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Faith-based activists, ‘rebel’ group ring climate change alarm in Boulder

4-5 minutes

When the clock struck 11 a.m. Saturday, close to 100 climate activists solemnly rang bells and banged on gongs and drums in front of the Boulder County Courthouse.

As the sounds resonated across Pearl Street Mall, red-robbed protesters donned clock masks and letters that spelled out the words: out of time. Others joining in the movement carried signs picturing the planet.

The display, which brought pause to some curious shoppers, who stopped to snap pictures on their cellphones, was a collaboration between 11th Hour Calling, a group of interfaith activists and Extinction Rebellion, a nonviolent rebellion team protesting government inaction on the climate crisis. While they demanded action from county and world leaders, their message also sought to show that saving the planet is everyb... Show more...

Joker star Joaquin Phoenix is ​​arrested in a protest

The recently awarded at the Golden Globes ceremony Joaquin Phoenix has been arrested by the Washington DC police to be in a protest against climate change.

https://asapland.com/joker-star-joaquin-phoenix-is-%E2%80%8B%E2%80%8Barrested-in-a-protest/13504/ #celebrity #climateemergency #climatestrike #Joker #climatecrisis #environment #pollution
One portion of a videotaped speech by then-President Lyndon Johnson to a 1962 University graduation class in Texas stands out:
"As a result, I think the people in the Congress are going to support. Let message call us for new Frontiers new vision. It calls for us taking the steps now that will make us no longer second in space and size. It lays the predicate and the foundation for a space communication satellite that will permit the people of the world to see one television program at the same time throughout the world. Think about that kind of communication. And think about that opportunity will provide. It lays the predicate and the foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world’s cloud layers, and ultimately, to control the weather. And he who controls the weather, will control the world. It lays the predicate necessary for the steps to send a man to the moon."
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‘Where is the action?’ Swiss youth leaders frustrated as climate talks end

https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/cop25-_-where-is-the-action---swiss-youth-leaders-frustrated-as-climate-talks-end/45434260 #Swiss #youth #climatecrisis #climatestrike #environment #COP25
#Swiss #youth #climatecrisis #climatestrike #environment #COP25
#climatecrisis #inegality #economy #climatestrike
Activists continue Global Climate Strike

https://themedium.ca/news/activists-continue-global-climate-strike/ #climatestrike #activists
#climatestrike #activists
● NEWS ● #climate #justice #activism ☞ 'We See No Other Options': Youth Activists Lead Global #ClimateStrike Ahead of #COP25
● NEWS ● #climateStrike ☞ Dozens Arrested for Demanding Food Justice at #JaneFonda 's Fire Drill Friday Protest in DC
Sheffield University students join Global Climate Strike

http://forgetoday.com/2019/11/29/sheffield-university-students-join-global-climate-strike/ #UK #climatestrike #students
Sheffield University students join Global Climate Strike
#UK #climatestrike #students
Sheffield University students join Global Climate Strike
+++BREAKING: #ClimateStrike+++ This summer, the German government has decided to abandon its promises of the Paris Agreement. Today, 630.000 people have striked against these decisions in our country alone. Change is coming because #WeAreUnstoppable!

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