; against his feeling of inadequacy; or above all against his rage that his parents were not available. Once we are able to feel and understand the repressed emotions of childhood, we will no longer need contempt as a defense against them.

On the other hand, as long as we despise the other person and over-value our own achievements (“he can’t do what I can do”), we do not have to mourn the fact that love is not forthcoming without achievement. Nevertheless, if we avoid this mourning it means... show more

Quote by Famed Psychoanalyst and Writer, Alice Miller

“…and so, when a man comes along and talks like one’s father and acts like him, even adults will forget their democratic rights and will not make use of them. They will submit to this man will acclaim him, allow themselves to be manipulated by him and put their trust in him, finally surrendering totally to him without being aware of their enslavement. One is not normally aware of something that is a continuation of one’s own childhood.”
Alice Miller (1984) For Your Own Good. Page 78 Farrar, Strauss & Girouz; NY

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"Low carbon, High lifestyle"
Kids, it’s time to give your parents 'the talk.' Not that one, the one on #climatechange https://eu.usatoday.com/story/opinion/voices/2018/12/20/climate-change-talk-report-students-column/2350167002/ older people suffer less as it's exponentially worsening
#climatechange #35c3 #sustainable #climate-neutral
#WindTurbines #Green #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange
Wind farm turbines wear sooner than expected, says study
All life is killed by measures of ClimateControl, to deliver WATER for
- production of oil and gas by fracking,
- industrial desert farming &
- Geophysical Warfare!

Extreme #weather is evidence of hacked #climate!
#Climatecontrol is real & results in #climatechange !
1960, #CIA Memorandum on #ClimateControl!

On Donnie's question to a 7 year old who still believes in Santa

Following Drumpf's line of questioning, Rather hit the president over his stance on climate change, questioning which was more "marginal:" The belief in Santa Claus after the age of 7, or not believing in man-made climate change and its effects on the world.
"Just a thought: Which should be considered more 'marginal' - believing in Santa at age 7 or not believing in climate change at age 72?" Rather tweeted.

Drumpf made headlines in November when he rejected a report detailing the effects of climate change drafted by scientists in his own administration, pointing instead to America's air and water, which the president referred to as at a "record clean."

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Drug criminals pardoned after loss of home during Camp Fire

Heather Steels Burnett was among those who were pardoned. Burnett was arrested 20 years ago and served a year in jail for possessing ephedrine with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Doesn't Mr. Brown somewhat contemplate of the futility of criminalisation of drug possession and abuse? I mean, you don't do anyone harm except for your own, and possibly your relatives and friends, but this is a different topic, and not harm per se. In the end, the possession and abuse of drugs is not comparable to burglary or robbery. We should treat drug-addicts differently, with the objective of helping them, not punishing them.

“Many people in today’s society do not believe in either forgiveness or redemption,” Brown told the newspaper. “They believe that what you do is who you are. That philosophy is not something that I share. I don’t think it’s Christian … and it does not comport with historical notions of justi... show more
Using #archaeology to #understand the #past, #present, #future of #climatechange

A photo from the tragic "Camp Fire," the most destructive wildfire in California history, shows a house burned down to its foundation. Such images are difficult to process, particularly with 86 people dead.

Plant Trees While You Search The Web.

Ecosia Search Engine

When you use the German search engine #ecosia you help plant trees with every search!
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