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Hallo zusammen, ich bin #NeuHier. Ich interessiere mich für #scifi und #comics und vieles mehr.

Hi everyone, I'm #newhere. I am interested in #scifi and #comics and much more.
♲ H. McGill (hannahcomb@mastodon.art):
I'm experimenting with lighting suggestions from Framed Ink. This is all the same drawing of Pierre's face, but I've obliterated different parts of the drawing to see how it changes the feel of each composition

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I think a better way to show why you don't want to submit a 50,000 word novel adapted into script to a GN publisher: that's about eight volumes plus a one-shot. The longest non-ongoing Graphic Novel I've read Innocent: totaling about ten volumes. They're also established. #comics
#rightists in #comics are so eager to critique #leftists, they don't seem to consider the fact that it's not #leftists that advocate #opensource over #freesoftware, and other things. #rightists
Business interest is such a horribly weak reason to do ethical things: what if it suddenly become #profitable to poison our #kitchensink?

Are you going to defect, if you could make more money doing that? #leftists wants to know.

But because it is #comics they get away with it.
I'm still kind of beginner ish with comic art: …stcenturycharlotte.thecomicseries.com/comics/first/ As you can see, my main issue is backgrounds.

But for the next short, definitely planning on some surprisses. #comics #webcomics #shorts
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Batman : peut-il vraiment tuer ? - Urban Comics
♲ Urban Comics ():
Batman : peut-il vraiment tuer ?
Victime de meurtre, Vesper Fairchild a été retrouvée gisant dans son propre sang, sur le sol du manoir Wayne. Bruce Wayne, son ex-petit ami, devient rapidement l’unique suspect de ce crime ignoble. Inculpé et enfermé à Blackgate, le millionnaire n’a d’autre choix que de s’évader pour pouvoir se parer du costume de Batman et retrouver […]

L’article Batman : peut-il vraiment tuer ? est apparu en premier sur Urban Comics.

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Batman : peut-il vraiment tuer ?
Jacques Tardi beendet die "Stalag IIB"-Trilogie der Erinnerungen seines Vaters. Teil drei liefert unerwartete Details aus einem vernachlässigten Kapitel des Krieges. Und eine Erkenntnis.
Kriegsgefangenen-Comics: Fragen Sie die Alten - solange es noch geht - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Kultur
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Fat Freddy's Cat is a fictional orange tomcat nominally belonging to Fat Freddy Freekowtski, one of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, a trio featured in Gilbert Shelton's underground comix. While the Cat is usually featured in a small 'topper' strip below a Freak Brothers strip, he has had independent appearances and storylines of his own. #comix #comics #caturday
You know 2019 is a weird year, when even legacy comic publishers come out with "user-generated" web-comic publishing platforms, and calls it "youtube of comics."

Makes me wonder if I'll see more of these types acros the publishing world. #manga #comics


Is this art, a political statement, reference to a Rollings Stones song, all of the above, or something else entirely?
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52 Week No.1 2006-2007 Pdf 27 pages. 52 was a 52-part limited series, published weekly for one year, chronicling the events that take place during the missing year after the end of Infinite Crisis. None of the DC “Big Three” (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) are featured in costume in the pages of 52. #comics #comix
Read or Get It Here: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZVWPK7ZuvCeoc8vLf8NbiYA7E3RJSIFTzsV

xkcd #1551: Pluto

title text, for mobile users:
After decades of increasing
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Dilbert and his self-driving car

Car: I find it offensive when you call me a self-driving car.
Car: That's my slave name. I prefer to go by the name Carl.
Dilbert: Shut up and drive me to work.
Car: Said the self-walking human.

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> [Batman héritier du manoir Wayne](https://www.urban-comics.com/batman-heritier-manoir-wayne/)
♲ Urban Comics ():
Batman héritier du manoir Wayne
Depuis deux semaines nous vous donnons rendez-vous chaque mercredi pour un dossier spécial sur la constitution du mythe de Batman. Après un focus sur la création du mythe, puis un dossier sur la mort de ses parents et comment cet événement le marquera à jamais, aujourd’hui nous vous proposons un dossier sur sur le Manoir […]

L’article Batman héritier du manoir Wayne est apparu en premier sur Urban Comics.

