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Virtual(ly) Private Network: NordVPN’s Breach and the Limitations of VPNs

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Affordances: Science Fiction About Algorithmic Bias and Technological Resistance

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Private Companies, Government Surveillance Software and Human Rights

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What if "Sesame Street" Were Open Access?

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Don’t Let Science Publisher Elsevier Hold Knowledge for Ransom

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Privacy Allies File Amicus Briefs in Support of EFF’s Jewel v. NSA Case

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South Africa Bans Bulk Collection. Will the U.S. Courts Follow Suit?

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Don't Play in Google's Privacy Sandbox

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Don't Renew Section 215 Indefinitely

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The European Copyright Directive: What Is It, and Why Has It Drawn More Controversy Than Any Other Directive In EU History?

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On AOC, the GOP, and ecnomics

“Frankly, if we were willing to give away $3 billion for this deal, we could invest those $3 billion in our district, ourselves, if we wanted to. We could hire out more teachers. We can fix our subways. We can put a lot of people to work for that amount of money if we wanted to.”

As New York Mayor Bill de Blasio explained, the Amazon deal would have produced “$27 billion in new tax revenue to fuel priorities from transit to affordable housing — a nine-fold return on the taxes the city and state were prepared to forgo to win the headquarters.”

Think she and her allies have any idea how to, as her now infamous talking points put it, upgrade or replace “every building in America” … or replace “every combustible-engine vehicle” … or connect every corner of America with high-speed rail … or replace all fossil-fuel energy with alternative energy sources — all in 10 years’ time? Apparently, they think we just have to find all th... Show more...

On Trump's declaration of national emergency

(Please mind that this is a starkly liberal comment, and it reads this way completely.)
The declaration of a phony national emergency represents the biggest false flag in recent American political history. Sure, Ann Coulter peeks through the curtains seven times a night to spot the oncoming brown horde, but no serious person believes this rises to anything near the level of an actual crisis.

Drumpf and Trumpism have changed America to a country defined not by laws, rules, norms, constitutional boundaries, and small-d democratic governance but by the winds, moods, and impulses of the Drumpf thugocracy.

The Trumpternet is full of romanticized black velvet-quality illustrations of a muscle-bound Drumpf riding on tanks and smiting the unbelievers. A 300-pound man with ample moobs panting on a golf cart doesn’t have the same je ne sais quoi. He needs this action to keep the dictator image alive.
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Comment on the Laquan McDonald case and Jason Van Dyke's sentence

Why now? Because one fact sits there, for me, and vibrates. It has all along, and while I can’t vouch that it hasn’t been highlighted somewhere in the Niagara of articles and podcasts and TV specials and shadow puppet theater devoted to the case, I didn’t notice it and it seems germane now that Raoul is seeking to pile years of prison upon Van Dyke, which will neither reform the ex-cop, assuage the clannish moral blindness of a significant chunk of his former fellow officers, nor revive the dead teen.

Remember, he wasn’t a bigot shooting up a bar, or a commander torturing suspects. He was a cop, working. A scared cop, sure. Judgment impaired, obviously. Three years isn’t much for a life, and those who point out that it being a black life means some people value it a lot less are not wrong.
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So, Blue Origin flew its 10th flight with New Sheppard this last week. This one was with paying customers, NASA. No, not people, they flew science experiments.

Video of the flight:

Scott Manley did a comparison on how Blue Origin flew this week and how spaces toppled over. I thought it was quite funny. SpaceX's Starship Hopper top portion toppled over due to high winds. It got damaged, and it's going to take some time to fix. Well, it's funny and sad. But unpredictable delays like this are unavoidable. You do your best.

Scott's video:

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YouTube: Replay of NS-10 Webcast (Blue Origin)

My thoughts on Alma Chapter 46, Book of #Mormon. Scroll down to read for yourself. Note: not much of a religious post- more of a #commentary on #current / #future events

Background: In the chapter below, the Nephites ("knee-phytes") are defending their freedom. A Nephite dissenter named Amalakiah ('uh-MAL-uhk-EYE-uh') is seeking for power and control over them. Moroni ('more-OWN-eye') is the captain of the Nephite armies. Helaman (He-la-mun) has been preaching to Amalickiah's city. Numbers in parenthesis refer to the verse from the chapter.

- There are two types of people: those who desire to be left alone ( #Independents ), and those who want #... Show more...

Comment on the Israeli settler

They are to blame, not I, for the fact that I cannot feel the most humane sense of solidarity and pain. It’s not just that they’re settlers, violators of international law and universal justice; it’s not just because of the violence of some of them and the settling of all of them – it’s also the blackmail with which they respond to every tragedy, which prevents me from grieving with them.
It’s true that the main blame goes to the governments that gave into them, either eagerly or out of weakness, but the settlers cannot be absolved of blame, either. The extorter – and not just those who have given into extortion – is also to blame. But they are there, generations born on stolen land, children raised in an apartheid existence and trained to think it is biblical justice, and with government support. Perhaps we cannot blame those who are sitting on land usurped by their parents. But their tragedy is not ours because they exploit every tragedy to advance their aims in the m... Show more...

An #NYT journalist spoke to Saudis about their crownprince

One businesswoman, Naha Said Kattan, told me that she’s grateful to Prince Mohammed that she could drive herself to our interview. I told her that I was delighted for her, but that it was difficult to celebrate while the prince also imprisons women’s rights leaders and reportedly has had four flogged, tortured and sexually harassed, with one attempting suicide as a result.

Public opinion is difficult to judge in any police state in which journalists are closely watched. But my best guess is that the support here for the prince is real, with people welcoming his youthful leadership as a breath of fresh air; even in Arabic he is sometimes referred to affectionately by his English initials, M.B.S. But I refer to “M.B.S.,” following the dismemberment of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as “Mr. Bone Saw.”

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Insurable? Why?
And They Should Be ‘Un-insurable’!
If you want to get rid of identity politics you have to get rid of social injustice.
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