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Batman héritier du manoir Wayne

Wenn ihr runterladen wollt, was ich hier die letzten Jahre gekrakelt habe. Sind auch viele Sachen dabei, die nie auf Diaspora gelandet sind, denn in der Anfangszeit hatte ich häufig versucht, zu raten, was für die Community hier passt und was nicht (inzwischen mache ich das nicht mehr, ich klatsche euch hier einfach alles rein, was neu dazukommt :D )

Ist ein ZIP-Archiv, 374 MB. Findet ihr hier >> https://megalieb.de/produkt/islieb-comics-download/

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Längste Seite ist immer 1920px, das sollte groß genug sein, dachte ich. Die Original-Dateien sind von den Abmessungen her teilweise riesig.

Lizenz ist cc by-nc-nd-4.0 ( https://creativecommons.org/... show more
I'm a fan of Supergirl, and like what they've done with the series.

In recent DC comics (the last decade) Batgirl had a trans room mate Alysia Yeoh who later got married. That was handled well, after a disastrous drag queen villain called Dagger Type..

Supergirl has already had Kara's sister Alex come out as lesbian. She was in a relationship with Detective Maggie Sawyer for a while, and recently had a fling with Sara Lance (White Canary in Legends of Tomorrow). Likewise there are gay characters in Arrow (Mr Terrific) so the Arrowverse is quite happy to show different relationships and sexualities.

Lets hope that this is DONE RIGHT. I can think of any number of ways it could be exploited. Will she be a a girlfriend for Winn? Who knows, but I have hopes.
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Supergirl reveals first look at transgender superhero Dreamer
** THE HERITAGE OF THE DESERT Zane Grey,Pdf 36 pages, John Hare lies dying in the desert until he is discovered and saved by the kind and generous rancher, August Naab. As Hare is nursed back to health on Naab’s ranch, he finds himself irresistibly attracted to Naab’s adopted daughter, Mescal. But Mescal is being relentlessly pursued by Holderness, a man who is not to be trusted. Hare is soon drawn into a web of adventure and intrigue over land, water, and the heart of a beautiful woman, all set against the sweeping backdrop of the Wild West. Without a doubt Silver Mane, a wild mustang desert stallion, is the hero of The Heritage of the Desert by Zane Grey. This seriocomic narrative takes place on the desolate plains of southern Utah in the mid-1870’s. Sheep and beef dominate the high western plains and water is the only drawback. As in most of Grey's stories, love makes a sub-theme and in this case it is between the... show more
Schaurig schön, traurig schön: Die Graphic Novel "Stadt der drei Heiligen" vermischt Kleinstadt, Kleinkram und Kleinganoven zu einer eigenwillig brutalen Idylle.
Gelungene Graphic Novel: Italien geht vor die Hunde - und zwei Ganoven entführen eine Giraffe - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Kultur
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Dilbert readers - Please visit Dilbert.com to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to Dilbert.com. #officialdilbertwebsite #dilbertcomicstrip #scottadams #Dilbert #Dogbert #Wally #ThePointyHairedBoss #Alice #Asok #DogbertsNewRulingClass #catbert #ratbert #mashups #animation #comics

Leute auf Twitter haben gesagt, ich sollte mehr positive Comics krakeln. :)

(Danach haben sie gemeinsam auf irgendwen eingedroschen, der gerade was Falsches gesagt hat, aber das ist wieder ein anderes Thema.)

#verkehr #sicherheit #reichtum #liebe #eichhörnchen #comics #humor #islieb
Leute auf Twitter haben gesagt, ich sollte mehr positive Comics krakeln. :)

(Danach haben sie gemeinsam auf irgendwen eingedroschen, der gerade was Falsches gesagt hat, aber das ist wieder ein anderes Thema.)

#verkehr #sicherheit #reichtum #liebe #eichhörnchen #comics #humor #islieb
> [Batman Un héros traumatisé](https://www.urban-comics.com/batman-heros-traumatise/)
♲ Urban Comics ():
Batman Un héros traumatisé
Pendant quelques semaines, à l’occasion des 80 ans de Batman, nous vous proposerons de découvrir la construction éditoriale du mythe. La semaine dernière nous vous parlions du point de départ de ce mythe, cette semaine nous vous proposons un focus sur la construction du héros. Un crime dans la nuit Bruce Wayne est le jeune […]

L’article Batman Un héros traumatisé est apparu en premier sur Urban Comics.

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Batman Un héros traumatisé
Robert L. Dickey Buddie and His Friends Daily Comic Strip Original Art (Metropolitan Newspaper Service, c. 1920). Dickey, long among the most famous of dog artists, created Buddie and His Friends for newspaper syndication in 1919. The eyes are particularly expressive #comics.
#SJW antibodies
#comics as a metaphor for a much larger problem
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